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Cancer Audiobooks

If you like Cancer Audiobooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Audiobook

    When Breath Becomes Air

    The ultimate moving life-and-death story


    5 hours 35 min

    THE NEW YORK TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER'Finishing this book and then forgetting about it is simply not an option...Unmissable' New York TimesAt the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing a decade’s training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, the next he was a patient struggling to live.When Breath Becomes ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Tumor, The

    A Non-Legal Thriller

    by John Grisham ...
    Narrated by John Grisham, Nan McNamara ...


    46 min

    John Grisham says THE TUMOR is the most important book he has ever written. In this short book, he provides readers with a fictional account of how a real, new medical technology could revolutionize the future of medicine by curing with sound.THE TUMOR follows the present day experience of the fictional patient Paul, an otherwise healthy 35-year-old father who is diagnosed with a malignant brain ... Read more


  • Audiobook

    Radical Remission

    Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

    Narrated by Kelly A. Turner ...


    9 hours 26 min

    A groundbreaking and inspiring book that provides the nine keys that can lead to a spontaneous remission from cancer-even after conventional medicine has failed.Early in her career, Kelly Turner, Ph.D., a researcher, lecturer, and counselor in Integrative Oncology, was shocked to discover that no one was studying episodes of radical remission, when people recover against all odds without the help ... Read more

    $42.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    How to Starve Cancer...without starving yourself

    The Discovery of a Metabolic Cocktail That Could Transform the Lives of Millions

    Narrated by Nano Nagle ...


    11 hours 47 min

    After being given a terminal diagnosis with only a few weeks to live, Jane McLelland dug up research, some decades old, in her quest to survive. Rather than aiming to cure cancer, which in many cases is unachievable, Jane's approach was to stop it growing. Remarkably her approach not only stopped it growing, it disappeared altogether. There are now clinics following her protocol, achieving ... Read more

    $36.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    The Undying

    A Meditation on Modern Illness

    by Anne Boyer ...
    Narrated by Amy Finegan ...


    5 hours 4 min

    Brought to you by Penguin.A week after her forty-first birthday, Anne Boyer was diagnosed with highly aggressive triple-negative breast cancer. For a single mother living payslip to payslip who had always been the caregiver rather than the one needing care, the catastrophic condition was both a crisis and an initiation into new ideas about mortality and the gendered politics of illness.A twenty ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    The Only Answer to Cancer

    Narrated by Wes Bleed ...


    10 hours 20 min

    All illness comes from lack of energy, and the greatest energy drainer is mental and emotional stress, which I believe to be the root cause of all illness. Stress is one of the major elements that can erode energy to such a large and permanent extent that the immune system loses all possibility of functioning at an optimum level. The Only Answer to Cancer is an audio book of hope, and I want you ... Read more

    $52.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    The Simple Life: How I Found Home

    The unmissable Sunday Times bestselling memoir

    by Sarah Beeny ...
    Narrated by Sarah Beeny ...


    6 hours 50 min

    An instant Sunday Times bestsellerJoin Sarah Beeny on her journey to live more simply and find her forever home...Throughout her life, Sarah Beeny has been obsessed with the idea of home. From her childhood growing up in a countryside cottage to renovating her very first flat in London to restoring a stately home in Yorkshire, she has never been afraid of the hard work needed to turn a house into ... Read more

    $44.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Don’t Die Ugly

    Live Beautifully

    by Lynn Soles ...
    Narrated by Lori Loomis ...


    2 hours 24 min

    Lynn Soles made her career about creating beauty – as an artist, art teacher, tattoo artist and owner of a “permanent beauty” clinic. Then her doctors told her she had cancer. She had to choose: Die soon and ugly from cancer or enter a long course of treatments that might allow her to regain the life she’d known.This remarkable memoir and guidebook, written in the course of her first year of ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Am învins cancerul

    Un ghid cuprinzător pentru vindecare pe cale naturală

    by Chris Wark ...
    Narrated by Cristian Moroșanu ...


