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  • Audiobook

    Why Buddhism is True

    The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment

    by Robert Wright ...
    Narrated by Fred Sanders ...


    10 hours 29 min

    From one of America’s most brilliant writers, a New York Times bestselling journey through psychology, philosophy, and lots of meditation to show how Buddhism holds the key to moral clarity and enduring happiness.At the heart of Buddhism is a simple claim: The reason we suffer—and the reason we make other people suffer—is that we don’t see the world clearly. At the heart of Buddhist meditative ... Read more

    $26.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook


    The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

    Narrated by Michael Goldstrom ...


    26 hours 27 min

    Brought to you by Penguin.The audiobook edition of Behave by Robert Sapolsky, read by Michael Goldstrom.The New York Times best sellerWinner of the 2017 LA Times Book PrizeWhy do human beings behave as they do?We are capable of savage acts of violence but also spectacular feats of kindness: is one side of our nature destined to win out over... ... Read more

    $30.29 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Secret Midwife

    Life, Death and the Truth about Birth

    Narrated by Gloria Sanders ...


    8 hours 58 min

    Strongest advocate, best friend, expert, cheerleader and chief photographer . . . Before, during and after labour the role of a midwife is second to none. The Secret Midwife reveals the highs and lows on the frontline of the maternity unit, from the mother that tries to give herself a DIY caesarean to the baby born into witness protection, and from surprise infants that arrive down toilets to ones ... Read more

    $62.69 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Ten Types of Human

    A New Understanding of Who We Are, and Who We Can Be

    by Dexter Dias ...
    Narrated by Tom Clegg ...


    26 hours 32 min

    Random House presents the unabridged downloadable audiobook edition of The Ten Types of Human by Dexter Dias, read by Tom Clegg.This book will introduce you to ten people. In a way, you already know them. Only you don’t – not really. In a sense, they are you. Only they’re not entirely. They inform and shape the most important decisions in your life. But you’re almost certainly unaware of their ... Read more

    $26.51 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Heart and Soul

    by Maeve Binchy ...
    Narrated by Maureen O'Brien ...


    14 hours 34 min

    Clara Casey has more than enough on her plate. Her daughters are a handful and Clara, a senior cardiac specialist, has a new job to cope with...For Ania, meeting Clara Casey is a miracle: she had never intended to leave her beloved Poland, but after the love of her life has turned sour, her world seems rather empty. Perhaps a new job in a new country will mend her broken heart?Declan is looking ... Read more

    $33.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    30-minute Brain Diet Protocol, The

    How to Boost Brain Health, Improve Cognitive Function, and Prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia

    Narrated by Chris Lynch ...
    series Healthy Living #3


    2 hours 38 min

    Boost your Brain Health and Memory with the 30-Minute Brain Diet ProtocolAre you worried about your brain deteriorating as you age?Do you already find that your memory isn’t as good as it once was?Did you know that your diet can have a real impact on brain health?Illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia are becoming more prevalent and part of the reason is the food we consume. The typical A... ... Read more

    $8.97 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Doctors Are Not Gods

    Taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing

    Narrated by Michelle J Cox ...
    series The Wabi Sabi Series


    2 hours 25 min

    It's my inherent belief that you are the only person on this earth who knows your body better than anyone else. Our bodies talk to us all day, every day, and we need to be listening to what they're saying.This is not a story about badmouthing general practitioners and ridiculing the medical fraternity. It's a centuries-old notion that doctors are healers and near to gods, but they are mere mortals ... Read more

    $22.46 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Krisenbewältigung mit Hypnose


    32 min

    Eine persönliche Krise fordert Sie heraus? Sie wollen an frühere Zeiten anknüpfen, in denen Sie Herausforderungen erfolgreich begegnet sind? Sie ahnen bereits, dass Sie aus dieser Krise gestärkt hervorgehen werden? Diese Hypnose unterstützt Sie dabei! "Krisenzeiten sind goldene Zeiten", sagt der indische Mystiker Osho, weil man dabei etwas über sich lernen kann. Nur, wenn man mitten drinnen steckt ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Loving You From Here

    Stories of Grief, Hope and Growth When a Baby Dies


    8 hours 43 min

    Few experiences can compare to the trauma and pain of losing a baby; and the wall of silence that often surrounds that loss can make grieving even harder.Loving You From Here explores the traumatic impact of losing a baby through stillbirth and neonatal death. It features the moving stories of multiple families; some affected recently, some decades ago, but still living with the loss. This book is ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Yes Sister, No Sister

    My Life as a Trainee Nurse in 1950s Yorkshire

    Narrated by Jennifer Craig ...


