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  • 1 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    1 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    1 von 2 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Dukes disaster

    Another brilliant book by this author she gets better every book i cant wait for next book, if she keeps us familiar with each book going back so we can keep up with past characters.
  • 0 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 von 0 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Spectacular! A must read

    I rarely find a book that I fall in love with from the VERY beginning!Gosh Noah was a complex but righteous character and I quickly grew attached to him. And Thea was so strong and sensible. These two made a great couple and an hilarious read!. There were so many twists and times that I grew frustrated, but it made it that much harder to put this book down.Thank you for an amazing story and one that I will most definitely read again!
  • 0 Person fand diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

    0 von 0 Personen fand(en) diese Rezension hilfreich

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    Nice read

    This was a somewhat better than average historical romance but only enough to push it to 3.5 stars. The Duke of Amselm invested time and energy to court a young lady who ultimately chose another to marry. The Duke, Noah Winters then moves on to the lady's companion, Lady Thea Collins, who has much to gain at accepting his non-existent courtship and proposal. Thea accepts the proposal, mostly to ensure her younger sister is provided for until marriage. Noah makes things happen to allow them to marry quickly and soon they are married and travelling to one of the Anselm properties. The wedding night comes and Thea's big secret is found out and threatens to destroy what was essentially a marriage of convenience for both. Both characters have a stubborn streak and they carry on the best they know how. They come to have a comfortable chemistry and there's a fair bit of teasing of each other as they go. You always get the sense there is no ill will intended and they come to crave each others' company. As the story continues there are some trials along the way, mostly related to the duke's family and Thea. The ending is satisfactory and it seems it will be another happily ever after. What I liked about the story was the character of the duke, who isn't all that personable but is fiercely caring and protective of his family and friends. He does have something of a modern mindset which was written well enough that it doesn't seem too out of place in an historical story. The character of Thea is one that's commonly seen in these stories. I do like her resolve but she also is able to eventually share with her husband and accept his assistance. It is rather cliched in many ways but I think the best part of the story is the interchanges between the duke and duchess. It's just so relaxed and comfortable even early on in the relationship. I wasn't too keen on the older brother of Thea's charge early on in the book. It's clear he's a villain but I never feel his bad actions have enough motivation to be so vile at times. Also, there is quite a bit of focus on Thea's brother, the new earl in the family, but rather little of the younger sister she's meant to be looking after. It just feels the sister is nearly written out of the story from early on and she is mentioned occasionally but almost never seen. There is the requisite twist in the story which is kind of expected although I didn't expect the reveal to be quite like it was. My feelings are pretty neutral on this part because it was neither terrible or all that great. Overall it was an enjoyable read for this rather fluffy genre.

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