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    Loved it!

    A breathtakingly beautiful story about trust, unconditional love, and forgiveness that touched my heart. I was really impressed with this new author to me, who wrote a Christian faith based romance novel, yet didn't shy away from the physical attraction between the main characters, but played it well as part of the plot and development of their relationship, as important part of the story, while managing to keep the story 'clean and sweet'. I liked both Noah and Josephine Mitchell. They were a very different type of characters, both seemed like outgoing, yet Josephine's flirty behavior was part of the front she played, to hide her insecurities. Her past broke my heart, her childhood experiences some of those nightmares you wish upon no one. Her character development, her finding the way to be able to open up about her past, explain her past behavior, and accept forgiveness from herself as well as from others, those were the outstanding moments in the tale. Noah was a strong character, his emotions were profound. From his anger to his passion, to his protectiveness, to his love, every single emotion he felt was tangible, true, and deep. That he found it in his heart to forgive and it was sincere, was the moment that all the emotional floodgates were opened for me. The story has such a natural flow it was easy for me to immerse myself into the tale and forget the world around me. The rasing emotions that made havoc in lives of Noah and Josephine took me for a ride that will stay with me for some time. As the story was told, it was an astonishing tale about love and forgiveness. Josephine's development with her faith was referenced yet left a bit open, as was Noah's past with most details. But I am not sure if I would have needed that additional information if it would have made any difference in the story and the clear message absolution in love it delivers. This was a story that left me in awe a bit, a story that I will be processing for some time to come. It is a journey I can recommend for readers to take and approach with an open mind ~ Five Spoons

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