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Supernatural Audiobooks

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  • Audiobook

    Horns of the Goddess

    Narrated by Moe Egan Thomas ...


    13 hours 55 min

    In 1983, Dolores was working with several individuals who volunteered for sessions to help her hone her craft in hypnosis. Over the years she had developed her own technique of hypnosis where the client would go into a very deep state of trance and was able to re-live the past life they were seeing. When these individuals went back to a time in the past, it would be like they were actually there. ... Read more

    $28.00 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon

    Narrated by Adam Boyce ...


    14 hours 6 min

    The author of the New York Times bestseller You Are the Placebo, as well as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain, draws on research conducted at his advanced workshops since 2012 to explore how common people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives. Becoming Supernatural marries the some of the most profound scientific information with ancient wisdom to ... Read more

    $46.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Keepers of the Garden

    Narrated by Jane Sellers, Titus Stone ...


    11 hours 29 min

    A young man wanting to explore past-life regression discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All his other existences were on alien worlds and in other dimensions.As this unique case is explored further, he finds out that his association with extraterrestrials did not cease with these other lives. The interaction with UFOs and aliens has continued during all his present life, although the ... Read more

    $15.00 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Hello From Heaven!

    A New Field of Research---After-Death Communication---Confirms That Life and Love Are Eternal

    Narrated by Kevin Foley ...


    12 hours 52 min

    In this groundbreaking study of after-death communication experiences, authors Bill and Judy Guggenheim focus on the twelve major types of ADCs people report, the loving messages they receive, and the effects on the lives of those who have been contacted. They present persuasive evidence that ADCs are authentic contacts by deceased loved ones and discuss a few of the many far-reaching social and ... Read more

    $30.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Haunted New Orleans

    History & Hauntings of the Crescent City

    by Troy Taylor ...
    Narrated by Graham Rowat ...
    Series series Haunted America


    4 hours 40 min

    Travel beyond Bourbon Street into the macabre history of one of the most haunted cities in the United States with the author of Wicked New Orleans as your guide. New Orleans-the Big Easy, the birthplace of jazz, home of Cafe du Monde, and what some call the most haunted city in America. Beneath the indulgence and revelry of the Crescent City lies a long history of the dark and mysterious. From the ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    A New Science of Heaven

    How the new science of plasma physics is shedding light on spiritual experience

    by Robert Temple ...
    Narrated by Robert Temple ...


    12 hours 5 min

    The story of the science of plasma and its revolutionary implications for the way we understand the universe and our place in it.Histories of science in the 20th century have focused on relativity and quantum mechanics. But, quietly in the background, there has been a third area of exploration which has equally important implications for our understanding of the universe. It is unknown to the ... Read more

    $44.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Into the Uncanny

    by Danny Robins ...
    Narrated by Danny Robins ...


    9 hours 3 min

    Brought to you by Penguin.I know what I saw...'The ghosts of today live not in castles or stately homes, but in ordinary houses and offices, and they're witnessed by ordinary people like you and me. We just need to figure out what the hell they are - the dead returning from the "undiscovered country" of death? Or the product of that equally mysterious and ancient location, the human mind?This book ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    The Haunting Season

    The instant Sunday Times bestseller and the perfect companion for winter nights


    8 hours 8 min

    Eight bestselling authors. A dazzling new collection of original haunted tales. This is your indispensable companion to the long, dark nights this winter.THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'You won't find a more thrilling winter read this year, or a better line up of writers who have mastered the gothic and ghostly.' SARA COLLINS, Costa Award-winning author of The Confessions of Frannie Langton ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Hunt for the Skinwalker

    Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah


    8 hours 42 min

    For more than fifty years, bizarre events at a remote Utah ranch have ranged from the perplexing to the wholly terrifying: vanishing and mutilated cattle, huge otherworldly creatures, invisible objects emitting magnetic fields, and more. For the family living at Skinwalker Ranch, life was under siege, and no one had been able to explain the horrors that surrounded them... But maybe science could. ... Read more

    $36.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Psychic Self-Defense

    by Dion Fortune ...
    Narrated by Ioseph Kent ...


    7 hours 12 min

    After finding herself the subject of a powerful psychic attack in the 1930's, famed British occultist Dion Fortune wrote this detailed instruction manual on protecting oneself from paranormal attack. This classic psychic selfdefense guide explains how to understand the signs of a psychic attack, vampirism, hauntings, and methods of defense.Everything you need to know about the methods, motives, ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    This House is Haunted

    by John Boyne ...
    Narrated by Harrie Hayes ...


    9 hours 27 min

    Brought to you by PenguinOn a dark and chilling night Eliza Caine arrives in Norfolk to take up her position as governess at Gaudlin Hall. As she makes her way across the station platform, a pair of invisible hands push her from behind into the path of an approaching train. She is only saved by the vigilance of a passing doctor.It is the start of a journey into a world of abandoned children, ... Read more

    $22.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural

    101 True Tales of Hauntings, Demons, and the Paranormal


    6 hours 54 min

    Based off one of the most popular web series on the internet, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej present BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural, 101 of the scariest, spookiest, and creepiest locations around the USA and a few abroad, with 50 percent brand-new content and locales exclusive to the book.Hey there, demons! BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural has entertained viewers over the course of seven spooky ... Read more

    $36.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    The Quickening

    by Rhiannon Ward ...
    Narrated by Katherine Press ...


    9 hours 8 min

    'If you like gothic mystery, buckle up! This atmospheric read has it all'Woman magazine'An historical novel dripping with menace'Shari Lapena, author of The End of Her***********England, 1925. Louisa Drew lost her husband in the First World War and her six-year-old twin sons in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. Newly re-married and seven months pregnant, Louisa is asked by her employe... ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Ghost-Hunting For Dummies

    by Zak Bagans ...
    Narrated by Zak Bagans, Brian Holden ...


    17 hours 50 min

    Dive into the ghostly world of the supernatural with America's leading paranormal investigator. Inside, paranormal investigator, star, and executive producer of the Travel Channel's hit series, Ghost Adventures and founder of the award-winning Haunted Museum (Las Vegas's most popular attraction), Zak Bagans takes listeners on an exciting journey into the supernatural world. With insider ... Read more

    $44.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Haunted Houses of England and Wales

    A Collection of Ghost Stories

    Narrated by Madeleine Mayfair ...


    4 hours 6 min

    Prepare for a scare! This collection of bone-chilling ghost stories from England and Wales is certain to send shivers down your spine. Settle in for more than four hours of haunted tales from the early twentieth century—that’s more than four hours of audio! ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    The Missing Girls of Alardyce House

    An unforgettable, page-turning historical mystery from Heather Atkinson

    Narrated by Sarah Barron ...
    Series Audiobook 1 - The Alardyce Series


    10 hours 24 min

    ‘Heather Atkinson is my no.1 author. She keeps you glued to her books from beginning to end.’Edinburgh 1880. When Amy Osbourne’s parents are lost at sea, she is forced to leave her London home and is sent to live with her aunt and uncle at the opposite end of the country.Alardyce House is depressing and dreary, her aunt haughty and cruel. Amy strikes up a friendship with her cousin Edward but his ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    ¿Tienes una invitación para ir al cielo?

    Narrated by Talking Books ...


    4 hours 55 min

    Además de haber entregado estas revelaciones a miles de personas en todo el mundo, Marilyn ha sido recibida por Carol Wojtyla o la Madre Teresa de Calcuta, entre muchas otras personalidades. La pregunta que titula este libro probablemente provoque en el lector la respuesta: NO LO SÉ. La prestigiosa médium contesta a eso: NADIE LO SABE. POR ESO ESTAMOS AQUÍ, PARA VER SI CONSEGUIMOS ESTA INVITACIÓN ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD $9.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Albert Jack's Mysterious World - Part 1

    by Albert Jack ...
    Narrated by Albert Jack ...


    3 hours 7 min

    From the internationally best selling author of Red Herrings and White Elephants, Pop Goes the Weasel, New World Order and many more;Albert Jack's Mysterious World Part One is a collection of the world's most famous and puzzling mysteries.What really happened to Agatha Christie?Who is responsible for Crop CirclesWhere is Bigfoot?Could Aliens really exist?From crop circles to the Scottish ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook


    What I know of the IDJITS Murders

    Narrated by Robert W. Greier Jr ...


    3 hours 17 min

    Clevis Pladstock, a retired guard at the Wyvern Group Home for Boys, is dying. In his final days Clevis relates the facts, as they were, about that double homicide way back on July the Fourth of Nineteen Seventy Six. Within a humorous nature Clevis writes about the home as it was, the two dead bodies, and the fact that the investigation got it all wrong. With details presented by a man whose whole ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Weird and Mysterious United States, The: Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena across America


    7 hours 36 min

    The states comprising the Northeast have a long history as some of the earliest colonies in the New World. Their rich folklore and colorful history is woven into the national identity, and destinations such as Plymouth Rock, the lighthouses of Maine, and Vermont’s autumn leaves are quintessential symbols of the United States. But the Northeast has always had a dark side, a strange side. Monsters ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Unfinished Business

    Narrated by Marc Cashman ...


    6 hours 54 min

    Based on over twenty-five years of spirit communication and thousands of professional readings, world-famous medium James Van Praagh shares with readers the personal regrets, misgivings, remorse, and, most important, the advice of the dead who have chosen him as a medium. These spirits have a great deal to say about what they have learned and discovered on the other side and how we, the living, ... Read more

    $34.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Bottoming Out the Universe

    Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing

    Narrated by Richard Grossinger ...


    12 hours 49 min

    An exploration into consciousness, the universe, and the nature of reality• Draws on transdimensional physics and biology, reincarnation and past-life memories, animal consciousness, multiple identities, thoughtforms, soul pictures, and paranormal phenomena like crop circles and poltergeists• Explores the riddle of personal identity and how it differs from consciousness• Reveals that consciousness ... Read more

    $33.99 AUD

  • Audiobook

    Heartbeat The Power of Bold Love, Beautiful Wisdom, and Brave Will

    Narrated by Jennifer Keister ...


    2 hours 49 min

    Since that cold day in January, I have come to understand how to live a life of fearless adventure by tapping into the energy of bold love, downloading the wisdom that provides clarity and focus, and developing the muscle of bravery to face life's challenges. This shift towards Heart-based living is becoming increasingly important as the world's energy undergoes a significant transformation, ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Audiobook

    Lifting Waits

    A Collection of Poems

    Narrated by Addison Peacock ...


    46 min

    … A girl dressed in blue stands on a cliff. Her gown curdles round the swirling winds. Her tears fall like raindrops in a storm. Clouds lift her from rocky shores and cradle her wounded soul ... — Patricia M. Robertson Patricia Robertson believes in sharing both the dark and light aspects of her existence as she spiritually transforms and experiences the world and all it has to offer. In her first ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD