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    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    A wonderful exciting plot that pulls you in of los

    There is nothing better than getting a second chance at love, we all make mistakes or do things we wish we could change for Marisa she did something in high school that will change her life and take away the one person she has had a major crush on. Cole saw it as betrayal not being able to forgive or forget he lost out on his big chance. When push come Marisa has to have a big name at her fundraiser there is no one bigger than Cole. Cole doesn’t want to see, be around or have anything to do with Marisa or her fundraiser. Knowing he must get contacts for his father’s construction company he makes a deal with the devil (Marisa). When they are cornered at a business meeting in a bar with their ex’s one thing leads to another making them a couple yes fake or is it. There are so many an emotions running around it is hard to tell if this is for real or play. One thing is for sure once this is all played out two lives will be changed forever it is anyone’s guess if broken hearts will be left behind in its wake. I really like Marisa she has always felt herself lacking she is more on the nerdy side always with her nose in a book growing up. It is no wonder she picked a teaching career. She has had a long time crush on Cole. One night many years ago he was her first and things changed you know how boys are they get what they want and never call. Some things aren’t always as they seem there is much more to this story. Marisa was made to do something that broke her heart and hurt others she really has never forgiven herself. All in all she is a very strong women and not a quitter she is going after what she wants which is to raise money to help add on to her school. In doing so it puts her back under Cole’s charm and his demands. Cole is a little complicated he is an easy man to like and is very handsome with his rugged looks. Marisa many years ago hit him right where it hurt sure he wasn’t totally innocent well he wasn’t innocent at all but still she should not have done what she did. He has to come home to help take over his father business after his stroke. His father wants him to take it over he has other plans and Marisa sure isn’t in them. He does have to admit she grew up damn sexy and if he is honest with his self he wouldn’t mind picking up where they left off that is only in the bed room she isn’t getting close to his heart again. This has a great plot from the start the author grabs your attention pulling you in. You can feel the shock in Cole as he realizes who Marisa is the word play fits this story very well. The supporting characters are something else from his brothers who throw in some humor to her cousin who has a little tempter and a sense of humor all rolled into one. I loved the parents who give a lot of love to their children they play a big part of this story from misunderstandings to how they were raised. You can feel the pain of each character as they play out their roll learning to trust again and overcoming their past learning from their mistakes and finding out all things are not as they seem. You will smile and feel the pain as the author takes you through the story of lost love of teenagers to adult who what a very strong pull with a powerful attraction. I found this a very touching heartwarming read and can’t wait for the brother’s stories. I hope you will pick this story up giving it a read there is nothing like reading a story from a Harlequin author you know when you pick it up you are in for a treat of sorrow, love, lost and pain with a wonderful HEA that will touch you all the way to your heart.
  • 0 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Enjoyable second chance

    A wonderful second chance story. Cole was Marisa's first back in high school. Misunderstandings pulled them apart. After many years, Marisa needs help from Cole even though she suspects he will say no. Her determination and the renewal of feelings move these two along. Their chemistry overpowers their doubts as they open up to each other. I enjoyed the bartering back and forth to get what they wanted. I recommend this book. I received a copy of this story as a Book Obsessed Chicks Star Review selection.

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