    10 hours 31 min

    Scopul acestei cărți este de a vă explica metodele pe care eu și multe alte persoane le-am folosit cu succes pentru a ne vindeca.Există o concepție greșită cum că aceia care fac parte din comunitățile care aplică tratamente naturiste ar fi împotriva științei, iar acest lucru este eronat. Eu iubesc ştiinţa. Sunt foarte entuziasmat cu privire la cercetările științifice, în special cele din domeniul ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Radical Hope

    10 Key Healing Factors from Exceptional Survivors of Cancer & Other Diseases


    12 hours 14 min

    Following the publication of the New York Times best-selling Radical Remission , researcher Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D., has collected hundreds of new cases of radical remissions--from cancer and now also other diseases. Turner explores the real-life application of the Radical Remission principles and the people who have chosen to take this journey.Each chapter shares a survivor's in-depth story and ... Read more

    $47.99 AUD $34.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Dieta Cetogénica: La guía completa para quemar grasa definitivamente en 21 días. Descubra cómo reactivar tu metabolismo con la Dieta Keto sin renunciar el sabor.

    by Emily Stevens ...
    Narrated by Iraima Arrechedera ...


    3 hours 28 min

    ¿Quieres empezar a cambiar la forma en que te alimentas y no sabes cómo? ¿Necesitas buenas recetas que sean fáciles de hacer y además económicas?La Dieta Cetogénica sin duda alguna es la solución a todos estos problemas.Te doy por seguro que si eres de esas personas que realmente quieren cambiar e intentan hacer la dieta Cetogénica por primera vez obtendrás grandes resultados en un periodo de ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Surviving Lung Cancer: A Preventive and Solution-Based Guide for Healing Naturally

    Narrated by Michael Borge ...


    1 hour 37 min

    This book is an important book for all cancer and non- cancer patients looking for solution and also for those who knows the importance of avoiding what could trigger lung cancer in them, as it has uncovered the holy grail those who want to optimize their chances for cure have been seeking. This book is filled with important information for everyone, whether struggling with cancer or not.Lung ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Кривое зеркало жизни: Главные мифы о раке, и что современная наука думает о них


    7 hours 41 min

    Мало какое заболевание или состояние человеческого организма окружено таким количеством мифов и домыслов, как рак. При этом в основе многих мифов лежат отголоски реальных научных теорий, до неузнаваемости искаженных "устным народным творчеством" в пересудах и пересказах. Автор книги, молекулярный биолог Мария Кондратова, работающая в парижском Институте Кюри, поставила перед собой задачу отделить ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook


    The Misunderstood Male Killer

    by Graham Sharpe ...
    Narrated by Gareth Armstrong ...


    10 hours 22 min

    Prostate cancer really is the little understood male killer.1 in 8 UK males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, more than 130 new cases are discovered each day and, on average, one man dies from the disease every 45 minutes. Despite these statistics, and the fact that there are getting on for half a million men living with, or in remission from, prostate cancer in the UK, the condition is ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD

  • Audiobook


    How to Keep It Together when Life Tries to Tear You a New One

    by Emma Markezic ...
    Narrated by Emma Markezic ...


    8 hours 1 min

    Because sometimes, life is going to suck, and you’re going to have to know how to handle it…What happens when you step on one of the great Lego pieces of life? When you get blind-sided? Thrown a curveball? When you get divorced? Or someone dies? You're going to need something more than the diarrhoea-like progression of motivational quotes we get fed on Instagram - you're going to need real-world ... Read more

    $45.99 AUD

  • Audiobook


    Life, loss and eternal love for my daughter

    by Ashley Cain ...
    Narrated by Ashley Cain ...


    7 hours 19 min

    'Heartbreaking and powerful - Ashley is an inspiration', Fearne Cotton'Ashley's psychological and emotional resilience is unparalleled, truly in the 0.1 percent', Ant MiddletonSTRENGTH, RESILIENCE, POWERStrong is the moving and heartbreaking memoir from celebrity campaigner, endurance athlete, and father of an angel, Ashley Cain. Charting his daughter's birth and the fight for her life when she ... Read more

    $83.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    The Cancer Problem

    Malignancy in Nineteenth-Century Britain

    Narrated by Cat Gould ...


