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Eating Disorders

If you like Eating Disorders Audiobooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Audiobook

    8 Hour Sleep Cycle Meditation - Metabolism Boost and Weight Loss with Alpha Theta Hypnosis

    Train Your Braom

    by Joel Thielke ...
    Narrated by Joel Thielke ...


    7 hours 49 min

    The 8 Hour Sleep Cycle program is a soothing and incredible new program that works with your sleep cycle to relax and rejuvenate your body and leaves you feeling energized and positive for your journey ahead.Embrace this program and start losing weight today!Powerful Benefits of this 8 Hour program include:- Feel more energized throughout your day- Increased confidence and self-esteem- Increase ... Read more

    $22.45 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook


    Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating

    Narrated by Christy Harrison ...


    9 hours 46 min

    A how-to guide to reclaiming your time, money, health and happiness in our toxic diet culture.In Anti-Diet, Christy Harrison takes on diet culture and the multi-billion-pound industries that profit from it, exposing all the ways it robs people of their time, money, health and happiness. It will turn what you think you know about health and wellness upside down, as Harrison explores the history of ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder, Second Edition


    10 hours 23 min

    Tens of thousands of parents have turned to this compassionate guide for support and practical advice grounded in cutting-edge scientific knowledge. Top experts James Lock and Daniel Le Grange explain what you need to know about eating disorders, which treatments work, and why it is absolutely essential to play an active role in your teen's recovery-even though parents have often been told to take ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Radical Belonging

    How to Survive and Thrive in an Unjust World (While Transforming it for the Better)

    by Lindo Bacon ...
    Narrated by LaQuita James ...


    10 hours 50 min

    We are in the midst of a cultural moment. #MeToo. #BlackLivesMatter. #TransIsBeautiful. #AbleismExists. #EffYourBeautyStandards. Those of us who don't fit into the "mythical norm" (white, male, cisgender, able-bodied, slender, Christian, etc.)-which is to say, most of us-are demanding our basic right: To know that who we are matters. To belong. Being "othered" and the body shame it spurs is not ... Read more

    $37.43 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Food Junkies

    The Truth About Food Addiction

    by Vera Tarman ...
    Narrated by Lisa Bunting ...


    8 hours 20 min

    Overeating, binge eating, obesity, anorexia, and bulimia: Food Junkies tackles the complex, poorly understood issue of food addiction from the perspectives of a medical researcher and dozens of survivors. What exactly is food addiction? Is it possible to draw a hard line between indulging cravings for “comfort food” and engaging in substance abuse? For people struggling with food addictions, ... Read more

    $23.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Mindful Eating

    A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food

    series Shambhala


    8 hours 24 min

    The art of mindfulness can transform our struggles with food--and renew our sense of pleasure, appreciation, and satisfaction with eating. Drawing on recent research and integrating her experiences as a physician and meditation teacher, Dr. Jan Bays offers a wonderfully clear presentation of what mindfulness is and how it can help with food issues.Mindful eating is an approach that involves ... Read more

    $26.21 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Wisdom of Your Body

    Finding Healing, Wholeness, and Connection through Embodied Living

    Narrated by Emily Ellet ...


    9 hours 14 min

    Maybe you've been made to feel ashamed of your body or like it isn't good enough. Maybe your body is riddled with stress, pain, or the effects of trauma. Maybe you think of your body as an accessory to what you believe you really are-your mind. Whatever the reason, many of us don't feel at home in our bodies. But being disconnected from ourselves as bodies means being disconnected from truly ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    More Than a Body

    Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament


    9 hours 21 min

    "An indispensable resource for women of all ages, this is a guide to help us better connect to ourselves, to value ourselves, to love ourselves, and ultimately, to be ourselves."—Chelsea ClintonPositive body image isn’t believing your body looks good; it is knowing your body is good, regardless of how it looks.How do you feel about your body?Have you ever stayed home from a social activity or ... Read more

    $29.69 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Right Body For You


    5 hours 5 min

    What would it be like to begin enjoying your body no matter what size, shape, age or fitness? Isn't it time to stop the patterns and habits with your body that keep you stuck? Is your body an ease or burden? This is a very different perspective about bodies and your ability to change yours. It might all be easier than you ever knew was possible! ... Read more

    $22.39 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

    by Geneen Roth ...
    Narrated by Emily Durante ...


