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Ihre persönlichen Empfehlungen
Ihre persönlichen Empfehlungen
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    Just Perfect!

    I don't claim that there is such thing as a perfect story since we all filter the things we read through our own history and experience but I have to say, to me, Sugar Pine Trail is just about the perfect Christmas romance Novel and if there is only one holiday story you are going to read this year, I highly recommend this one. Seriously, it has it all, wrapped up in a heartfelt love story, smoothly embedded into the tale, there are mistletoe, snow, skiing, decorating, baking, gift wrapping, family mess, miracles, helping the needy and troubled, and a bundle of romance, falling in love, steamy kisses, and a puppy! I loved how the story has a great balance of joyful and stressful family life, the bliss of a kiss and the agony of falling without guarantees. It had me all wrapped up in the warmth of the love and cherished moments smiling until a plot twist ripped my heart wide open and the tears were there. Julia Winston is a librarian, preparing herself for the first Christmas alone after her parents have passed away. She is a loyal, kind-hearted, steadfast, trustworthy, introvert who feels like she is letting the life pass her by. Be careful what you wish for because next thing you know, Julia is the temporary foster mom for two young brothers, landlady for her major crush, and experiencing life to the fullest maybe for the first time in her life. Jamie Caine is known as the charismatic serial-dater who can charm any woman to do as he wishes. But under all the jokes and flirting there is a man with a good heart, who loves kids, is great with them, doesn't mind helping Julia with the boys, takes care of them and opens his heart to this little untraditional family unit. Both Julia and Jamie are lovable characters who show remarkable growth, or development, as the story progress. With a fun list of goals Julia wrote down in a book club, they experience life together, and with each new thing accomplished they learn new things about themselves and about each other. I loved the adorable interactions between Julia and Jamie, there was something so tender, sweet, and steamy about them at the same time. The boys won my heart over from the first moment and their destiny both broke my heart and then mended it together again. The way those four formed a unit, held together and supported each other was like they all needed each other but for very different reasons. A touching and delightful tale that captivated my complete attention while hanging on to each word, reading it till early morning hours because I could not put it down. The perfect Christmas romance story in my opinion ~ Five Spoons!

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