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Maternity, Prenatal, & Women''s Health Audiobooks

If you like Maternity, Prenatal, & Women''s Health Audiobooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Audiobook

    Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage

    Weaving ancient wisdom with modern knowledge

    by Rachel Reed ...
    Narrated by Rachel Reed ...


    9 hours 3 min

    It’s time for a childbirth revolution.Childbirth has always been, and always will be, a significant rite of passage that transforms a woman into a mother. However, the modern approach to maternity care fails women, families and care providers with outdated practices that centre the needs of institutions rather than individuals.In this book, Rachel Reed demonstrates how childbirth can be reclaimed ... Read more

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  • Audiobook

    The Fearless Birth Book (The Naked Doula)

    Find Your Power, Influence Your Birth

    Narrated by Emma Armstrong ...


    5 hours 6 min

    Certified birth doula and hypnobirthing coach, Emma Armstrong, wants women to have the power to influence their birth experience, by tuning in to their body and brain.Organised into five sections: brain, body, birth, baby and beyond, this is a fresh, inclusive, and empowering approach to the birth experience. Emma brings in her hypnobirthing skills, using short, snappy language and soundbites, to ... Read more

    $28.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    The Secret Midwife

    Life, Death and the Truth about Birth

    Narrated by Gloria Sanders ...


    8 hours 58 min

    Strongest advocate, best friend, expert, cheerleader and chief photographer . . . Before, during and after labour the role of a midwife is second to none. The Secret Midwife reveals the highs and lows on the frontline of the maternity unit, from the mother that tries to give herself a DIY caesarean to the baby born into witness protection, and from surprise infants that arrive down toilets to ones ... Read more

    $83.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    La dieta del SOP

    Guía práctica para eliminar los síntomas del SOP, equilibrar el metabolismo, las hormonas y restaurar tu fertilidad

    Narrated by Claudia Panone ...


    6 hours 28 min

    ¿Quieres controlar el síndrome de ovario poliquístico para siempre?¿Olvidarte de sus síntomas como la pérdida de cabello, acné, exceso de vello corporal, aumento de la grasa abdominal, manchas oscuras en la piel, cansancio, fatiga, antojos de dulces, antojos de carbohidratos y tantas otras molestias que solo el SOP es capaz de provocar?Además, ¿estás harta de ...- ¿Pasar tú tiempo libre en ... Read more

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  • Audiobook

    Sleep for Little Babies: The Nighttime Sleep Solution to Your Infant Sleeping Problems

    Narrated by Breanna ...


    3 hours 34 min

    Are you nursing a baby and you want to know more about what to expect during the first few years of nursing a baby as either a first time mother or father or already a mother or father, or do you wish to gift book on nursing a baby to new parents?This is the guide to meet all your need. It’s a comprehensive book that talks about the nature of babies.It could be debilitating if you are exhausted or ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    A Leap of Faith For The Cornish Midwife

    An emotional, uplifting read from Jo Bartlett

    by Jo Bartlett ...
    Narrated by Emma Powell ...
    Series series The Cornish Midwife Series


    9 hours 15 min

    Discover the top 10 bestselling Cornish Midwives series!Midwife Izzy is devastated to learn that her beloved grandmother is dying. Abandoned as a baby by her own mother, her grandparents have been the only family Izzy has ever known and she wants to spend every last precious moment with them.New locum vicar, Noah, is a wonderful support – kind, considerate and always there for Izzy whenever she ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    The Baby Loss Guide

    Practical and compassionate support with a day-by-day resource to navigate the path of grief


    8 hours 31 min

    Written by one of the world's leading baby loss support experts, The Baby Loss Guide is designed to help you navigate this complex issue. Whether you have personally encountered loss, or are supporting people through this harrowing time, this book provides practical and compassionate advice.Zoe and her husband Andy have personally faced the loss of five babies. Out of their experiences came the ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Into my Hands

    A Midwife’s Memoir


    6 hours 32 min

    "Into My Hands" is an intimate and inspiring memoir that delves into the life of a passionate midwife, tracing her path from childhood to her fulfilling career in midwifery. This poignant narrative was born from a transformative moment in the author's early twenties, following a traumatic birth experience with her own daughter. It was then that she resolved to put an end to birth trauma and ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook


    Una Donna Su Quattro

    by Erica Isotta ...
    Narrated by Sabrina Maggiani ...


