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  • Tutankhamen: and the discovery of his tomb by the late Earl of Carnarvon and Mr. Howard Carter (1923)

    by Sir Grafton Elliot Smith

    Never before in the history of archaeological inquiry has any event excited such immediate and world-wide interest as Mr Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb in November 1922. Very little is known as yet of the king himself, but twelve months hence no doubt his mummy will give up its secrets and perhaps the story of his life will be revealed. But at the moment he is supposed to have ... Read more

    $3.06 AUD

  • Interesting Facts About The Ancient African Art - Art History for Kids | Children's Art Books

    by Baby Professor

    Ancient African art is history, culture and tradition fused into one. Studying art will provide a glimpse into the culture and belief systems of a civilization. It also tells a lot about tradition. Yes, there’s more to art than meets the eye. Use this history book to learn more about art. Go ahead and grab a copy of this book today! ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • There’s No Mystery Like No History

    by A. Elizabeth

    Who are we? Here in America, we have been called Negro, Colored, Black, African-American, and now POC (People of Color). But these are not nations, or peoples, or Cultures, or Countries. These are names of colors and they change throughout the decades. But Who Are We As a People? Where do we originate from, and what is our ancient history. Six students are challenged to answer these questions when ... Read more


  • Digital Cities

    Between History and Archaeology

    by Maurizio Forte and 1 more

    The onset of digital archaeology and its subsequent remarkable development has had a crucial impact on the study of cultural heritage. Presently, researchers are able to manipulate and reinvent digital and historical data; the study of the city stands out in this context. Cities are microcosms, often reflecting the changing structure of societies over time. A vast array of digital tools (laser ... Read more

    $53.89 AUD

  • Mobilität und Migration in der Frühen Neuzeit

    by Prof. Dr. Márta Fata

    series Einführungen in die Geschichtswissenschaft. Frühe Neuzeit #1
    Wie lerne ich historisch zu arbeiten? Fakten, Fakten, Fakten!? Ganz sicher nicht nur. Geschichte zu verstehen bedeutet vor allem, historische Ereignisse analysieren, einordnen und bewerten zu können. Das Buch gibt anhand der Migrationsgeschichte Mitteleuropas zwischen 1500 und 1800 eine Einführung in die Arbeitsweisen, die Methodik und die Denkweisen der Geschichtswissenschaft. ... Read more

    $27.82 AUD

  • Mapping Modernisms

    Art, Indigeneity, Colonialism

    by Elizabeth Harney and 1 more

    series Objects/Histories
    Mapping Modernisms brings together scholars working around the world to address the modern arts produced by indigenous and colonized artists. Expanding the contours of modernity and its visual products, the contributors illustrate how these artists engaged with ideas of Primitivism through visual forms and philosophical ideas. Although often overlooked in the literature on global modernisms, ... Read more

    $38.05 AUD

  • Claude Monet

    by Felix Krämer

    series Beck'sche Reihe #2517
    Claude Monet (1840 – 1926), der als Begründer des Impressionismus gilt, ist einer der beliebtesten Maler des 20. Jahrhunderts. Felix Kramer stellt Monet als Wegbereiter der Moderne, als ersten "Gegenwartskünstler" vor. Dabei vermittelt er die besondere Faszination seiner Gemälde, in denen das Momenthafte virtuos und zugleich mit ungeheurer Leichtigkeit festgehalten wird. Dieser Band bietet einen ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Of Toxic Love And Growth

    by RB Gono

    Amidst the chaos of life and relationships, there comes a point in life to reflect on the lessons we've learnt and how we can move on from the relationships that hurt us. This book speaks on the process of allowing ourselves to heal, helping us reflect on those circumstances and grow from our experiences ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Representing the Black Female Subject in Western Art

    by Charmaine A. Nelson

    series Routledge Studies on African and Black Diaspora
    This book offers the first concentrated examination of the representation of the black female subject in Western art through the lenses of race/color and sex/gender. Charmaine A. Nelson poses critical questions about the contexts of production, the problems of representation, the pathways of circulation and the consequences of consumption. She analyzes not only how, where, why and by whom black ... Read more

    $76.77 AUD

  • Efemena

    by GIFT FORAINE AMUKOYO and 1 more

    Aruegodore y su familia estaban en la aldea para el entierro de su difunto padre. Siendo el Okpako entre los hijos de su padre, Aruegodore fue informado de que Pa Onoharhese había abandonado el fantasma; murió como el hombre más viejo de toda la comunidad de Elume. Era una abominación para cualquiera oír hablar de su muerte antes de su primogénito. Aruegodore debe ser el primero en saber y dar su ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Being Average: Soliloquies on the First Principles of Personal Failure and Inefficiency.

    by Khuzwayo Tembo

    Soliloquies on the First Principles of Personal Failure and Inefficiency. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Guinea

    Masks, Music and Minerals

    by Bram Posthumus

    Guinea is rich, both materially and culturally, with the world's largest bauxite reserves, gold, diamonds and iron ore. It abounds in culture and traditions and has a remarkable, if often turbulent, history. Guinea is also exceptional in that it was the first French colony proudly to declare its independence, in 1958. Thereafter, the country suffered under the tyranny of Sekou Toure. Today, headed ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD

  • Hija e nemit

    by E.L. Bono

    “Kjo histori është absolutisht një bombë!”“Tensionuese dhe lidhëse nga faqja e parë deri te e fundit.”“Lexohet rrjedhshëm, njeriu harron të shikojë orën.”E dini ju, që shkenca gjatë viteve të fundit, pas shumë përpjekjesh, arriti të provojë, që njeriu nëpërmjet mendimeve të tij mund të ndryshojë kodin e tij gjenetik dhe atë të njerëzve të tjerë, deri në aktivizimin e gjenit të vdekjes?Kur në ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Leonardo

