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    Taking a Second Chance

    I love this series! However, you do not have to read every book to know what is going on. Each author does a great job of giving a quick overview of what is going on "in the series" so you can read any book and know what is happening. One of the reasons I liked this book so much is the vulnerability of the hero, Nick McGarrett. His father was an abusive alcoholic as he was growing up and he didn't receive much love and attention so he understand what young Corey is going through. Corey is a young boy who is at the center of this book.....a boy who keeps running away from an alcoholic father. Enter, Darcy Hill....... Her car breaks down on the highway one day and Nick picks her up and tries to drop her off at the bed & breakfast where she tells him she's staying (they haven't met before). But, he receives a call that Corey has run away and Darcy tells Nick she'd like to come with him and search for Corey. Because Nick is in a hurry and there's a storm coming in, he just takes her along. As the story progresses, we find out the backstory of Darcy, why she's in town and why she has a connection to Corey. Nick, who has always closed himself off to all things "family" because of his past, just might come to realize that a family might be in his future. There were SO many great themes in this book. I don't want to spoil it by spilling them all but it's a great story of forgiveness, family, second chances and so many other things! I recommend this book!

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