    2 hours 36 min

    Il venticinque per cento delle gravidanze termina con un aborto spontaneo. Una donna su quattro, insomma. Non si tratta quindi di un caso isolato, ma di milioni di donne che si trovano di fronte a quello che ad oggi resta uno dei più grandi tabù.Questo stesso tabù si colloca all’interno di una categoria più ampia che è quella degli argomenti inavvicinabili legati al mondo femminile.Questo ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    The Second Baby Book

    How to cope with pregnancy number two and create a happy home for your firstborn and new arrival

    Narrated by Katy Sobey ...


    7 hours 20 min

    'The thing about having a second baby is it's likely to differ a lot from your first experience. Sarah Ockwell's Smith's guide looks at the challenges you might face along with some practical tips to consider. The book offers a friendly feel that reminds us issues and all, we'll be just fine' Mirror, Best Baby Books for Parents 2020Having a second baby is a very different experience from having ... Read more

    $39.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    El Aborto


    2 hours 4 min

    Tenemos que tener una base racional y ética sólida para sancionar legalmente el dar fin a 53 millones de vidas en nuestras naciones, sin contar los más de un millón que mueren cada año. ¿Cómo serían hoy estos millones de personas, desde infantes hasta adultos mayores de cuarenta años, si hubieran vivido? Su exterminio de la faz de la tierra requiere una justificación convincente. ¿Cuál es la ... Read more


  • Audiobook

    Is a Home Birth Right For You?

    Narrated by Mikah Vaclaw ...


    4 hours 37 min

    Written by a Registered Nurse, “Is a Home Birth Right For You?,” is a comprehensive, research-based guide that will help you plan a safe and empowering birth for your baby. An engaging book with plenty of stories and interviews from both moms and professionals, it will give you a wealth of insight into hospital birth and home birth. Enjoy an honest and refreshing look at the risks, as well as the ... Read more


  • Audiobook

    Healing Lives

    by Sue Williams ...
    Narrated by Alexandra Aldrich ...


    8 hours 56 min

    **'A story of friendship like no other... breathtaking in its tenderness and inspiration.' The Hon. Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVOTwo incredible women, an unlikely friendship, and a united mission to save the lives of some of the world's poorest and most desperate women.**Healing Lives reveals the untold tale of Mamitu Gashe, Dr Catherine Hamlin's protégée, and the inspiring almost 60-year friendship ... Read more

    $39.99 AUD $29.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Heal your menstrual cycle new moon & full moon audio meditation course

    feminism, connect to your female ancestors, heal your emotions, set goals, release with moon cycle, lunar living, live magic

    by Shining Mind ...
    Narrated by Chantalia ...


    5 hours 56 min

    Are you struggling with menstrual pain, irregular cycles, or emotional turbulence during your period? The Heal Your Menstrual Cycle: New Moon & Full Moon Audio Meditation Course offers a holistic and natural approach to addressing these challenges. This transformative audio meditation course is designed to help you align your menstrual cycle with the soothing rhythms of the moon, promoting harmony ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Lichen Sclerosus Diet

    A Beginner's 3-Week Guide for Women, with Curated Recipes and a Sample Meal Plan

    Narrated by Niquita Hartley ...


    1 hour 32 min

    Lichen Sclerosus is a complex skin condition that can cause significant discomfort. While there is currently no known cure, hope remains. New research suggests that certain dietary changes might provide some relief. This guide aims to explore the potential connection between diet and lichen sclerosus, with the goal of offering actionable steps that could potentially alleviate symptoms.Are you ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Anxious Mums

    How mums can turn their anxiety into strength

    Narrated by Jodi Richardson ...


    7 hours 58 min

    The challenge of anxiety never tests you more than when you become a mother.From conceiving, to pregnancy, to birth, and forever more, there are infinite reasons for your anxiety to be heightened. The impact on mothers isn't just the anxiety itself, it's the stop sign it seems to put up in front of you at almost every turn. Anxiety can stand in the way of living a rich, full and wonderful life, ... Read more

    $36.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    New Menopausal Years - The Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed

    by Susun Weed ...
    Narrated by Susun Weed ...