    11 hours 8 min

    The Cancer Problem offers the first medical, cultural, and social history of cancer in nineteenth-century Britain. It begins by looking at a community of doctors and patients who lived and worked in the streets surrounding the Middlesex Hospital in London. It follows in their footsteps as they walked the labyrinthine lanes and passages that branched off Tottenham Court Road; then, through seven ... Read more

    $36.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    استخدام مشتقات القنب على مرضى السرطان

    Narrated by Hamid Tagadirte ...


    43 min

    من المفهوم أن الخلية هي الوحدة المورفولوجية والوظيفية لكل كائن حي. هذا التنظيم البيولوجي قادر على النمو ليتحول إلى خلايا جذعية وبالتالي ينقسم إلى عمليتين؛ الانقسام الفتيلي: يؤدي إلى ظهور خليتين بنتين جديدتين متطابقتين و عملية الانقسام الاختزالي: مسؤولة عن تكوين أربع خلايا ابنة مختلفة بنصف الشفرة الوراثية للخلية الجذعية. بشكل عام، تموت الخلايا عن طريق موت الخلايا المبرمج، وبعد ذلك يتم استبدالها ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Holistic Cancer Care

    An Herbal Approach to Reducing Cancer Risk, Helping Patients Thrive during Treatment, and Minimizing Recurrence

    Narrated by Paige Reisenfeld ...


    15 hours 24 min

    Patients facing a cancer diagnosis often feel at the mercy of an illness they don't understand and in the hands of doctors offering treatments that focus on the cancer, instead of on the patient. In these patient-focused selections from Holistic Cancer Care, Chanchal Cabrera, a consulting medical herbalist with more than 20 years specializing in holistic oncology, provides an in-depth guide to ... Read more

    $47.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    In Sickness

    A Memoir

    Narrated by Barrett Rollins ...


    7 hours 25 min

    A medical emergency forces a brilliant Harvard oncologist to reveal that she has been hiding her advanced breast cancer for a decade. Her husband—also an oncologist—must set aside his anger and feelings of betrayal so that he can care for her during her final year of life.When Jane, a world-famous Harvard oncologist, suddenly collapses at work, the medical team resuscitating her makes a shocking ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Das Lebensdingens - Jetzt erst recht! Mit Selbstironie und positiven Gedanken dem Krebs in den Hintern treten. (ungekürzt)


    7 hours 3 min

    Das Lebensdingens Eine Geschichte aus und über das Leben. Wie man mit Mut, Lebensfreude und einer guten Portion Selbstironie eine Chemotherapie sowie den ganz normalen Krankenhaus-, Behörden- und Versicherungswahnsinn überleben kann! Ich möchte Menschen, die vor ähnlichen Herausforderungen stehen, helfen, nicht den Mut zu verlieren. Ich habe auf meinem Weg auch viel über mich als Person gelernt ... Read more

    $22.99 AUD $17.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Tengo cáncer, ¿y ahora qué?

    Una guía indispensable para el paciente y sus seres queridos


    4 hours 42 min

    Un libro que le enseñará al paciente, a sus familiares y amigos, la mejor forma de enfrentar el difícil diagnóstico.El cáncer no es solamente una enfermedad genética, también es una confrontación y un aprendizaje para el paciente y su familia.El doctor Humberto Bautista González, psicólogo clínico y oncólogo, responde con gran precisión y sensibilidad las grandes dudas en torno a este padecimiento ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Audiobook


    12 Life Lessons it Taught Me - From Triple Negative to Very Positive

    by Grace Nolan ...
    Narrated by Grace Nolan ...


    5 hours 19 min

    Grace Nolan, teacher and author, invites the reader to join her on her personal journey through breast cancer, from diagnosis to recovery.Shocked to discover it is Triple Negative, a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer, she immediately undergoes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.What it teaches her along the way are the keys to getting through which she calls, “12 Life ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    From Whispers to Shouts

    The Ways We Talk About Cancer

    Narrated by Jenn Lee ...


    11 hours 25 min

    It’s hard today to remember how recently cancer was a silent killer, a dreaded disease about which people rarely spoke in public. In hospitals and doctors’ offices, conversations about malignancy were hushed and hope was limited. In this deeply researched book, Elaine Schattner reveals a sea change—from before 1900 to the present day—in how ordinary people talk about cancer. From Whispers to ... Read more

    $36.99 AUD