    8 hours 23 min

    There is an end to the anguish of emotional eating-and this book explains how to achieve it. Geneen Roth, whose Feeding the Hungry Heart and When Food Is Love have brought understanding and acceptance to tens of thousands of fans over the last two decades, here outlines her proven program for resolving the conflicts at the root of overeating. Using simple techniques developed in her highly ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Extreme Weight loss Hypnosis for Women

    A Rapid Way to Stop Emotional Eating, Burn Fat and Lose Weight with Powerful Mini Habits, Positive Affirmations and Guided Meditations


    4 hours 59 min

    Discover The Easiest Way To Lose Weight And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle With Hypnosis For Women Weight Loss!Are you struggling to lose the extra pounds that you gained during the holidays and have your self-esteem back?Do you want to stop eating every time you get stressed or sad and have a more balanced mindset towards food?Now You Can!Introducing the Extreme Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women ... Read more

    $31.38 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Invisible Corset

    Break Free from Beauty Culture and Embrace Your Radiant Self

    Narrated by Chloe Cannon ...


    7 hours 3 min

    Learn to love your body-for real this time No matter how much we try to tell ourselves to love our bodies and accept our flaws, most women can't quite get there. Even though we know the beauty standard is unrealistic, we secretly feel like it would be so much easier if our stomach were just a little flatter, or our skin a little smoother, or a million other little things. As a result, we sacrifice ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    How to Overcome Binge Eating Disorder

    7 Lessons to Understand, Treat, and Overcome Binge Eating Disorder and Compulsive Overeating

    Narrated by Patricia Morris ...


    1 hour 22 min

    This book offers hope for those struggling with Binge Eating Disorder and those who believe they may be experiencing symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder. It aims to provide one with further understanding into the intricacy of this mental illness, as well as necessary information for beginning or maintaining the recovery process.This book explores:• Diagnostic criteria for Binge Eating Disorder• ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much

    A 4-Step, 8-Week Plan to Finally Lose the Weight, Manage Emotional Eating, and Find Your Fabulous Self

    Narrated by Colette Baron-Reid ...


    9 hours 55 min

    Here’s the truth: Other people’s drama is making you fat.You’re a good person. You feel for other people’s troubles and challenges. Heck, you’re probably the go-to person for a whole list of people when the going gets tough!But is your caring nature keeping you out of the best shape of your life?Break the cycle and be the loving person you are—without letting other people’s drama keep you from ... Read more

    $29.95 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Gastric Band - Eat Right

    Bandster Patients Eating for a Healthy Lifestyle


    54 min

    Eat Right Gastric Band is a guided imagery audio program to support gastric band success. It offers gastric band patients psychological support for permanent emotional and behavioral changes.This is an efficacious, state of the art, behavioral support program intended to enhance surgical success by offering you the tools to:Maintain motivationReceive emotional supportAchieve behavioral ... Read more

    $14.96 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Breaking Free from Body Shame

    Dare to Reclaim What God Has Named Good

    by Jess Connolly ...
    Narrated by Jess Connolly ...


    6 hours 51 min

    Includes audiobook-exclusive coaching sessions from Jess!You were made for more than a love/hate relationship with your body.It's one thing to know in your head that you were created in the image of God. Yet it's quite another to experience this belief in your body, against the cultural ideals of a woman's worth. And between the two lies a world of frustration, disappointment, and the shame of ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook


    by Angela Cox ...
    Narrated by Angela Cox ...