    1 hour 49 min

    Recommended for women 30-90. This lively session expands upon Susun’s incredibly popular book, New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way, the menopause “bible” for millions of women. What your doctor doesn’t know about menopause is here, in simple language. If you want to be strong-boned, hale-hearted and juicy for another 50 years, this talk is for you!Susun Weed is the voice of the Wise Woman ... Read more

    $22.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook


    A Handbook for Breastfeeding with Confidence at Every Stage

    Narrated by Jo Anna Perrin ...


    3 hours 41 min

    Early motherhood is a time of great joy. It can also be filled with new stressors-chief among them: breastfeeding. In Latch: A Handbook for Breastfeeding with Confidence at Every Stage, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, Robin Kaplan, addresses specific breastfeeding concerns, allowing you to feel empowered while breastfeeding and overcome challenges as they arise. After working ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    子宫颈癌与HPV疫苗知识读本Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine Knowledge Reader


    1 hour 18 min

    内容简介目前为止,人乳头状病毒(HPV)疫苗是全球唯一一支可预防恶性肿瘤发生的疫苗,注射HPV疫苗可大幅降低宫颈癌的发生率。即便是医疗技术发达的今天,人们依然谈“癌”色变。近年来,我国的肺癌、乳腺癌及结直肠癌等癌症发病呈显著上升趋势,肝癌、胃癌及食管癌等的发病率仍居高不下。癌症已成为我国人口的主要死因之一。据悉,我国每年新发癌症病例超过390万人,死亡病例超过200万人,死亡率高于世界平均水平。《子宫颈癌与HPV疫苗知识读本》为女性宫颈保健科普读物,以问答形式图文并茂地介绍了宫颈癌、HPV、宫颈癌防治的主要措施、HPV疫苗及误区,图文并茂,内容通俗易懂,可作为广大女性宫颈保健通识读本,也可供从事宫颈癌防治、相关宣传工作的专业人士参考。作者简介乔友林,现任中国医学科学院北京协和医学院肿瘤医院肿瘤研究所肿瘤流行病学研究室主任、中国癌症基金会副秘书长与国际合作部主任 ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    All The Babes Of My Life

    A Midwife Remembers

    Narrated by Jacqueline Hope ...


    6 hours 39 min

    I have been truly blessed. Working as midwife in four different countries across the world, I have spent my life empowering young women to become mothers, bringing beautiful babies into the world in their own awesome power. This book is a memoir of inspiring stories of women who have gone against the system and had amazing birthing experiences. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Motherhood: Feminism’s unfinished business

    by Eliane Glaser ...
    Narrated by Elaine Glaser ...


    9 hours 22 min

    ‘Brilliant’ Jenni Murray ‘Liberating, intoxicating’ Zoe Williams‘Why, after decades of social progress, is motherhood still so much harder than it needs to be?’Before they become mothers, women are repeatedly reminded that their biological clock is ticking. Once pregnant, a woman’s body becomes public property: she is patronised, panicked, and forbidden from exercising her autonomy. In labour, ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Early: An Intimate History of Premature Birth and What It Teaches Us About Being Human

    Narrated by Ann Marie Gideon ...


    9 hours 47 min

    Inspired by Sarah DiGregorio’s harrowing experience giving birth to her premature daughter, Early is a compelling and empathetic blend of memoir and rigorous reporting that tells the story of neonatology – and explores the questions raised by premature birth.‘Early is a definitive history of neonatology, written with urgency and clarity, beauty and compassion. DiGregorio is at once a clear-eyed ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • Audiobook



    4 hours 1 min

    Over 90 % af danske kvinder har et ønske om at amme, men nedskæringer på fødeområdet betyder mindre støtte, vejledning og viden om amning i det offentlige. Her er bogen, der hjælper mor og barn på vej.Bøger om graviditet, forældreskab og børn kan fylde en hel boghandel, men der findes få bøger om amning og endnu færre skrevet af nogen med sundhedsfaglig baggrund. Dette er den første og eneste bog ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Un jour, je suis morte

    by Macha Méril ...
    Narrated by Macha Méril ...


    1 hour 3 min

    « Si je vous parle aujourd’hui, c’est qu’il y a une nouveauté. […] Je ne veux plus voler, je ne veux plus mentir. Je veux mener une vie de morte, ouvertement, sans honte. C’est ce qu’on me demande, je suppose. Je suis une personne « en plus », mais je suis là. Si j’étais véritablement indésirable, on me l’aurait signifié, je me serais liquéfiée, dissoute. Si je suis encore là, c’est qu’il y a un ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD