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    Something for all Fans of Romance, 4 Stars 🌟

    Six More Hot Single Dads is a varied compilation book of six light quick standalone reads with one common theme; irresistible single dads finding love again, when they aren’t necessarily looking for it, and the strong women there for them and their children. So if you want an easy read with predictable but charming Happily Ever Afters then look no further than this compilation which has something for all fans of Romance, after all why have one book when you can have six! What the Single Dad Wants by Ms. Marie Ferrarella When actress Anastasia Del Vecchio has an accident on stage and cracks her hip she moves in with her son the successful Suspense Thriller writer Brandon Slade and his daughter, whilst she recuperates. In order to aid her recovery her friend recommends she employ physiotherapist Isabelle Sinclair, Brandon can’t believe the slight women moving into his house for six weeks is strong enough to cope with his famous mother but he quickly falls for the genuine and full of life Isabelle. But Isabelle is just an “ordinary level headed girl” and she can’t believe Brandon really wants her once the six weeks is up. Can Brandon convince Isabelle to take a risk and take this second chance at love with him? Capturing the Single Dad’s Heart by Ms. Kate Hardy Surgeon extraordinaire Nate Townsend is a full time father to his troubled daughter Caitlin and doesn’t need the added complication of Neurosurgeon Erin Leyton, in his life, yet he can’t stop thinking about her. Erin doesn’t believe love lasts, but knows she can help this father and daughter, however, the more time she spends with them the more of her heart she loses to them. Can Nate persuade Erin that her heart is safe with him and that love can last the second time around? Misty and the Single Dad by Ms. Marion Lennox When Nicholas Holt and his son Bailey relocate to Banksia Bay for a safe and secure life, teacher Misty Lawrence falls quickly for the father, son and Spaniel. But Misty had her own plans, 12 Scrapbooks of dreams to be exact, and they didn’t include staying in Banksia Bay, after she had honored her responsibilities to her Grandparents and absentee Mother, so she must decide to follow her dreams or her heart or can she have it all? The Single Dad’s Patchwork Family by Ms. Claire Baxter In a modern twist this book see’s the complexities of how two families unite as one Patchwork Family; As a single parent Regan Jantz doesn’t need anymore distractions with her two young sons and a tuna farm to run, she already has her hands full. But when Chase Mattner relocates to Leo Bay with his daughter for a more laid back, simpler life, it doesn’t take long for Chase and Regan to bond over their shared experiences, but can these two single parents reconcile their fears and make their own Patchwork family whole again? Bride for the Single Dad by Ms. Jennifer Taylor What better place to start again than the Dales; Dr. Elliot Grey isn’t interested in another relationship, his ex-wife abandoned him and their son and he just wants to move on, concentrate on his son and put the past behind them. That is until he meets midwife Polly Davies, the feelings she evokes in him and the way she’s bonded with his son, Elliot can’t help but be drawn to her, despite the pain from his past. But can Polly show Elliot its ok to put the pain of his past behind him and to love again? The Single Dad's Family Recipe by Ms. Rachael Johns Chef Lachlan Mckinnel is a single dad to his son (his ex-wife has custody of their daughter) and he is working non stop to get his new restaurant up and running. Eliza Coleman is looking for a new start, she had to leave New York for reasons she isn’t in any hurry to share, and takes the job as Lachlan’s new front of house Manager, a place where she can hide in plain sight! Working so closely together, Eliza even confides she can’t cook, so Lachlan offers to teach her and its during these late night cooking lessons that it isn’t long till its more than the food that’s heating up, but can Eliza lower her guard and share all of herself and can Lachlan take this second chance at love? I received my copy from Netgalley and Mills and Boon via Mills and Boon Insiders, but this does not influence my opinions as all opinions are my own.

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