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Acoustics & Sound eBooks

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  • Illegal Harmonies

    Music in the Modern Age

    by Andrew Ford ...
    Listen. What do you hear?We are surrounded by sounds all the time, but we tend not to hear them; our brains are very good at editing what our ears pick up. If we stop for a moment to listen, there they are: the ticking clock, traffic noise, fragments of conversation, a passing plane. These are examples of what the American composer John Cage called “illegal harmony”.In response to the noisiest ... Read more

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  • Discord:The Story of Noise

    The Story of Noise

    Noise is a widely recognized problem and health concern in the modern world. Given the importance of managing noise levels and developing suitable 'soundscapes' in contexts such as industry, schools, or public spaces, this is an area of active research for acousticians. But noise, in the sense of dissonance, can also be used positively; composers have employed it from Baroque music to Rock ... Read more

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  • Water Crystal Healing

    Music and Images to Restore Your Well-Being

    by Masaru Emoto ...
    For centuries, people have turned to classical music for its calming and relaxing effects. Internationally acclaimed water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto has discovered why certain music has healing benefits: Music with the appropriate rhythm, tempo, tone, and melody can correct distorted frequencies within our cells, assisting our health and healing.Here, you can enjoy Dr. Emoto's captivating water ... Read more

    $22.99 AUD

  • Distillation Control, Optimization, and Tuning

    Fundamentals and Strategies

    by Lanny Robbins ...
    With a focus on the fundamentals and strategies of distillation columns, this book covers the process variables for continuous distillation columns, as well as four basic control strategies and the typical cases in which they are used. The author defines the inlet and outlet streams and process variables for a distillation column and then explains the overall concept of the separation and ... Read more


  • Total Harmonic

    The Healing Power of Nature's Elements

    Pythagoras, Plato and Ptolemy introduced the concepts of harmonics to the western world some 2000 years ago. Here Dr. Adams, a naturalist, herbalist, and health educator, combines the latest research into the natural world with centuries of scientific exploration and ancient wisdom to illuminate and validate these concepts. This insightful journey into the mysteries and rhythms of nature unveils ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • AUDINT#Unsound:Undead

    series Urbanomic / Art Editions
    Tracing the the potential of sound, infrasound, and ultrasound to access anomalous zones of transmission between the realms of the living and the dead.For as long as recording and communications technologies have existed, operators have evoked the potential of sound, infrasound, and ultrasound to access anomalous zones of transmission between the realms of the living and the dead. In Unsound ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • RA The Book Vol 3

    The Recording Architecture Book of Studio Design

    by Roger D'Arcy ...
    Book 3 - RA The Book
    Volumes 1 and 2 of this three part series focus on private, in house and commercial recording studios, mastering and cutting rooms and Recording Architecture's built output from 1987 to 2002 with technical chapters covering work stages A to H (including details of sound isolation, acoustic treatment, electrical power and ventilation/air conditioning). This third and final volume concentrates on ... Read more

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  • Vibration and Structural Acoustics Analysis

    Current Research and Related Technologies

    Vibration and structural acoustics analysis has become an essential requirement for high-quality structural and mechanical design in order to assure acoustic comfort and the integrity, reliability and fail-safe behavior of structures and machines.The underlying technologies of this field of multidisciplinary research are evolving very fast and their dissemination is usually scattered over ... Read more

    $188.99 AUD

  • Sound Waves Vs Sound Rays And How They Apply To Room Acoustics

    by Dennis Foley ...
    Sounds are made of waves and rays. Those are the two basic kinds of energy we’re dealing with. Long waves, short rays and we need to really understand those two types of energies before we go any further with acoustics.Nikola Tesla was a great physicist. He thought about things in terms of waves and energy. He said that if you want to find the secrets of the universe you should think in terms of ... Read more

    $6.18 AUD

  • Sound: A Very Short Introduction

    series Very Short Introductions
    Sound is integral to how we experience the world, in the form of noise as well as music. But what is sound? What is the physical basis of pitch and harmony? And how are sound waves exploited in musical instruments? In this Very Short Introduction Mike Goldsmith looks at the science of sound and explores sound in different contexts, covering the audible and inaudible, sound underground and ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • 發聲什麼事?


    by 魏世芬 ...
    Book 167 - 綠蠹魚YLE
    你的過去和未來,都藏在聲音裡!跟著「聲心修繕師」魏世芬老師,一起解鎖你未曾發現的潛能★ 特別收錄示範音檔及影片QR Code,在練習的路上,有著溫暖的陪伴 ★告訴別人「你是誰」和找回「我是誰」的關鍵,就掌握在你的聲音裡!你是否曾經一聽到某個人開口講話,就下意識感到厭惡,不想深交?或是一聽見聲音,就覺得對方好值得信賴,想進一步認識?這些都是我們的生物本能,透過聽覺去判斷一個人,因為,聲音裡傳達了太多的訊息。你可能覺得自己又不是公眾人物,會說話就好,有必要對聲音的使用有更深一層的了解嗎?其實不管是在職場或日常生活中,每一個角色所使用的聲音線條、用氣、聲調都不盡相同。面對不同的對象時,我們就在扮演不同的角色,想讓每個角色都事半功倍,掌握自己的聲音絕對比用字遣詞更加關鍵。同時,每個人的聲音裡,或多或少都藏著看不見的傷。為什麼聲音微弱含糊、容易啞、或是氣短,甚至講話沒人要聽,往往都與你的內在... ... Read more

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  • Step By Step Mixing

    How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins

    Learn a Proven Step By Step Mixing Process That's Helped Thousands of Musicians Like Yourself Make Amazing Mixes in Their Home Studio, Using Only EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, and Saturation"This is the NO BS guide to taking your mixes to the next level! Björgvin has been teaching and writing about recording for a decade, and really understands that stuff that we all struggle with in the home ... Read more

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  • Volume Control

    Hearing in a Deafening World

    by David Owen ...
    The surprising science of hearing and the remarkable technologies that can help us hear betterOur sense of hearing makes it easy to connect with the world and the people around us. The human system for processing sound is a biological marvel, an intricate assembly of delicate membranes, bones, receptor cells, and neurons. Yet many people take their ears for granted, abusing them with loud ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Bad Singer

    The Surprising Science of Tone Deafness and How We Hear Music

    by Tim Falconer ...
    In the tradition of Daniel Levitin’s This Is Your Brain on Music and Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia, Bad Singer follows the delightful journey of Tim Falconer as he tries to overcome tone deafness — and along the way discovers what we’re really hearing when we listen to music.Tim Falconer, a self-confessed “bad singer,” always wanted to make music, but soon after he starts singing lessons, he ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • Production et propagation des sons

    Les Grands Articles d'Universalis

    La notion de son n'est pas attachée uniquement aux phénomènes aériens responsables de la sensation auditive, mais aussi à tous les autres phénomènes qui sont gouvernés par des principes physiques analogues. C'est ainsi que les perturbations trop «graves» (infrasons) ou trop «aiguës» (ultrasons) ... ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Il libro per i musicisti fai da te

    Consigli tecnici e Aneddoti sul Mondo della Musica.

    Guida diretta e spigliata, di facile lettura, rivolta a band e musicisti che vogliono portare avanti i propri obiettivi musicali. Raccoglie consigli tecnici per chi è alle prime armi, per chi vuole andare in studio a registrare o in tour con altre band. L'autore ha suonato sui palchi di Europa e Russia, collaborando con artisti internazionali. È poi passato a sua volta dietro alla console, ... Read more

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  • Il Benessere Acustico

    Idee e Consigli Utili Per Insonorizzare e Risolvere Definitivamente I Problemi Di Rumore

    Ti sei mai chiesto quanto può essere invasivo, fastidioso e penetrante un rumore protratto nel tempo? La sensazione che si prova è un misto di rabbia, amarezza e malessere. Pensa che qualche volta sembra di sentirlo anche quando non c’è e la cosa peggiore è che non si riesce ad averne il controllo. Magari non ci hai mai pensato prima, ma questa esposizione continua danneggia l’equilibrio degli ... Read more

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  • Illusions auditives

    Les Grands Articles d'Universalis

    Partez à la découverte des illusions auditives avec ce Grand Article Universalis !Les illusions auditives n'ont été soumises que relativement récemment à l'étude en laboratoire, alors que les illusions visuelles, mieux connues, font depuis longtemps l'objet de spéculations scientifiques ; en fait, quelques-unes des illusions auditives les plus frappantes ont été démontrées da...Un ouvrage ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want

    A Book About Noise

    by Garret Keizer ...
    Noise is usually defined as unwanted sound: loud music from a neighbor, the honk of a taxicab, the roar of a supersonic jet. But as Garret Keizer illustrates in this probing examination, noise is as much about what we want as about what we seek to avoid. It has been a byproduct of human striving since ancient times even as it has become a significant cause of disease in our own. At heart, noise ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Organ-Stops and Their Artistic Registration

    series Dover Books On Music: Instruments
    This 1921 classic by a renowned organ builder provides organists and all those interested in the instrument with a guide to its numerous stops, among them bassoon, bass tuba, cymbal, double trumpet, oboe, piccolo, viola da gamba, and xylophone. The text supplies various names of each stop in different languages, traces their origins, and describes their construction, tonal characteristics, and ... Read more

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  • Sahara's Song

    series DNA Series
    An ancient weapon has been found and reconstructed. It's already destroyed one civilization. Will ours be next?Sarah Raine is in over her head. She's been seduced into joining an experimental program that combines the hidden power of the mind with the power of sound. Helping plants grow with this new discovery is one thing, but by the time she realizes the destruction she’s helping to create, it’s ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD

  • Altreconomia 180, marzo 2016

    Cina, ritorno al futuro

    by AA. VV. ...
    Altreconomia è tutta nuova: con il numero di marzo 2016, il mensile d’informazione indipendente cambia veste. Nel formato, nella grafica, nel numero di pagine (cresciuto fino a 76), nelle rubriche (con cinque autorevoli nuovi editorialisti) ma non nella qualità dei contenuti e del lavoro giornalistico. Un giornale ampio e contemporaneamente più pulito e chiaro, suddiviso in tre sezioni: primo, ... Read more

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  • 提琴與二胡的科學與傳說

    by 丁致良 ...
    提琴是世界的樂器,二胡只有華人圈有,因此提琴的研究較多。但是從提琴的研究中我們也可推知很多二胡的科學。這就是科學研究;透過歸納後的結論可以進行推廣。本書借由提琴的科學研究成果來討論二胡的科學駁斥荒謬的傳說。 ... Read more

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    Theory of Evolution, is greater than or equal to Historical Materialism?

    by Ciprian Pater ...
    Eco/logical R/evolution, is the story of mankind, told with words of a great subjective odyssey, the never-ending quest; for objective truths and collective Eudaimonia. The author raises the issues; of political weakness and widespread confusion, about logical analytical errors, which we find in Old Marxist Ideology. A conscious effort is thus made, to expel the mental subjugation of Platonic ... Read more

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