    Der Mann, der alles wissen wollte

    by Bernd Roeck

    Maler, Architekt, Forscher, Erfinder, Literat und Gelehrter: Niemand hat das Ideal der Renaissance vom "uomo universale", vom universalen Menschen, glänzender verkörpert als Leonardo da Vinci. In seiner mitreißend geschriebenen Biographie folgt Bernd Roeck Leonardo durch das Italien der Renaissance und durch den geistigen Kosmos dieser Epoche, dessen Grenzen er immer wieder durchbrach.Leonardo war ... Read more

    $36.99 AUD

  • Otto Dix

    by Uwe M. Schneede

    series Beck'sche Reihe #2522
    Otto Dix (1891 - 1969) ist einer der großen deutschen Künstler des 20. Jahrhunderts, bekannt vor allem durch sein eindringliches Werk zum Ersten Weltkrieg und die schonungslosen Porträts. Als skeptischer, unnachsichtiger Beobachter mit Hang zur grotesken Überzeichnung begleitete er seine Zeit.Uwe M. Schneede verfolgt in diesem konzisen Überblick die Veränderungen der Themen und der Stile von der ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Persons of Courage and Renown

    Tuareg Actors, Acting, Plays, and Cultural Memory in Northern Mali

    by Susan Rasmussen

    Persons of Courage and Renown is a theoretically engaged ethnography by a social/cultural anthropologist that explores issues of culture, memory, creativity, and power by analyzing beloved, yet vulnerable, actors, acting, and play performances in Tamajaq-speaking, predominantly Muslim, traditionally stratified, and semi-nomadic Tuareg communities in northern Mali. The town and region of Kidal are ... Read more

    $124.73 AUD

  • Die frühchristliche und byzantinische Kunst

    by Johannes G. Deckers

    series Beck'sche Reihe #2553
    Das Christentum begann als eine bilderlose Religion und folgte zunächst dem Bilderverbot, das es mit dem Judentum und dem Islam teilt. Wie und warum sich ab dem 3. Jahrhundert dennoch eine christliche Kunst ausbildete und wie die beiden wichtigsten Bilder der Christenheit, das Bild Christi und das der Muttergottes, ihren Aufstieg nahmen, führt dieser Band kenntnisreich vor Augen. Ebenso erläutert ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • New African Cinema

    by Valérie K. Orlando

    series Quick Takes: Movies and Popular Culture
    New African Cinema examines the pressing social, cultural, economic, and historical issues explored by African filmmakers from the early post-colonial years into the new millennium. Offering an overview of the development of postcolonial African cinema since the 1960s, Valérie K. Orlando highlights the variations in content and themes that reflect the socio-cultural and political environments of ... Read more

    $22.10 AUD

  • African Cultural Production and the Rhetoric of Humanism

    by Lifongo J. Vetinde and 11 more

    A broad range of cultural works produced in traditional and modern African communities shows a fundamental preoccupation with the concepts of communal solidarity and hospitality in societies driven by humanistic ideals. African Cultural Production and the Rhetoric of Humanism is an inaugural attempt to focus exclusively and extensively on the question of humanism in African art and culture.This ... Read more

    $118.79 AUD

  • Fictions et frictions culturelles

    Art et patrimoine en action

    by Jean-Philippe Garric and 1 more

    series Création, Arts et Patrimoines
    Fluctuante et protéiforme, la culture peut être source de conflit autant que d’identification, riche de ses influences ou bien porteuse d’une mémoire difficile à révéler. Ce volume, au travers de huit textes pluridisciplinaires, porte un regard sur cet espace de jonction et d’articulation entre art et patrimoine qui compose la culture. Les croisements ne se font jamais sans heurts ni frictions ; ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Vincent van Gogh

    by Uwe M. Schneede

    series Beck'sche Reihe #2310
    Mehr denn je zählt der Maler Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890) zu den wichtigsten Begründern der Moderne. Dieser Band schildert den dramatischen Lebensweg und den exzentrischen Werdegang des frühvollendeten Künstlers, erläutert die gesellschaftlichen Bedingungen und künstlerischen Voraussetzungen seiner heute noch packenden Bilderfindungen, untersucht die bestürzenden Neuerungen seiner Bildsprache - ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Words of Wisdom

    by Joseph S. Nkole

    A thought in expressions of poetry. We want motivation, encouragement and inspiration at all times in all it's forms.A pat on the back and positive works come thereafter. It is the driving force of development. We praise in order to see others grow in goodness and glow in glory.This book has expressions of poems and proverbs to encourage somebody with a motive to positivity towards life. We all ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Africa's Bugged!

    by Ray Harris

    An entertaining account of the experiences of Author Ray's personal experiences with the insects of his home country, South Africa, together with incredibly detailed stippled drawings in black ink (and some using watercolours) of these amazing creatures.It is an unusual book in many ways, and a must have for the discerning reader and art lover!Africa Bugged is a sort of 'sequel' to Ray's book ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • Architecture, Islam, and Identity in West Africa

    Lessons from Larabanga

    by Michelle Apotsos

    Architecture, Islam, and Identity in West Africa shows you the relationship between architecture and Islamic identity in West Africa. The book looks broadly across Muslim West Africa and takes an in-depth study of the village of Larabanga, a small Muslim community in Northern Ghana, to help you see how the built environment encodes cultural history through form, material, and space, creating an ... Read more

    $83.92 AUD