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    5 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Historical (hysterical?) fiction

    Although the author has a history of ‘taking sides’ and clearly being in the Charles camp with regard to his first marriage, I was hoping that some degree of journalistic integrity and balance might have crept into her latest work. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I bought the book hoping to gain some insight into who Camilla is, and where she came from in terms of her family and formative years. The only reason the book received 2 stars instead of one is that the first third of the book did address her family history and upbringing. The middle part of the book races through the highlights of the scandal for which Camilla is best known. This is when the bias’ of the author become most blatant. Diana, Princess of Wales, is painted as damaged, pathetic, and mentally ill; merely a mad woman whose mission in life was to make Charles miserable and ruin his life. Camilla is portrayed as the victim, a misunderstood innocent caught up in the turmoil around her. The last third of the book is a blatant attempt to rehabilitate Camilla’s reputation. Building on the theme that Camilla has been misunderstood and dealt an unfair hand, the author shares information about the many charities for which she is Patron, describes how very hard she works, and how committed she is to her role. Bravo, Camilla, it’s what she signed on for. It’s also the same thing that Diana did without much acknowledgement or praise from Penny Junor. This book has a clear agenda. It is paving the way for the inevitable day that Charles ascends to the throne and whether people will accept Camilla as Queen rather than Queen Consort. As Ms.Junor acknowledges several times throughout the book, this is an unauthorized biography, based on past writings and interviews with those who are supportive of the Prince and Camilla. It leans heavily upon Ms. Junor’s own opinions, as opposed to facts. The book lacks historical balance and objectivity. It is little more than a monotonous infomercial on behalf of the Duchess.

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