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  • 30 person found this review helpful

    30 people found this review helpful

    30 of 38 people found this review helpful

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    Wings of Night

    Oh no! Starflight the NightWing dragonet is trapped in the Night Kingdom! What will he do? As it turns out, a lot! He will: •Meet an amazing female NightWing named Fatespeaker who helps him escape •Meet his father • Learn the NightWings biggest secret of all...
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    10 people found this review helpful

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    ¡Spoiler Alert!

    »DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ BOOK 1 AND 2 OF THE SECOND ARC AT LEAST« So I just realized--if it weren't for the Talons of Peace, Starflight would have amazing prophetic and Mindreading abilities. HE WAS BORN ON THE BRIGHTEST NIGHT, UNDER THREE MOONS! The Talons decided to throw them into an underground cave, ruining everyone's lives. I mean, there was no ocean for Tsunami, no mud for Clay, no sun or sun time for Glory, no sand or sun for Sunny, and no moons for Starflight. Just imagine how much better everyone's lives would be if Kestrel, Dune and Webs had found a small random island to hatch the dragonets on so that Glory and Tsunami weren't so cranky, Sunny had no reason to prove to anyone that she wasn't hopeless, Clay's fireproof scales came to full power, and Starflight hatched under the moons, manifesting his mindreading and prophetic powers. Instead they were all dumb
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    8 people found this review helpful

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    Story (Part Two)

    (This is continuation of my own story. See Assasian Winglets Two for Part One.) It was weird to take off with only three legs. "Need help?" Fossil's voice startled her. "Uhh... yeah...? I guess?" Fossil chuckled. He lifted her by her shoulders wth a grunt of effort. "Huh. Wow. You are heavy." Belladonna laughed. "When Sorrel found me, she said I was as plump as a coconut!" Fossil had a confused look. "What?" He asked. "Um. Nothing. Hey, does Queen Amber has any heirs?" She said, changing the subject. Fossil nodded as they flew. "Yes. Dawn is her youngest daughter." He flicked his tail at the small SandWing. "She has another daughter. Rose." Fossil hesitated, then said, "She's gone missing." Belladonna gasped. "How?" Fossil shrugged. "Nobody knows. She just one night... dissapered. No way she could have left." Belladonna grumbled in agreement. Why would she have dissapered? "And a sister, Pumpkin." Fossil added. He sighed, shaking his head. "My wife..." Oh. She suddenly realized, blushing. He's married. "Err... she was found dead two days after Rose was reported missing." He covered his talons over his eyes, shaking his head. Belladonna glanced suspisiosly at Dawn. She looked back, waving a talon in greeting. What are you up to now? Chapter 3 Finally, they reached the sandstone dome. It was probably as big as five elephants standing up. Sorrel looked at it in disgust. This was the place to get a job interveiw. "Um. Your Majesty, is this it?" Sorrel asked. Queen Amber nodded, back to her cheerful mood. "I designed it myself. Do you like it?" Sorrel didn't look at her, but answered with a slow and doubtful nod. As soon as the door opened, Belladonna was oddly suprised with even more disgust. They were greeted with a long cactus green rug. It continued and lead to two benches back-to-back or whatever you call it. On the corners of the benches were lined with stemless pink roses, gathered in baskets. Each bench was facing a desk about two meters away. A dragon was at each desk. She then noticed two stone statue dragons. "What is that?" Belladonna limped toward the statues. Fossil followed her. "They represent our lost heirs, Rose and Pumpkin." He respectfully and awkwardly dipped his head. The statues were in a sitting position on cubes that read about how they were lost and who they are. A white flower crown were laid on their heads. "Oh." She gave a glance at a ladder leading downward. "Where does that go?" She pointed a talon at it. "Well, that are where interveiws are held," He answered. Belladonna slowly nodded. Movement caught her eyes. She turned toward the statues. She noticed a small piece of stone chipped off one of Rose's talons. Was that there before? "This way," Amber beckoned Sorrel to the ladder. Sorrel peered inside. She sighed, climbing down the ladder. Queen Amber followed, cheerfully. Belladonna suddenly felt suspisious for her. She looked at the statues for a while. An hour passed by. She could still hear faint chattering of Amber and Sorrel. "What's taking so long?" Finally, she asked. Fossil frowned at her. "She's careful about her choices." Belladonna felt bored. "Can there at least be scrolls here to read?" Fossil looked thoughtfully at the oil lamp globe, then at her. "Ooh, good suggestion." He smiled. "Well, no. But we can just get to know each other." He patted Dawn's head. "You in?" The dragonet shook her head. Then she said, "I have a game. Much better then talking." She rolled her eyes. Fossil frowned at her. "Here's how it works," She explained, her tail wrapped around her neatly. "We pick a topic. Say... flowers. We start off by saying a flower type. Pretend I say... 'Violet.' Then the next turn, for Belladonna. She picks the last letter of the word. 'T'. So she finds a flower name that starts with 'T'. Then so on." Dawn glanced at her. "Um." She said. "Tulip." She blurted after an eternity. Dawn nodded. "P...Pink tulip?" Fossil giggled. Fossil thought for a moment then said, "Primrose." "Eggplant." "Trillium." "Marigold." "Dill." "Lilac." "Cattail." "Lily." "Um..." Belladonna rolled her eyes. "Fine. Yeh got me." Fossil giggled again. Belladonna looked nervously at the ladder. "Well, that takes a while." No response. She looked around for the dragons she was just with. "Guys?" Chapter 4 All she could hear was wind passing by. The scatter of sand, bouncing one an other. Nobody was here. Where did they go? Where did she go? "Um. Something-donna?" A soft humming voice startled her. She jumped, looking at the Rose statue. "GAKK! YER ALIVE!" Belladonna gasped. The Rose statue was off its cube, nervously touching the chipped stone talon. "How did you- did you really- I am- it's Belladonna-" Rose was alive. Somehow a statue. And she was really alive. She was holding a small blue saphirre. Belladonna gasped. It was a Dreamvisitor. (Continues in Book 8)
  • 7 person found this review helpful

    7 people found this review helpful

    7 of 10 people found this review helpful

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    A book from Starflight's perspective

    Find the location of the NightWings home, a volcano island. Starflight wonders how anyone could live here. He never sees the queen but only sees the princess. How lonely but odd that he cannot meet the unseen queen, but he can meet his father. And he makes a friend, Fatespeaker, who like him does not have NightWing powers.
  • 4 person found this review helpful

    4 people found this review helpful

    4 of 6 people found this review helpful

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    This book is one of my faverites books [for now...] i coudnt take my eyes out of it!!! I wanted to know what woud happen to Starflite and Destiny after!!!Fantastic book u should soooo read it!!!!!!

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