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17th Century

If you like 17th Century eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • The Black Friar

    The Seeker 2

    by S.G. MacLean

    series The Seeker #2
    Rebellion in the city, and a Royalist spy in his own ranks - Damian Seeker, Captain of Oliver Cromwell's guard, must eradicate both if the fragile Republic is not to fail.'MacLean skilfully weaves together the disparate threads of her plot to create a gripping tale of crime and sedition in an unsettled city' Sunday Times**'MacLean's light touch portrait of a hard man with a softer core is what ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Seeker

    A prizewinning historical thriller set in Cromwell's London

    by S.G. MacLean

    series The Seeker #1
    A bloody murder. An open and shut case? In Oliver Cromwell's London, nothing is as it seems - Captain Damian Seeker must battle to find justice, when an innocent man's life hangs in the balance.'Challenges CJ Sansom for dominion of historical crime' Sunday Times'The best historical crime novel of the year' Sunday ExpressLondon, 1654. Oliver Cromwell is at the height of his power and has declared ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The British Empire

    by Stephen W. Sears

    In 1815, the British controlled the seas. Before the end of the nineteenth century, they ruled Australia, India, New Zealand, half of Africa, half of North America, and islands all around the globe. Theirs was the most powerful empire the world has ever known. Here is the story of how the English acquired their vast domain; how they ruled, maintained, and exploited it; and how, within decades, ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Oliver Cromwell

    by John Buchan

    ‘Every student of the seventeenth century in England must desire sooner or later to have his say about its greatest figure.  So says John Buchan in the preface to this magnificent biography, in which he sets out to reshape the way the soldier and statesman is perceived.  Born in 1599, Cromwell was a devout Puritan who, when the civil war broke out, quickly joined the Parliamentary forces.  He ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Batavia's Graveyard

    by Mike Dash

    The true story of the mad heretic who led history's bloodiest mutiny - 'An adult version of LORD OF THE FLIES that is, moreover, entirely true' Evening StandardWhen the Dutch East Indiaman Batavia struck an uncharted reef off the new continent of Australia on her maiden voyage in 1629, 332 men, women and children were on board. While some headed off in a lifeboat to seek help, 250 of the survivors ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • The Sun King

    by Nancy Mitford and 1 more

    This gossipy account of Louis XIV is a clear and fascinating historical biography from Nancy Mitford.WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY STELLA TILLYARDDuring his reign Louis XIV was the most powerful king in Europe. He presided over a golden age of military and artistic achievement in France, and deployed his charm and talents for spin and intrigue to hold his court and country within his absolute control. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Story of Britain

    by Benjamin Stanford

    Here is the dramatic story of Great Britain in the sixteen turning points that over the centuries shaped the country's destiny: from the Magna Carta, the crude bill of rights that became the "irrepealable fundamental statue" of England law, to the Hundred Years War, which saw the power and prestige of France repeatedly humbled and the European standing of England greatly enhanced; from victories ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Europe's Tragedy

    A New History of the Thirty Years War

    by Peter H. Wilson

    The horrific series of conflicts known as the Thirty Years War (1618-48) tore the heart out of Europe, killing perhaps a quarter of all Germans and laying waste to whole areas of Central Europe to such a degree that many towns and regions never recovered. All the major European powers apart from Russia were heavily involved and, while each country started out with rational war aims, the fighting ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Glencoe

    The Infamous Massacre, 1692

    by John Sadler

    A startling new history of the Campbell massacre of the McDonald Clan, one the most emotive episodes in Scottish history. In the early hours of 13 February 1692, English Redcoats under the command of Campbell of Glenlyon, who for the past week had been peacefully quartered on the inhabitants of Glencoe, fell upon their MacDonald hosts. In the ensuing hours 38 defenceless men, women, and children ... Read more

    $15.83 AUD

  • The Six Wives Of Henry VIII

    by Lady Antonia Fraser

    Antonia Fraser's bestselling biography of Henry VIII's six wives; a subject of enduring fascination.The six wives of Henry VIII - Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr - have become defined in a popular sense not so much by their lives as by the way these lives ended.But, as Antonia Fraser conclusively proves, they were rich and feisty ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Time Traveller's Guide to Restoration Britain

    Life in the Age of Samuel Pepys, Isaac Newton and The Great Fire of London

    by Ian Mortimer

    The past is a foreign country: this is your guidebook.If you could travel back in time, the period from 1660 to 1700 would make one of the most exciting destinations in history. It is the age of Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London; bawdy comedy and the libertine court of Charles II — the civil wars are over and a magnificent new era has begun.But what would it really be like to live in ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Netherlands: A History

    by Derek B. Lange

    Here, in this stirring, vivid book, historian Derek B. Lange uses The Hague as the focal point for a sweeping, panoramic history of the Netherlands. One seventeenth-century visitor called The Hague "the mightiest village in Europe" - an epithet that could still be used today to describe this seat of Dutch government and home to its royal family. That same visitor also called it one of the most ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Charles I's Executioners

    Civil War, Regicide and the Republic

    by James Hobson

    On an icy winter’s day in January 1649, a unique event in English history took place on a scaffold outside of Whitehall: Charles I, King of England, was executed. The king had been held to account and the Divine Right of Kings disregarded. Regicide, a once-unfathomable act, formed the basis of the Commonwealth’s new dawn.The killers of the king were soldiers, lawyers, Puritans, Republicans and ... Read more

    $11.87 AUD

  • The English Civil War At First Hand

    by Tristram Hunt

    Almost a quarter of a million lives were lost as King and Parliament battled for their religious and political ideals in the English Civil War. England was divided between Cavaliers and Roundheads engaged in bitter struggles from Preston to Lostwithiel, Pembroke to York. Armies were on the march, villages were decimated and great dynasties destroyed: fathers and sons, uncles and cousins were ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • A Hangman's Diary

    The Journal of Master Franz Schmidt, Public Executioner of Nuremberg, 1573?1617

    by Franz Schmidt

    From 1573 to 1617, Master Franz Schmidt was the executioner for the towns of Bamberg and Nuremberg. During that span, he personally executed more than 350 people while keeping a journal throughout his career.A Hangman’s Diary is not only a collection of detailed writings by Schmidt about his work, but also an account of criminal procedure in Germany during the Middle Ages. With analysis and ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Daughters of the Winter Queen

    Four Remarkable Sisters, the Crown of Bohemia and the Enduring Legacy of Mary, Queen of Scots

    by Nancy Goldstone

    'What a compelling read! Nancy Goldstone has brought to life the four female Stuarts in all their tragic glory' Amanda ForemanValentine's Day, 1613. Elizabeth Stuart, the sixteen-year-old granddaughter of Mary, Queen of Scots, marries Frederick V, a German count and ally of her father, James I of England. In just five years a terrible betrayal will ruin 'the Winter Queen', as Elizabeth will ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Killers of the King

    The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I

    by Charles Spencer

    January, 1649. After seven years of fighting in the bloodiest war in Britain's history, Parliament had overpowered King Charles I and now faced a problem: what to do with a defeated king, a king who refused to surrender?Parliamentarians resolved to do the unthinkable, to disregard the Divine Right of Kings and hold Charles I to account for the appalling suffering and slaughter endured by his ... Read more

    $13.63 AUD

  • Providence Lost

    The Rise and Fall of Cromwell's Protectorate

    by Paul Lay

    'A compelling and wry narrative of one of the most intellectually thrilling eras of British history' Guardian.*****************SHORTLISTED FOR THE CUNDILL HISTORY PRIZE 2020England, 1651. Oliver Cromwell has defeated his royalist opponents in two civil wars, executed the Stuart king Charles I, laid waste to Ireland, and crushed the late king's son and his Scottish allies. He is master of Britain ... Read more

    $9.56 AUD

  • Dead Famous

    An Unexpected History of Celebrity from Bronze Age to Silver Screen

    by Greg Jenner

    During these extraordinary times Greg Jenner is able to sign you a personalised bookplate for your hardback. Please email with the name you would like the book dedicated to and the postal address.'Fizzes with clever vignettes and juicy tidbits... [a] joyous romp of a book.' Guardian'A magical mystery tour through the history of celebrity - eye opening, provocative, triumphant.' ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • The Story of France

    by Benjamin Stanford

    Here is the dramatic story of France in fifteen events, the key turning points that over the course of centuries shaped the country's destiny: from the rise of Joan of Arc to the Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve, from the reigns of the Bourbon kings to the bloody days of the French Revolution, and from the victory of Napoleon Bonaparte to Charles de Gaulle's return to power. ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Pepyss London: Everyday Life in London 1650-1703

    Everyday Life in London 1650-1703

    by Stephen Porter

    Samuel Pepyss London was a turbulent, boisterous city, enduring the strains caused by foreign wars, the Great Plague and the Great Fire, yet growing and prospering. The Restoration in 1660 brought the reopening of the theatres, with women appearing on the stage for the first time, and the period saw the development of English opera and the first public concerts. Pepys lived through a time of ... Read more

    $14.07 AUD

  • Margaret the First

    by Danielle Dutton

    ‘I am as Ambitious as ever any of my Sex was, is, or can be; though I cannot be Henry the Fifth*, or* Charles the Second*, yet I endeavour to be* Margaret the First*.’*When Margaret Cavendish addressed the Royal Society in 1667, Samuel Pepys recorded that her dress was ‘so antic and her deportment so unordinary, that I do not like her at all’. And indeed, here vividly brought to life by Danielle ... Read more

    $25.51 AUD

  • Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom

    China, The West and the Epic Story of the Taiping Civil War

    by Stephen R. Platt

    In the early 1850s, during the waning years of the Qing dynasty, word spread of a major revolution brewing in the provinces. The leader of the this movement - who called themselves the Taiping - was Hong Xiuquan, a failed civil servant who claimed to be the son of God and the brother of Jesus Christ. As the revolt grew and battles raged across the empire, all signs pointed to a Taiping victory and ... Read more

    $12.64 AUD

  • A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Irish History

    Fascinating Snippets of Irish History from the Ice Age to the Peace Process

    by Jonathan Bardon

    **THE ONLY BOOK ON IRISH HISTORY YOU’LL EVER NEED!From invasions to rebellions, heroic martyrs to pragmatic politicians, industrial development to mass emigration, A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes by renowned Irish historian Jonathan Bardon will take you on a sweeping journey through Irish history, getting behind the historical headlines to reveal the lived experience of Irish people.**Written ... Read more

    $8.46 AUD