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Audiology & Speech Pathology

If you like Audiology & Speech Pathology eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Meniere Man. Let's Get Better

    Meniere Man, #2

    by Meniere Man

    series Meniere Man #2
    This number #1 bestseller, is a truly remarkable success story. How Meniere Man recovered from Meniere's.While there is no known cure for Meniere's disease, here is proof that you can make a full recovery, just as Meniere Man did and go on to get a normal life back again. You can make Meniere's a thing of the past. Discover the exact personal self-help regime that enabled Meniere Man to be totally ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Life After Deaf

    My Misadventures in Hearing Loss and Recovery

    by Noel Holston and 1 more

    From a renowned media critic to a man with sudden and full hearing loss, Noel Holston ran the gauntlet of diagnoses, health insurance, and cochlear implant surgery.On a spring night in 2010, Noel Holston, a journalist, songwriter, and storyteller, went to bed with reasonably intact hearing. By dawn, it was gone, thus beginning a long process of hearing-restoration that included misdiagnoses, an ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Hearing Aids

    by Harvey Dillon

    Praise for the first edition:I cannot praise this book too highly it is undoubtedly now the benchmark text in this area, and is an absolute essential for every audiologist and student. Graham Sutton, International Journal of Radiology, Vol. 41, No. 6, 2002One of the best textbooks I have ever used...written by a researcher with a stellar reputation [who is also] an expert on the clinical aspects ... Read more

    $145.19 AUD

  • Seeing Voices

    A Journey into the World of the Deaf

    by Oliver Sacks

    With Seeing Voices Dr Sacks launches us on a journey into the world of the deaf - which he explores with the same passion and insight that have illuminated other human conditions for his readers everywhere.This book begins with the history of deaf people in the 18th century, the often outrageous ways in which they have been treated in the past, and their continuing struggle for acceptance in a ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Teaching Communication Skills to Students with Severe Disabilities

    by June E. Downing Ph.D. and 5 more

    How can educators and therapists support effective communication for students with severe and multiple disabilities? Today's best research and strategies are in the NEW third edition of this trusted textbook and teaching guide. Current and future education professionals will get up-to-date information and practical guidance on the entire process of supporting communication for students of all ... Read more

    $61.37 AUD

  • Like Sound Through Water

    A Mother's Journey Through The Auditory Processing Disorder

    by Karen J. Foli and 2 more

    Ben was a bright, happy little boy. Yet he was easily distracted, he wouldn't make eye contact, and he couldn't comprehend the simplest things said to him. At age three he still hadn't started talking. Finally, Karen Foli knew she had to act, and she took her son to a speech and hearing clinic.What the clinicians reported chilled her: Ben's speech and language were delayed by one to two years. ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Dyslexia and other learning difficulties

    by Mark Selikowitz

    series The Facts
    Dyslexia and other learning difficulties: The Facts addresses problems many intelligent children face who, while having normal IQ levels, still struggle to learn in the classroom setting. A short attention span, restlessness, an inability to write clearly, and reading comprehension well below age level are all indicators of learning disabilities, and this book offers a clear and sympathetic guide ... Read more

    $34.64 AUD

  • Mindfulness Meditation For People Who Stammer (Stutter)

    by Hiten Vyas

    Mindfulness Meditation for People Who Stammer by Dr Hiten Vyas is a quick and easy guide (2627 words) that will help you to learn the following:* Why mindfulness meditation is good if you stammer.* How it can help people who stammer reduce anxiety and other unhelpful emotions.* The actual mindfulness meditation technique you can start to use to today to bring more peace and harmony in your life. ... Read more


  • Roeser's Audiology Desk Reference

    by Ross J. Roeser

    Praise for the best-selling first edition:fills a much needed gap in audiological literature, providing a source of essential facts, figures and diagrams the information is precise and easy to read, while the contents and index pages are also very detailed, making it easy to locate information. -- Journal of OtolaryngologyAudiologists are often pressed for time and need an up-to-date reference for ... Read more

    $145.19 AUD

  • Tongue-Tied: How a Tiny String Under the Tongue Impacts Nursing, Speech, Feeding, and More

    by Richard Baxter

    **Chances are, you or someone you know is affected by a tongue-tie. **Common, yet little understood, tongue-ties can lead to a myriad of problems, including difficulty when nursing, speaking or eating. In the most crucial and formative parts of children's lives, tongue-ties have a significant effect on their well-being. Many parents and professionals alike want to know what can be done, and how ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Tics and Tourette Syndrome

    A Handbook for Parents and Professionals

    by Uttom Chowdhury

    This essential guide to tic disorders and Tourette Syndrome tackles problems faced both at home and at school, such as adjusting to the diagnosis, the effect on siblings and classroom difficulties. Dr Chowdhury offers advice on how to manage symptoms, describing practical techniques such as habit reversal and massed practice and reviewing available medical treatments. In clear, accessible language ... Read more

    $20.01 AUD

  • Overcoming Apraxia

    by Laura Baskall Smith

    When a child isn't speaking, parents are often reassured that all children develop at their own pace. Many times, experts can't agree on what is normal and offer different advice. Understandably, parents may not know where to go or with whom to consult. In many instances, there is no cause for concern; however, in others late talking could be a symptom of a more serious problem. The outdated ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • Rather a Small Chicken...

    A guide to hearing loss for family and friends

    by Pamela G Heemskerk

    With 1 in 6 Australians diagnosed with a hearing impairment, and many more interacting daily with someone who is hearing impaired, the chances of miscommunication are high. Such problematic communication impacts on relationships at home and in the workplace.Hearing aid companies supply simple ‘how-to’ brochures for new hearing aid wearers. I have added a greater depth of information in my booklet ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Olga

    by Prof Bernhard Schlink and 1 more

    A #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER'Bernhard Schlink speaks straight to the heart' New York Times'Brilliant... A tale of love and loss in 20th century Germany' Evening Standard'A cleverly-constructed tale of cross-class romance' Mail on Sunday'A poignant portrait of a woman out of step with her time' ObserverOlga is an orphan raised by her ... ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Essentials of Audiology

    by Stanley A. Gelfand

    Praise for this book:This unique book encompasses everything from hearing science and psychoacoustics to hearing conservation and basic audiometry...explaining it at beginner's level while providing a more in-depth look for the more experienced.--Doody's ReviewThe third edition of the successful Essentials of Audiology is a comprehensive introduction to the entire field of audiology. Retaining the ... Read more

    $110.65 AUD

  • Adult Audiology Casebook

    by Michael Valente and 1 more

    Adult Audiology Casebook is a compendium of key clinical cases designed to help clinicians develop the critical thinking skills necessary to successfully diagnose and treat patients. The cases are written by experts from around the world who share their experiences and expertise in dealing with a range of challenging clinical scenarios. An important classroom resource, the book gives readers ... Read more

    $124.40 AUD

  • Social Confidence - How to Overcome the Anxiety of Social Events (NLP series for people who stammer)

    by Hiten Vyas

    - Are you a person who stammers (stutters) who experiences anxiety and fear about going into social situations?- Do you worry about being rejected or criticised in social gatherings because of your stammering, which makes you avoid them?-Do you feel awkward when you're in social situations and are unsure of how to behave?If so, Social Confidence – How to Overcome the Anxiety of Social Events (7695 ... Read more


  • Children's Speech Sound Disorders

    by Caroline Bowen

    SECOND EDITIONChildren's Speech Sound DisordersSpeaking directly to experienced and novice clinicians, educators and students in speech-language pathology/speech and language therapy via an informative essay-based approach, Children's Speech Sound Disorders provides concise, easy-to-understand explanations of key aspects of the classification, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of articulation ... Read more

    $80.99 AUD

  • The Selective Mutism Resource Manual

    2nd Edition

    by Maggie Johnson and 1 more

    For anyone who needs to understand, assess or manage selective mutism, this is a comprehensive and practical manual that is grounded in behavioural psychology and anxiety management and draws on relevant research findings as well as the authors' extensive clinical experience.Now in its second edition and including new material for adolescents and adults, The Selective Mutism Resource Manual 2e ... Read more

    $101.85 AUD

  • Geriatric Audiology

    by Barbara E. Weinstein

    Completely revised and updated, Geriatric Audiology, Second Edition is a unique handbook that provides audiologists, speech language pathologists, and doctoral students in audiology with evidence-based, clinical guidance on evaluating and treating hearing loss in older adults. Focusing solely on geriatric audiology, this new edition contains the latest information on the demographics of aging as ... Read more

    $117.58 AUD

  • Pediatric Audiologic Rehabilitation

    From Infancy to Adolescence

    by Elizabeth M. Fitzpatrick and 1 more

    A current, practical reference on pediatric audiologic rehabilitationPediatric Audiologic Rehabilitation presents evidence-based information on the clinical and educational management of children with hearing loss who are learning spoken language from infancy through adolescence. It provides students, clinicians, and teachers with the latest practical procedures and techniques for developing ... Read more

    $110.65 AUD

  • Enhancing Communication for Individuals with Autism

    A Guide to the Visual Immersion System

    by Howard C. Shane and 20 more

    How can you help children with moderate to severe autism become more effective communicators? Discover the Visual Immersion System (VIS), a practical, research-based intervention framework that taps into the strong visual processing skills many children on the spectrum have. You'll learn how to use readily available resources—from photos and symbols to apps and software—to create a customized ... Read more

    $61.37 AUD

  • Meniere Man: The Self Help Book For Meniere's Vertigo

    Meniere Man, #3

    by Meniere Man

    series Meniere Man #3
    ARE YOUR VERTIGO ATTACKS RUINING YOUR LIFE?Discover how Meniere Man's B.M.E. PLAN helps prevent vertigo' attacks, from controlling your life.SIMPLE, EASY EFFECTIVE WAYS TO CONTROL VERTIGOUSE HIS B.M.E. PLAN AND LEARN:How to predict an oncoming vertigo attack.How to take positive immediate action.What to do in the stages of a vertigo attack.Reduce stress and anxiety during a vertigo attack.</p... ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Can I tell you about Selective Mutism?

    A guide for friends, family and professionals

    by Maggie Johnson and 2 more

    series Can I tell you about...?
    Meet Hannah - a young girl with selective mutism (SM). Hannah invites readers to learn about selective mutism from her perspective, helping them to understand what it is, what it feels like to have SM, and how they can help. This illustrated book is packed with accessible information and will be an ideal introduction to selective mutism. It shows family, friends and teachers how they can support a ... Read more

    $13.85 AUD