    9 hours 11 min

    'What is your name?' she asks, staring at me.'Jennifer Ross.''Jennifer Ross, Sister*. Well, Nurse Ross, you are dressed in the uniform of a nurse from the Leeds General Infirmary. Such a uniform is not worn with a cardigan. Take it off at once.'*'Yes Sister.' I can feel my face turn red.A trainee nurse in the 1950s had a lot to bear. In Jennifer Craig's enchanting memoir, we meet these warm ... Read more

    $18.93 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    OpenSpace Agility kompakt

    Mit Freiraum und Transparenz zur echten agilen Organisation

    Narrated by Miriam Sasse ...


    1 hour 44 min

    Wie können Sie in Ihrem Umfeld agile Arbeitsweisen erfolgreich einsetzen? Wie können Sie Agilität in der gesamten Organisation etablieren? Wie können Sie eine bereits begonnene Veränderung in die Agilität wiederbeleben? Wie können Sie Unsicherheit und Konflikte bewältigen? Die Antworten auf diese Fragen liegen immer innerhalb Ihrer Organisation - die Menschen darin kennen die Antworten oder werden ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Cancer Secrets: The Complete Health Guide to Colon Cancer, Learn Everything About the Diagnosis and Treatment for this Silent Killer in Order to Protect Yourself

    by Micah Grant ...
    Narrated by Tanya Neihardt ...


    34 min

    Cancer Secrets: The Complete Health Guide to Colon Cancer, Learn Everything About the Diagnosis and Treatment for this Silent Killer in Order to Protect YourselfAccording to, 1 in every 6 deaths worldwide was caused by Cancer. This is more than AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria combine. It is the second-leading cause of death worldwide. Cancer is the umbrella name given to hundreds of ... Read more

    $7.47 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    En blomma får liv. Med binaural rytm och isokroniska toner

    series En blomma får liv #3


    17 min

    Den här utgåvan av En blomma får liv innehåller hjärnvågsstimulerande bakgrundsmusik med binaural rytm och isokroniska toner som håller sig inom alfa- och thetafrekvensomfången. Är du inte bekant med detta och kan ta ett informerat beslut om du vill lyssna på denna version rekommenderas originalutgåvan och den längre versionen av originalutgåvan som inte innehåller den här typen av bakgrundsmusik. ... Read more

    $5.92 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands

    Penguin Classics

    by Mary Seacole ...
    Narrated by Yasmin Mwanza ...


    8 hours 45 min

    Brought to you by Penguin.This Penguin Classic is performed by Yasmin Mwanza. This definitive recording includes an introduction by Sarah Salih.Written in 1857, this is the autobiography of a Jamaican woman whose fame rivalled Florence Nightingale's during the Crimean War. Seacole's offer to volunteer as a nurse in the war met with racism and refusal. Undaunted, Seacole set out independently to ... Read more

    $24.61 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Traumatized Child: The Strategies for Nurturing, Understanding and Parenting an Explosive Child who is Easily Frustrated

    Narrated by Michelle Andrus ...


    1 hour 20 min

    Are you aware that children who have experienced emotional tuggles need to feel safe and loved. All parents want to provide this type of nurturing home for their children. However, when parents don't have an understanding of the consequences of trauma, they could misinterpret their child’s behavior and find themselves frustrated or resentful.Their efforts to address troubling behavior in their ... Read more

    $13.46 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Lebenslänglich Lebensretter

    ...vom Fluch und Segen ein Retter zu sein...


