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  • Audiobook

    How Democracies Die

    The International Bestseller: What History Reveals About Our Future

    Narrated by Fred Sanders ...


    8 hours 24 min

    Penguin presents the audiobook edition of How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, read by Fred Sanders.Two Harvard professors explain the dangerous world we face todayDemocracies can die with a coup d'état - or they can die slowly. This happens most deceptively when in piecemeal fashion, with the election of an authoritarian leader, the abuse of governmental power and the ... Read more

    $18.93 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook


    The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom

    by Tom Holland ...
    Narrated by Tom Holland, Mark Meadows ...


    17 hours 32 min

    Of all the civilisations existing in the year 1000, that of Western Europe seemed the unlikeliest candidate for future greatness. Compared to the glittering empires of Byzantium or Islam, the splintered kingdoms on the edge of the Atlantic appeared impoverished, fearful and backward. But the anarchy of these years proved to be, not the portents of the end of the world, as many Christians had ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook #27 - Hvad kan vi bruge historie til?

    Narrated by Jais Baggestrøm Koch ...


    20 min

    Ny viden om gamle vandlåse, den danske rationerings-politik under 1. verdenskrig og 1800-tallets herregårde; hvad skal vi egentlig bruge det til i dag?‘s podcast har indtaget festivalen `Historiske Dage‘ i København for at finde ud af, hvilken betydning forskning i historien har for vores liv i dag. Udover en snak med festivalleder på 'Historiske Dage', Henrik Thorvald Rasmussen, var ... Read more

    $4.07 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Hollow Places: An Unusual History of Land and Legend

    Narrated by Nicholas Camm ...


    10 hours 26 min

    ‘Impossible to summarise and delightfully absorbing, Hadley’s book is comfortably the most unexpected history book of the year’ Sunday TimesA luminous journey through a thousand years of folklore and English history.Hollow Places begins with a Hertfordshire dragon-slayer named Piers Shonks but soon draws us into the company of outlaws and stonemasons, antiquaries and champions. Full of wonder and ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Primate Change

    How the world we made is remaking us

    Narrated by Vybarr Cregan-Reid ...


    11 hours 27 min

    IF YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU, THINK AGAIN.PRIMATE CHANGE is a wide-ranging, polemical look at how and why the human body has changed since humankind first got up on two feet. Spanning the entirety of human history - from primate to transhuman - Vybarr Cregan-Reid's book investigates where we came from, who we are today and how modern technology will change us beyond recognition.In the last two hundred ... Read more

    $37.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Practicing History

    Selected Essays

    Narrated by Wanda McCaddon ...


    12 hours 52 min

    Master historian Barbara W. Tuchman looks at history in a unique way and draws lessons from what she sees. This accessible introduction to the subject of history offers striking insights into American’s past and present, trenchant observations on the international scene, and thoughtful pieces on the historian’s role. History should not just be a series of facts, names, and dates—it should be a ... Read more

    $34.37 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar

    Modern Lessons from the Man Who Built an Empire

    Narrated by Joe Bronzi ...


    2 hours 47 min

    The Leadership Genius of Julius CaesarModern Lessons from the Man Who Built an Empire“Brilliantly crafted to draw leadership lessons from history, this is one of the finest leadership books I have read.”—Doris Kearns Goodwin, bestselling author of Team of Rivals and The Bully PulpitLeaders are always trying to get better, which is why there is an enormous and growing collection of literature ... Read more

    $26.77 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Forgotten Voices Of The Great War

    by Max Arthur ...
    Narrated by Richard Bebb ...


    10 hours 1 min

    In 1960, the Imperial War Museum began a momentous task. A team of academics, archivists and volunteers set about tracing ordinary men and women who had lived through one of the most harrowing periods of modern history, the First World War. Veterans were interviewed in details about their day-to-day experiences, on and off the front. The project has since grown to be the most important archive of ... Read more

    $20.83 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Det afgørende øjeblik - Historiens åbne situationer


    7 hours 18 min

    Nogle gange skal der ikke mere end et enkelt slag med en sommerfuglevinge til at slå historien ud af kurs. I ti historiske essays viser historikeren Rasmus Dahlberg, hvordan selv meget små årsager kan få meget store virkninger."Rasmus Dahlberg skriver godt og klart... der er ingen tvivl om, at den kontrafaktiske synsvinkel kan berige historieskrivningen." – Bo Bjørnvig, Weekendavisen"Som læser ... Read more

    $14.78 AUD

  • Audiobook

    History and Morality

    Narrated by Roger Clark ...


    16 hours 58 min

    Against majority opinion within his profession, Donald Bloxham argues that it is legitimate, often unavoidable, and frequently important for historians to make value judgments about the past. History and Morality draws on a wide range of historical examples, and its author's insights as a practicing historian. Examining concepts like impartiality, neutrality, contextualization, and the use and ... Read more

    $37.43 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    World Codex: Special Edition


    59 min

    Discover the surprising literary and poetic history of the RMS Titanic!Imagine getting the inside, behind the scenes story of the Titanic tragedy written by those who did not survive - but whose poetry and short accounts of the moments leading up to the Titanic sinking did."If you love poetry, history, and feeling like Indiana Jones, read this book now." 5 Stars from Erin Nicole Cochran for ... Read more

    $14.90 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Time's Monster

    History, Conscience and Britain's Empire

    by Priya Satia ...
    Narrated by Priya Satia, Tania Rodrigues ...


    16 hours 46 min

    Brought to you by Penguin.For generations, the history of the British empire was written by its victors. British historians' accounts of conquest guided the consolidation of imperial rule in India, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. Their narratives of the development of imperial governance licensed the brutal suppression of colonial rebellion. Their reimagining of empire during the two ... Read more

    $30.29 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Mind Is Mightier, The

    Reflections on the Historic Rise of Cognition and Complexity

    Narrated by Alex Robertson ...


    15 hours 5 min

    You are invited to join an intellectual adventure of the mind, a broad canvas review of the cognitive evolution of our civilization in politics, science, technology and the arts.Humanity is on a path of rising cognition and complexity, the world becomes increasingly our idea. After two horrific world wars, it seems that the great powers are rejecting the sword in favor of the pen.Technology is ... Read more

    $17.97 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Illuminating History

    A Retrospective of Seven Decades

    Narrated by Tom Parks ...


    8 hours 2 min

    Over a remarkable career Bernard Bailyn has reshaped our understanding of the early American past. Inscribing his superb scholarship with passion and imagination honed by a commitment to rigor, Bailyn captures the particularity of the past and its broad significance in precise, elegant prose. His transformative work has ranged from a new reckoning with the ideology that powered the opposition to ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Cheese and the Worms

    The Cosmos of a Sixteenth-Century Miller

    Narrated by P.J. Ochlan ...


    7 hours 57 min

    The Cheese and the Worms is an incisive study of popular culture in the sixteenth century as seen through the eyes of one man, the miller known as Menocchio, who was accused of heresy during the Inquisition and sentenced to death. Carlo Ginzburg uses the trial records to illustrate the religious and social conflicts of the society Menocchio lived in. For a common miller, Menocchio was surprisingly ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Lost Realms: A History of Britain from the Romans to the Vikings


    11 hours 5 min

    $35.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial


  • Audiobook

    On the Origin of Evolution: Tracing ‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea’ from Aristotle to DNA

    Narrated by Charles Armstrong ...


    7 hours 22 min

    A Waterstones Best Book of 2020The theory of evolution by natural selection did not spring fully formed and unprecedented from the brain of Charles Darwin. Rather it has been examined and debated by philosophers the world over for thousands of years.This lively history traces the evolution of the idea of evolution, showing how it has changed and been changed by different societies over time. It ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Faith, Gender, and Activism in the Punjab Conflict

    The Wheat Fields Still Whisper

    by Mallika Kaur ...
    Narrated by Soneela Nankani ...


    17 hours 18 min

    Punjab was the arena of one of the first major armed conflicts of postcolonial India. During its deadliest decade, as many as 250,000 people were killed. This audiobook makes an urgent intervention in the history of the conflict, which to date has been characterized by a fixation on sensational violence—or ignored altogether.Mallika Kaur unearths the stories of three people who found themselves at ... Read more

    $37.37 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Summary Bundle: Important History | Readtrepreneur Publishing: Includes Summary of A Brief History of Time & Summary of A History of the World in 6 Glasses

    Narrated by Tom Haig ...


    2 hours 49 min

    Summary Bundle: Important History - Readtrepreneur Publishing: Includes Summary of A Brief History of Time & Summary of A History of the World in 6 GlassesFrom the Description of "Summary of A Brief History of Time"..."If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?" - Stephen HawkingTime is one of the most discussed topics by person within and outside of the scientific ... Read more

    $22.45 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Why Learn History

    (When It's Already on Your Phone)

    by Sam Wineburg ...
    Narrated by Mike Chamberlain ...


    6 hours 27 min

    Let's start with two truths about our era: We are surrounded by more readily available information than ever before. And a huge percentage of it is inaccurate. Some of the bad info is well-meaning but ignorant. Some of it is deliberately deceptive. All of it is pernicious. With the internet always at our fingertips, what's a teacher of history to do? Sam Wineburg has answers, beginning with this: ... Read more

    $23.95 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Summary of Homo Deus

    A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari

    Narrated by Timothy G Little ...


    2 hours 16 min

    Imagine Talking to Another Human from 1000 Years AgoWoah… what does he/she look like?Very often, we are so caught up in our present world that we fail to look into our past and ahead into our future.Homo Deus recounts the course of history and deals with the abilities acquired by humans (Homo Sapiens) throughout their existence, and their evolution as the dominant species in the world.The book ... Read more

    $7.47 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Historiens største gåder

    Narrated by Morten Rønnelund ...
    series Historiens største gåder #10


    3 hours 7 min

    Biblen myldrer med navne på længst glemte folk og beretninger om blodige slag, forfærdelige katastrofer og heltedød. Men er fortællingerne ren fantasi, eller bygger dramaerne på virkelige hændelser? Og hvad med kong Arthur? Er han Englands første konge, eller en sagnfigur, som skulle samle ørigets stridende kongedømmer under én krone? Moderne forskere hælder til sidstnævnte forklaring – men myten ... Read more

    $10.49 AUD

  • Audiobook

    The Princeton Guide to Historical Research

    Narrated by Peter Lerman ...


    14 hours

    The essential handbook for doing historical research in the twenty-first century The Princeton Guide to Historical Research provides students, scholars, and professionals with the skills they need to practice the historian's craft in the digital age, while never losing sight of the fundamental values and techniques that have defined historical scholarship for centuries. Zachary Schrag begins by ... Read more

    $37.43 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Meilensteine österreichischer Reitkunst

    Eine europäische Kulturgeschichte

    Narrated by Werner Poscharnigg ...


    7 hours 56 min

    Schätze zeitloser Weisheit für kultivierten Umgang mit Pferden Eine authentische, ungekürzte Autorenlesung auf der Spur durch 500 Jahre zwangloser, unangestrengter Eleganz von Ross und Reiter. Und einer Ausbildung , die bei aller Künstlichkeit dem Pferd seine Natur belässt, wobei der Mensch mit dieser Natur eins wird. Teilweise unveröffentlichte oder unbekannte, schwer zugängliche Dokumente zeigen ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial