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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    A Soldier Finds His Way

    This is for every person who reads Military romance. I just found Irene and I am glad that I chose to read it. You can tell that she knows about the Military. Audra and her niece Zoe are going to Audra 's for a few days. There is a blizzard coming but they get caught in it. They crash and go into a river. Major Spoiler. Edward is his own person . He has a break and goes to his brother's cabin. Spoiler. Cricket is dancing to go out. Ed takes her out and following her leads him to the crash. Major Spoiler. He takes them back and his quiet time is gone. Spoiler. Audra is a new teacher. Edward is a Lieutenant in Special Ops. They are stuck and can't get out right away. Edward pulls help and you won't believe how they got out. Big Spoiler. Love has hurdles to jump. They both hurt. I liked this book. Once started you can't stop. You may need tissues. I hope you will choose to read it Enjoy reading this story!
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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    A gracious and affable story that lays heavily on Edward overcoming his hurtful abandonment and abuse as a child, accepting that he is worthy to be loved, and finding his way to God's grace. The meet-cute for Edward and Audra was unique, filled with danger and harrowing events. From there, their relationship takes a very realistic tone and the timespan of the developing friendship and attraction to something more is well paced and sensible. It had just the right amount of conflict, a matter that came from outside, not something either of them was necessarily responsible for. Edward's personality isn't very admirable at the beginning. From the conversations with his friends, a clear picture is drawn of his shortcomings, his abrupt temper, and his agitation with people. I felt like his image was drawn with sharp edges to get the full turnaround of his nature, that is the main focus of the tale. I liked Edward and Audra, their personalities was well described, both of them complex and charismatic characters. There were some other characters that I wasn't very fond of, like Audra's father. He wasn't my favorite even before he made some poor choices. The military life Edward was living was given ample amount of attention. The camaraderie with his team was admirable, even though not without conflict and clash. Edward's struggle with his faith, belief in God, and ableness to accept and believe in love, overcome the past hurt, open up, trust, and have faith, hope for the future was agonizing. Before he finds peace in his mind, he manages to put everything he has worked for and gained in life in danger, by his misgivings and unease. The journey he takes has angst and setbacks like we have in real life, more dread and uneasiness than the budding romance between him and Audra. A compelling and engaging story about faith, love, and hope, with deeply felt Christian beliefs and values, military life, and meddling Italian family. A curious start to a new series ~ Four Spoons

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