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    From Honeymoons to Haunt Hunts

    Muffin to Fear book 5 in the Merry Muffin Mystery Series by Victoria Hamilton. Merry and Virgil return from their Honeymoon to unexpected chaos. Pish has agreed to let Haunt Hunt television show come to Wynter Castle to do a paranormal investigation. He hopes they will gone before Merry and Virgil arrive home but no such luck. Virgil is called away on a job almost immediately leaving Merry to deal with another surprise invasion of her home. With cast and crew every where she turns Merry tries to keep herself and her cat Becket in the kitchen where she feels is her safe haven. From almost the beginning you can see there are secrets among the Haunt Hunt crew and more than once tempers flare and have to be put out by the show’s producer. Will the show strengthen Wynter Castle’s reputation for murders? Can the cast and crew finish this investigation without killing one another? Will Merry forgive Pish for once again surprising her with unannounced chaos? Is Wynter Castle really hunted? Another great book! I was surprised by Merry and Virgil’s short engagement and marriage, but unlike the surprise Merry has, this was a happy surprise. Merry and Virgil make a great couple. I love Merry’s cat Becket, Mrs. Hamilton really paints a true picture of a cat. He is a stubborn but lovable feline and I laughed out loud and grimace at the same time when he presented Merry with her welcome home gift. This book was a little different than the other books in the series with all the paranormal hunters, psychics, mediums, and ghost talk. Even will all the new characters we still manage to see most of our beloved series characters. I can only imagine that this would be how things might been when you have a lot of big personalities and egos working on one television show. I really did dislike several of the characters but the characters were written to be disliked. I would recommend this book to cozy lovers, and Victoria Hamilton fans. There are some delicious sounding recipes included in the book. True to cozy nature no bad language, no graphic violence or no graphic sex. Well written storyline that keeps you guessing until the end.

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