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Arbitration, Negotiation, & Mediation

If you like Arbitration, Negotiation, & Mediation eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • The Charisma Myth

    How to Engage, Influence and Motivate People

    by Olivia Fox Cabane

    'Engaging, clear, and chock-full of wisdom, practical recommendations, and uncommonly good sense' Stephen Kosslyn, director, Center for Study of Behavioral Sciences at Stanford'Cabane has done us a big favor. She's woven solid science and engaging narrative into an instructive treatment of the role of charisma in leadership-a topic that (until now) we only poorly understood' Robert B. Cialdini, ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Getting More

    How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life

    by Stuart Diamond

    LEARN HOW TO GET MORE IN EVERY SITUATION FROM THE WORLD'S LEADING NEGOTIATORWe're always negotiating. Whether making a business deal, talking to friends or booking a holiday, negotiation is going on. And most of us are terrible at it.Wharton Business School Professor Stuart Diamond runs the most popular course at Wharton business school, he advises Google and the UN on how to make deals, and his ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Negotiating for Success: Essential Strategies and Skills

    by George Siedel

    We all negotiate on a daily basis. We negotiate with our spouses, children, parents, and friends. We negotiate when we rent an apartment, buy a car, purchase a house, and apply for a job. Your ability to negotiate might even be the most important factor in your career advancement.Negotiation is also the key to business success. No organization can survive without contracts that produce profits. At ... Read more

    $10.78 AUD

  • Negotiating with Giants

    Get what you want against the odds

    by Peter D. Johnston

    HOW DO YOU NEGOTIATE with Wal-Mart? With America’s President over going to war? A pay raise from an intimidating boss? More money for a struggling start-up? Sweeping social change? Your own survival when you’re taken hostage by an armed killer?In this award-winning bestseller, you will travel across time through riveting, real-life David & Goliath stories⎯uncovering the secrets and strategies of ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Practicing Narrative Mediation

    Loosening the Grip of Conflict

    by John Winslade and 1 more

    Practicing Narrative Mediation provides mediation practitioners with practical narrative approaches that can be applied to a wide variety of conflict resolution situations. Written by John Winslade and Gerald Monk—leaders in the narrative therapy movement—the book contains suggestions and illustrative examples for applying the proven narrative technique when working with restorative conferencing ... Read more

    $86.99 AUD

  • The Mediator's Toolkit

    Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes

    by Gerry O'Sullivan

    Learn how to formulate and ask penetrating, paradigm-shifting questions for successful outcomes in any conflict.Knowing how to formulate and ask incisive questions to get to the core of a conflict, challenge entrenched thinking, and shift perspectives are the main challenge for mediators and the key to successful conflict resolution.The Mediator's Toolkit employs the author's powerful "S Questions ... Read more

    $34.42 AUD

  • Negotiation Tactics, Techniques, And Strategies. Negotiation As A Conflicts And Disputes Resolution skill

    by Martin Salter

    When people have differences between them, they are best resolved through negotiation, which can help to settle the differences. This allows agreements to be reached through compromise, and this can be very helpful in avoiding disputes, and breakdown of relationships.This is applicable to all spheres of life, whether social, commercial or while conducting a business. Disagreements arise when there ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • The Art of Facilitation

    The Essentials for Leading Great Meetings and Creating Group Synergy

    by Dale Hunter

    World renowned facilitation, group and meetings dynamics guru explains how to run great meetings. Dr Dale Hunter's classic guide includes all the latest findings and research on facilitation. Written by an international expert, it's the go-to sourcebook for people involved in human resources, management, mediation, team leadership, performance management and individual and team coaching. If you're ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Changing the Conversation

    The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution

    by Dana Caspersen

    You can't change how other people act in a conflict, and often you can't change your situation. But you can change what you do.Changing the Conversation is a graphic, two-colour manual that teaches essential strategies for resolving conflict in your life. Breaking the process down into 17 easy-to-grasp principles, it shows how you can facilitate listening and speaking, build useful dialogue and ... Read more

    $12.42 AUD

  • The Big Book of Restorative Justice

    Four Classic Justice & Peacebuilding Books in One Volume

    by Howard Zehr and 3 more

    series Justice and Peacebuilding
    For the first time, the four most popular restorative justice books in the Justice & Peacebuilding series—The Little Book of Restorative Justice: Revised and Updated, The Little Book of Victim Offender Conferencing, The Little Book of Family Group Conferences, and The Little Book of Circle Processes—are available in one affordable volume.Restorative justice, with its emphasis on identifying the ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Substance and Procedure in Private International Law

    by Richard Garnett

    series Oxford Private International Law Series
    When the law of a foreign country is selected or pleaded by a claimant or defendant, a question arises as to whether the issue pertains to substance, in which case it may be resolved by foreign law, or procedure, in which case it will be governed by the law of forum. This book examines the distinction between substance and procedure questions in private international law, and analyses where and ... Read more

    $345.61 AUD

  • Australian Cartel Regulation

    Law, Policy and Practice in an International Context

    by Caron Beaton-Wells and 1 more

    Cartel regulation is a prime element of competition policy and an essential means of minimising the adverse effects of cartel activity on economic welfare. However, effective cartel regulation poses distinct challenges for governments, competition authorities and commentators across the globe. In Australian Cartel Regulation, leading competition law experts Caron Beaton-Wells and Brent Fisse ... Read more

    $155.20 AUD

  • How to Negotiate Anything

    The best negotiation book on training essentials, skills, techniques & style: Yes, become a business negotiation genius via this in-depth book on the art of negotiation

    by Neil Hoechlin

    The Secrets of Winning in NegotiationsThe purpose of this book is to teach you the many areas and aspects of the negotiation process. In so doing, you can acquire the necessary skills or tools, identity your strong and weaker areas and pinpoint and improve the problematic areas.This book will teach you about the game of negotiation, and to play to win, without stepping on other people. The goal is ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Principles of International Investment Law

    by Rudolf Dolzer and 1 more

    This book outlines the principles behind the international law of foreign investment. The main focus is on the law governed by bilateral and multilateral investment treaties. It traces the purpose, context, and evolution of the clauses and provisions characteristic of contemporary investment treaties, and analyses the case law, interpreting the issues raised by standard clauses. Particular ... Read more

    $107.90 AUD

  • The Psychology of Emotion in Restorative Practice

    How Affect Script Psychology Explains How and Why Restorative Practice Works

    by Vernon Kelly and 11 more

    How and why does restorative practice (RP) work? This book presents the biological theory, affect script psychology (ASP), behind RP, and shows how it works in practice in different settings.ASP explains how the central nervous system triggers 'affects' which are the basis of all human motivation and emotion. The book presents a clear explanation of what ASP is, how it relates to RP, and how ASP ... Read more

    $41.35 AUD

  • Mediation

    A Practical Guide for Lawyers

    by Marjorie Mantle

    This handbook gives legal practitioners, students and new mediators practical guidance on the mediation process. Drawing on her experience as a mediator, academic and a businessperson, Marjorie Mantle takes a down-to-earth approach to mediation, pointing out the pitfalls as well as the benefits. ... Read more

    $32.55 AUD

  • High Conflict People in Legal Disputes

    by Bill Eddy

    People with high conflict personalities (HCPs) clog our courts as plaintiffs with inappropriate claims against their personal "targets of blame," and as defendants who have harmed others and need to be stopped. Everybody knows someone with a High Conflict Personality. "How can he be so unreasonable?" "Why does she keep fighting? Can't she see how destructive she is?" "Can you believe they're going ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • The Little Book of Restorative Teaching Tools

    Games, Activities, and Simulations for Understanding Restorative Justice Practices

    by Lindsey Pointer and 2 more

    series Justice and Peacebuilding
    Engaging Practices for Integrating Restorative Justice Principles in Group SettingsAs restorative practices spread around the world, scholars and practitioners have begun to ask very important questions: How should restorative practices be taught? What educational structures and methods are in alignment with restorative values and principles? This book introduces games as an effective and dynamic ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Think Like a Lawyer Don't Act Like One

    by Aernoud Bourdrez and 1 more

    Think Like a Lawyer Don't Act Like One offers 75 successful strategies for avoiding or solving conflicts. The book can be used when faced with surly officers, angry neighbors, reluctant debtors, sly lawyers and other troublemakers. Each lesson has been fully tried and tested in practice by the author and can be applied at the kitchen table, on the street and in the board room. ... Read more

    $17.26 AUD

  • State Law, Dispute Processing And Legal Pluralism

    Unspoken Dialogues From Rural India

    by Kalindi Kokal

    series Law and Anthropology
    This book presents an ethnography of dispute processing by non-state forums and actors in rural India. As such it sheds light on a much neglected and contested topic. Arising in the context of recent legal and political debates that question the legitimacy of non-state actors engaged in dispute processing, the book explores the nature, form, and functioning of such forums and actors in two ... Read more

    $66.10 AUD

  • Commercial Agents and the Law

    by Séverine Saintier and 1 more

    series Lloyd's Commercial Law Library
    Commercial Agents and the Law is a practical approach to the modern law relating to commercial agency agreements, a complete guide to the workings of the relationship between commercial agents and their principal within its domestic and European context. This book is a complete guide to the workings of the relationship between commercial agents and their principal within its domestic and European ... Read more

    $517.98 AUD

  • The Return of the Home State to Investor–State Disputes

    Bringing Back Diplomatic Protection?

    by Rodrigo Polanco

    series Cambridge International Trade and Economic Law
    This book advances the idea that in order to address some of the criticisms against investor-state dispute settlement, a large majority of states have taken a 'normative' strategy, negotiating or amending investment treaties with provisions that potentially give more control and greater involvement to the contracting parties, and notably the home state. This is particularly true of agreements ... Read more

    $117.80 AUD

  • Shareholders' Claims for Reflective Loss in International Investment Law

    by Lukas Vanhonnaeker

    series Cambridge International Trade and Economic Law
    In recent years, investor-state tribunals have often permitted shareholders' claims for reflective loss despite the well-established principle of no reflective loss applied consistently in domestic regimes and in other fields of international law. Investment tribunals have justified their decisions by relying on definitions of 'investment' in investment agreements that often include 'shares', ... Read more

    $117.80 AUD

  • Contemporary Issues In Mediation - Volume 5

    by Joel Lee and 1 more

    Contemporary Issues in Mediation (CIIM) Volume 5 builds on the success of the past four volumes as testament to a growing interest of authors and readers in the wide variety of issues that arise with mediation. Readers stand to benefit from a diverse range of topics selected for their high quality of research and novelty. With the recent signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation in August ... Read more

    $74.68 AUD