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    1 Personen fanden diese Rezension hilfreich

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    The ring of phony self delusion

    Though Gavin Maxwell was an excellent writer, I was left with a distaste for this entitled, well connected, self-serving, whiner. Wild animals should be left in the wild. To import west african otters to the UK, use them for his own ends, abandon them for months on end to the care of others, and then moan at how difficult it was for him, how very costly, and just how bad he actually felt because he had stolen their lives is disgusting. He did very well for himself for a long time using wild creatures. They, however, did not fare as well. He was always ready to use wild animals for his own ends all othe while professing a great love for them, but never quite enough love to leave the animals alone. He writes how he had plans to capture wild porpoises and keep them in a sea enclosure off his lighthouse island. He took wild animals, made them adapt to him, love him, then he hired others to care for them because they were so time consuming & inconvenient. Perhaps this is an extension of how the wealthy British send their children off to boarding school to be raised by others. I did not like this man. He has done a disservice to wild animals everywhere. His books have perhaps encouraged others to think they could acquire wild animals for their own use.

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