    9 hours 20 min

    Enough is a compelling account of self-determination and survival written with absolute honesty and passion. Part memoir, part manual full of tips, tricks and rituals to integrate into your life in order to be the best you can be, Enough follows the journey of Angela Cox. After years of unsuccessful and often dangerous dieting, she needed a radical mindset shift and a floppy haired Body Coach by ... Read more

    $27.84 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Say Goodbye To Overeating: 2 Book Bundle

    A Non Diet Approach To Heal Your Relationship with Food

    Narrated by Molly Gazay, Kelsey Maher ...


    4 hours 55 min

    Do you want to finally win your battle against overeating and take back control over your life?Are you frustrated by restrictive dieting and want a new way to enjoy delicious meals?Like many of you, I have felt the shame of living a life with out of control eating habits. I spent countless hours worried about my body image, all the while struggling to control my weight. Through the ups and downs, ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Ending Emotional Eating – An Introductory Guide To Ending Emotional Eating Forever!

    You DESERVE to be healthy, happy and free!

    Narrated by Empowered Living ...


    34 min

    Emotional Eating can be a cause of great pain not only in being overweight, but emotionally and mentally.Learn what causes emotional eating and how to overcome it without putting yourself through painful diets and fads.You DESERVE to be healthy, happy and free!Emotional eating is a serious issue.Its symptoms include :· Mindless Eating· Feeling of Guilt and Shame· Eating in Secret· Always Thinking ... Read more

    $11.97 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    8 Keys to End Emotional Eating

    Narrated by David de Vries ...


    5 hours 10 min

    Bring an end to emotional eating by getting to the root of the problem**.**Most books about emotional eating tend to focus on how to strengthen self-restraint or how to identify what triggers it. The former can make the problem worse, while the latter may be different each time it occurs. Both approaches fail to help emotional eaters understand why they feel compelled to do something that they don ... Read more

    $29.88 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Feed Your Soul

    Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled

    by Carly Pollack ...
    Narrated by Carly Robins ...


    5 hours 31 min

    DISCOVER LONG-TERM SATISFACTION AND VITALITY Countless diets, cleanses, and thirty-day challenges are geared to help people lose weight, heal their digestion, and have more energy. Yet these temporary protocols fall short when it comes to true transformation. Nutritionist Carly Pollack lived a vicious cycle of weight ups and downs until trial and error, and over a decade of formal study in health ... Read more

    $23.95 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Hanger Management

    Master Your Hunger and Improve Your Mood, Mind, and Relationships

    Narrated by Dara Rosenberg ...


    7 hours 1 min

    The complete program for mastering your "hanger," from mindful-eating pioneer Dr. Susan Albers -- with 45 tips to turn hanger into happiness.It happens to all of us. One minute you're happily going about your day, and a few seconds later you're a snappy, illogical version of yourself. The culprit? Hanger.We're living busier lives than ever before, and when we forget to eat -- or accidentally ... Read more

    $38.91 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    EMOTIONAL EATING: How To Stop Emotional Eating Naturally And Live A Better Life

    Narrated by dms ...


    1 hour 51 min

    If you're eating to help manage your feelings, you might have found that it doesn't work. You may even feel worse when you're done eating. Eating can all too quickly become a tool for dealing with depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress and frustration, and a privilege when it's time to celebrate.By becoming more capable of dissolving negative emotions that induce ease in eating you will:Stop ... Read more

    $11.91 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Wrong Knickers - A Decade of Chaos

    by Bryony Gordon ...
    Narrated by Sophie Bleasdale ...


    7 hours 15 min

    Bryony Gordon survived her adolescence by dreaming about the life she'd have in her twenties: the perfect job; the lovely flat; the amazing boyfriend. The reality was something of a shock. Her Telegraph column was a diary of her daily screw-ups; she lived in a series of squalid shoe boxes; and her most meaningful relationship of the entire decade was with a Marlboro Light.Here in the Sunday Times ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial