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  • The White Road

    a pilgrimage of sorts

    by Edmund de Waal

    The gripping story of the lure of porcelain, or 'white gold', from the Number One bestselling author of The Hare with Amber Eyes.** A Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller **"Other things in the world are white but for me porcelain comes first"A handful of clay from a Chinese hillside carries a promise: that mixed with the right materials, it might survive the fire of the kiln, and fuse into porcelain - ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Russia

    A 1,000-Year Chronicle of the Wild East

    by Martin Sixsmith

    Russia is a country of contradictions: a nation of cultural refinement and artistic originality and yet also a country that rules by 'the iron fist'. In this riveting history, Martin Sixsmith shows how Russia's complex identity has been formed over a thousand years, and how it can help us understand its often baffling behaviour at home and abroad.Combining in-depth research and interviews with his ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Hamlyn All Colour Cookery: 200 Thai Favourites

    Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook

    by Oi Cheepchaiissara

    series Hamlyn All Colour Cookery
    Thai food is globally renowned for its distinctive flavours and delicious mix of spicy and sour tastes. No matter what your level of ability, experiencing this wonderful cuisine need not be limited to restaurant visits - Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook: 200 Thai Favourites will allow you to re-create that authentic Thai flavour in your own home. From firm favourites such as red curry with roasted duck ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Asian Art Encyclopedia: History, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Calligraphy And More (Mobi History)

    by MobileReference

    The illustrated book gives historical and cultural background of Asian Art. It introduces the reader to Asian Art major styles, media, statues, buildings and artists.FEATURES:- Fully illustrated- Difficult concepts are explained in simple terms. - Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases- Add Bookmarks - Designed for optimal navigation on electronic devices with a small ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • 陳澄波密碼

    by 柯宗明

    series 綠蠹魚YLM #25
    **第三屆「台灣歷史小說獎」**首獎作品他的畫作,充滿謎團;他的名字,是不能說的祕密為什麼畫作上的簽名不見了?為什麼畫家的作品中總留有大片空地?為什麼空地上總有渺小卻生動鮮活的人群?為什麼畫家筆下常出現不合理的光影與雙重視角?本書籍由一椿神祕的畫作修復委託案,兩條以日治時期與解嚴前夕為背景、彼此對照牽引的時空軸線,逐步挖掘出埋藏在台灣美術家陳澄波畫作中的懸疑謎團。進而追索出他經歷清末、日治、戰後三個時期的動盪身世,以及橫跨台灣嘉義、日本東京、中國上海三地的曲折際遇。隨著推理的過程,謎底逐一揭開,歷史拼圖接近完成,陳澄波一生的狂熱、迷惘、無奈與傷痛,彷彿才在昨日,當時代澎湃激湧的藝術文化思潮,糾葛複雜的國族認同難題,更是歷歷在目……</p... ... Read more

    $13.37 AUD

  • Chinese Painters: a Critical Study (Illustrated)

    by Raphael Petrucci

    With 25 black-and-white illustrations. According to the biographical note: "In Raphael Petrucci, who died early in 1917, the world has lost one of the ablest and most devoted students and interpreters of the art of the Far East. He was only forty-five years of age, in the prime of his powers, brimming with energy and full of enterprises that promised richly... Raphael Petrucci was a man who seemed ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Terracotta Warriors

    History, Mystery and the Latest Discoveries

    by Edward Burman

    Terracotta Warriors provides an intriguing, original and up-to-date account of one of the wonders of the ancient world. Illustrated with a wealth of original photographs, this is the first book available for the general reader. In one of the most astounding archaeological discoveries of all time, the Terracotta Warriors were discovered by chance by farmers in 1974. We now understand that the ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Faces of Compassion

    Classic Bodhisattva Archetypes and Their Modern Expression — An Introduction to Mahayana Buddhism

    by Taigen Dan Leighton and 1 more

    Faces of Compassion introduces us to enlightened beings, the bodhisattvas of Buddhist lore. They're not otherworldly gods with superhuman qualities but shining examples of our own highest potential. Archetypes of wisdom and compassion, the bodhisattvas of Buddhism are powerful and compelling images of awakening. Scholar and Zen teacher Taigen Dan Leighton engagingly explores the imagery and lore ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Art Space Tokyo

    An intimate guide to the Tokyo art world

    by Ashley Rawlings and 1 more

    A guide to Tokyo via its art spaces! Art Space Tokyo introduces you to twelve of the best museum and galleries in the city. In doing so, the book also introduces you to ten Tokyo neighborhoods, unveiling the best restaurants, cafes and walks in each. Art Space Tokyo is the only companion you'll need to explore Tokyo like a native.  ... Read more

    $13.81 AUD

  • Chinese Indigo Batik Designs

    by Lu Pu

    Showcasing more than 110 carefully reproduced illustrations from a rare, early collection of batik art — also known as wax-resist dyeing — this volume bursts with strong native flavor. Produced in China's remote southwestern provinces, the exquisitely detailed folk art includes traditional designs of flowers, animals, and landscapes. ... Read more

    $23.02 AUD

  • The Sewing Circles of Herat: My Afghan Years

    by Christina Lamb

    In 1992 Christina Lamb reported on the war the Afghan people were fighting against the Soviet Union. Now, back in Afghanistan, she has written an extraordinary memoir of her love affair with the country and its people.Long haunted by her experiences in Afghanistan, Lamb returned there after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre to find out what had become of the people and places that had ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Batik Art & Craft

    by Ila Keller

    This complete guide to Batik is an invaluable resource for those interested in Batik history, design, and weaving.Here in this volume, the author has not only given a comprehensive and fascinating account of the origins and history of batik, with examples of techniques and design, but also includes a complete "How-To-Do-It" section on modern methods of creating batik.The text is lucid and easy to ... Read more

    $9.34 AUD

  • The Chinese Treasure: World Heritage in China

    by Luo Zhewen Li Min

    This rich and detailed book celebrates Chinas entries on the treasured UNESCO World Heritage List using colour photography and key content from Chinese experts. The Chinese Treasure World Heritage in China is a full-length academic pictorial album offering unrivalled coverage of the UNESCO World Heritage List entries in China with detailed specialist content from Chinese architectural experts and ... Read more

    $49.16 AUD

  • Hokusai: 97 Drawings

    by Sonya Lonergan

    Hokusai began drawing at the age of six, and by 18 he had been accepted into the Katsukawa Shunsho School. He had a long career, but he produced most of his important work after age 60. The largest of Hokusai's works is the 15-volume collection Hokusai Manga, a book crammed with nearly 4,000 sketches. The aged artist lost everything in a fire at his lodgings in 1839 and devoted the last ten years ... Read more

    $3.06 AUD

  • Ideals of the East

    The Spirit of Japanese Art

    by Kakuzo Okakura and 1 more

    First published in 1883 and written by the foremost authority of the era, this extremely influential book offers a brief but concise introduction to Asian art. One of its major themes, the connections between spirituality and the evolution of Asian art, provided the earliest lucid English-language account of Zen Buddhism and its relation to the arts. ... Read more

    $9.14 AUD

  • Treasury of Japanese Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen

    by Carol Belanger Grafton

    series Dover Pictorial Archive
    360 traditional Japanese designs and motifs redrawn in clean, crisp black-and-white, royalty-free illustrations. ... Read more

    $16.82 AUD

  • Women of the Grand Theatre

    Posters of the Glamorous Women of the Early 20th Century

    by Patrick W. Nee

    series Grand Posters of the Past
    The Women of the Grand Theatre offers posters of some of the most glamorous women of the early 20th century. The Grand Posters of the Past collection provides a look into the magical world of theater, aristocracy, and cinema. From portraits of elite women to posters of famous actresses, these beautiful posters let you step into the world of the colorful past and experience the dynamics of that ... Read more

    $15.28 AUD

  • Wonder Man-A Memoir of a Craftsman Who Is Recognized As an Artist

    by Hannah K

    Masaaki Hiroi is an extremely renowned craftsman, who earned his status to be recognized as an artist. Masaaki Hiroi makes Edo tops, toys played by both adults and children not only in present-day Japan but also all over the world. He has created numerous Trick tops out of his imagination and creativity which use the spinning motion to move wooden dolls or other wooden items. Masaaki Hiroi's trick ... Read more

    $7.25 AUD

  • Utamaro

    by Edmond de Goncourt

    If sensuality had a name, it would be without doubt Utamaro. Delicately underlining the Garden of Pleasures that once constituted Edo, Utamaro, by the richness of his fabrics, the swan-like necks of the women, the mysterious looks, evokes in a few lines the sensual pleasure of the Orient. If some scenes discreetly betray lovers’ games, a great number of his shungas recall that love in Japan is ... Read more

    $11.43 AUD

  • Creativity and Taoism

    A Study of Chinese Philosophy, Art and Poetry

    by Chung-yuan Chang

    In Creativity and Taoism, Chang Chung-yuan makes the elusive principle of Tao available to the western mind with objectivity, warmth, and depth of insight. It is an important contribution to the task of making the Taoist wisdom accessible to the western intellect'- Ira Progoff'No one can read Chang's book without experiencing a broadening of his mental horizons'- John C. H. Wu, Philosophy East and ... Read more

    $22.98 AUD

  • 風火林泉:當代亞洲藝術專題研究 Transpassing:Special Studies on Contemporary Asia Art in 2010s

    by 高千惠

    series Critique #11
    被遺落的諸神花園區位­**_子午線以東,在左也在右……**舟櫓船砲的海權擴張、帖木兒帝國的草原躍進,在不同的時空中帶來衝突與混融,交錯混搭中,造就了或神秘、或綺麗、或粗獷、或……的所謂東方文化,是薩伊德所見與不得見的「東方主義」,是伊斯坦堡街巷裡的影偶幻劇,是村上隆的普普卡漫,是洪通的庶民草根,是線性與脫線的水墨表現,是台、港、澳追尋的文化身分認同,是西西弗斯,是竹林七賢,是……本書多書寫於風城芝加哥、香港沙田火炭、高雄林泉街,故以「風火林泉」一種活動中的自然狀態,作為書寫時空與看待亞洲藝術的意象,比喻亞洲當代藝術不可名狀的時空穿梭與人文流動之情境。針對亞洲藝術概念之範疇與形成,提出全景式與聚焦式的論壇議題。在專題選擇上,立足於2000年代和2012年代,以子午線為地理上的越界,以域外與域內文化的衝擊為人文上的越境,試圖重探亞洲區域美學的同質性與異質性 ... Read more

    $12.15 AUD

  • Traditional Japanese Stencil Designs

    by Clarence Hornung

    series Dover Pictorial Archive
    Versatile collection of 276 exquisite Japanese stencil designs — clouds, birds, butterflies, bamboo, plum and cherry blossoms, geometrics, more. Royalty-free illustrations are ideal for modern decorative and graphic needs — fabric, wallpaper and textile designs, calendars, menus, woodblock printing, needlecrafts, etc. 276 black-and-white illustrations. Introduction. ... Read more

    $22.96 AUD

  • The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols

    by Robert Beer

    The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols is a portal into the rich, multifaceted, and profound symbolism of Tibetan sacred art. Robert Beer provides a deep and encompassing insight into the vast array of symbols and attributes that appear within the complex iconography of Tibetan Buddhism. The succinct descriptions that accompany his detailed line drawings reveal the origins, meanings, and ... Read more

    $18.47 AUD

  • Erotische Fantasien

    by Hans-Jürgen Döpp

    Auf dieser virtuellen Reise werden wir einer Vielfalt von Sichtweisen der tausend Metamorphosen der Sexualität begegnen. Sie zeigt, dass nichts natürlicher ist als das sexuelle Verlangen, und nichts weniger natürlich als die Formen, in denen es sich äußert und befriedigt. Dieses Buch lädt Sie zu einer außergewöhnlichen Reise ein, die den Blick auf eine Geographie der Lust öffnen wird. ... Read more

    $8.02 AUD