    5 hours 7 min

    Nach den beiden Bestsellern: "Ich bin zu alt für diese Scheisse" und "Man wird nicht jünger durch den Scheiss!" entführt Sie Notfallsanitäter Horst Heckendorn zum dritten Mal in die bizarre Welt des Rettungsdienstes. Diesmal ohne das böse "S" Wort im Titel aber dafür garantiert wieder mit seinem berühmt – berüchtigten pechschwarzen Humor. Wie gewohnt nimmt er dabei kein Blatt vor den Mund und ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    This Is Really War

    The Incredible True Story of a Navy Nurse POW in the Occupied Philippines

    Narrated by Susan Ericksen ...


    9 hours 3 min

    In January 1940, navy nurse Dorothy Still eagerly anticipated her new assignment at a military hospital in the Philippines. Her first year abroad was an adventure. She dated sailors, attended dances, and watched the sparkling evening lights from her balcony. But as 1941 progressed, signs of war became imminent. Military wives and children were shipped home to the states, and the sailors increased ... Read more

    $37.43 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Becoming Human

    A Theory of Ontogeny

    Narrated by Charles Constant ...


    12 hours 43 min

    A radical reconsideration of how we develop the qualities that make us human, based on decades of cutting-edge experimental work by the former director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Virtually all theories of how humans have become such a distinctive species focus on evolution. Here, Michael Tomasello proposes a complementary theory of human uniqueness, focused on ... Read more

    $37.43 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Leadership Based Selling


    3 hours 10 min

    Exclusively relying on sales techniques doesn’t work. Buyers have changed, client’s expectations have changed, and society as a whole has changed completely since the Covid19 pandemic. New research shows that people prefer and like to buy from leaders.Leadership-based selling is a fusion of the latest evidence, selling strategies and leadership principles, synthesized into the most successful ... Read more

    $44.73 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Thriving with Stone-Age Minds

    Evolutionary Psychology, Christian Faith, and the Quest for Human Flourishing

    Narrated by Bob Souer ...


    5 hours 34 min

    What does God's creation of humanity through the process of evolution mean for human flourishing? The emerging field of evolutionary psychology remains controversial, perhaps especially among Christians. Yet according to Justin Barrett and Pamela Ebstyne King it can be a powerful tool for understanding human nature and our distinctively human purpose. Thriving with Stone Age Minds provides an ... Read more

    $29.94 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    My Big Breast Adventure

    Or How I Found The Dalai Lama In My Letterbox

    Narrated by Jennifer McDonald ...


    6 hours 10 min

    “I’m sorry to say you have breast cancer – an Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma to be exact,” said her doctor delivering the tough news right before Christmas 2013. “And there’s three ways we deal with breast cancer – cut, poison and burn.”Such was the start of Jennifer McDonald’s ‘Big Breast Adventure’, the name she gave to a series of blogs penned while going through two years of treatment. My Big ... Read more

    $22.46 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Biological Psychology

    Narrated by Connor Whiteley ...
    series An Introductory Series #1


    38 min

    Perfect for students, teachers and anyone interested in psychology.Want to know how our biology can impact our behaviour?Interested in biological psychology?Or do you just want to know more about psychology and humans in general?If the yes answer to any of those questions, then this is the book for you.As together we explore the amazing world of biological psychology and investigate how hormones, ... Read more

    $7.47 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    Fighting Cancer Bundle, 2 in 1 Bundle

    Fight Off Cancer and Colon Cancer Guide


    1 hour 9 min

    Fighting Cancer Bundle, 2 in 1 Bundle: Fight Off Cancer and Colon Cancer GuideYou probably know of someone who had or has cancer. Finding out that you or one of your family have cancer can be one of the most terrifying moments of your life. And this reaction is valid because cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. Based on the numbers, the top 5 most common cancers are breast cancer ... Read more

    $13.46 AUD or free with audiobook trial

  • Audiobook

    The Other Side of Sadness

    What the New Science of Bereavement Tells Us About Life After Loss

    Narrated by Jonathan Todd Ross ...


    9 hours 9 min

    In this thoroughly revised and updated classic, a renowned psychologist shows that mourning is far from predictable, and all of us share a surprising ability to be resilientThe conventional view of grieving--encapsulated by the famous five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance--is defined by a mourning process that we can only hope to accept and endure.In The Other ... Read more

    $37.41 AUD or free with audiobook trial