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    Fifth and Final Installment

    This review was first published on Kurt's Frontier. Synopsis: Elisha is coming to the end of his journey. He has faced down many necromancers (members of a powerful cabal of magi who draw power from fear and murder). Now they have let loose a devastating plague. Wars, assassinations, religious conflicts, and intrigues have left 14thCentury Europe destabilized. This just might tip it over the edge. The armies of Europe cannot fight this enemy with the weapons they have. The necromancers are drinking deep of this new well of death and despair. Elisha must trace the plague to its ironic origin: the great medical school at Salerno. Here he hopes to untangle the plague and find a way to heal the world. However, the beautiful witch Brigit is laying her own plans. She knows of one thing deadlier than the plague: the concentrated power of death within Elisha himself. Review: This is the fifth and final installment of The Dark Apostle. Elisha, the barber-surgeon-turned-sorcerer, is continuing his quest to save Europe from the ravages of the necromancers. While not a necromancer, he has an affinity for death. Every time he uses his powers, he risks succumbing to the temptations. E. C. Ambrose continues to draw from her knowledge of 14thCentury medical practices. E. C. weaves these into a tale of might and magic. Elisha is stronger now. He has survived what the mancers have thrown at him. The plague sweeping mainland Europe is his greatest test. Elisha must maneuver around powerful forces—political, magical, and religious—to save Europe and protect his homeland, England. E. C. handles the story’s pacing with her usual skill. The physical and magical battles are exciting. The story will keep the reader interested.

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