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  • 2 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    2 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    2 von 2 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Don't understand how anyone can give this 5 stars!

    And now the series falls back to lower stars. This book is probably one of the lowest rating I've given a book written by Dana Marie Bell. There were just so many things in this book that I hated and the main characters just added more hate to the hate fire =) First, I want to point out there is NO bad guy in this story. Unlike the other 4 previous to this one, the only thing that could be considered the "bad" in the book is these characters emotions. Second, Sarah, the main female character has absolutely no back bone. Her mate calls her from the airport to tell her "you know your mine, but I have to leave for six months" and all she says is OKAY!?! Then when he gets back even after all the petty jealousy, she knows she outranks him since she's the omega, but again she submits to him! Third, Gabe, seriously? This is a wannabe alpha with a vagina. You left your mate behind, unmarked, and when you can't get in contact with her over the phone you turn to ANOTHER WOMAN?!? Just friends of not, EVERYONE knows women can be catty (no pun intended), you had to expect the jealousy from your mate and the confusion from everyone in your pride. Please do yourself a favor and skip this book. I promise you won't miss anything.

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