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    Perfect Escapism, 5 stars 🌟 :

    The premise might seem farfetched but we all supposedly have a double in the world and although the circumstances around these stories our pure fantasy that's what books are escapism from real life and your problems so if you would like to spend a lazy afternoon with an exotic Prince and a sassy Princess then I think you will enjoy this duet. In the first book of this duet the story is set when two women who look alike have a chance meeting resulting in a trade of places for six weeks Natalie becomes Princess Valentina and the Princess becomes Natalie, Personal Assistant to Billionaire Achilles Casilieris, (we find out the outcome of this adventure in the second book The Billionaire's Secret Princess). Both women are so alike no one notices that they swapped places so when Natalie, as the princess, meets Prince Rodolfo (who is the definition of a carefree Playboy Prince) for the first time sparks fly. Despite his thinking he is marrying for duty to the reluctant serene Princess Valentina who embodies the perfect Princess, Natalie however, makes him feel and Prince Rodolfo can't understand why he has a sudden attraction to his betrothed with whom he has previously felt nothing and had resolved himself to a loveless marriage. When the truth comes out will they marry for duty or can Natalie and her Prince find their HEA. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, although I do feel there is more to the story especially between the two sisters and between King Geoffrey of Murin and Frederica de Burgh, (Natalie and Princess Valentina father and mother) and I am hoping we learn more in book two Princess Valentina’s story, which I am really looking forward to as aspects of the story seemed a little rushed although they did not detract from my enjoyment of this book. Fyi I received my copy from NetGalley and Mills and Boon via Mills and Boon Insiders, but this does not influence my opinions as all opinions are my own.

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