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Baltic States eBooks

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  • The Spy and the Traitor

    The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War

    by Ben MacIntyre ...
    *The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller**Shortlisted for the 2018 Baillie Gifford Prize**Bill Gates' Top 5 Books for 2020*'THE BEST TRUE SPY STORY I HAVE EVER READ' JOHN LE CARR****ÉA thrilling Cold War story about a KGB double agent, by one of Britain's greatest historians - now with a new afterwordOn a warm July evening in 1985, a middle-aged man stood on the pavement of a busy av... ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • The White Sniper

    Simo Häyhä

    The remarkable story of the Finnish marksman nicknamed “White Death” by the Red Army for his record number of confirmed kills.Simo Häyhä is the most famous sniper in the world. During the Winter War fought between Russia and Finland from 1939 to 1940, he had 542 confirmed kills with iron sights, a record that still stands today.A man of action who spoke very little, Simo Häyhä was hugely respected ... Read more

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  • Among The Russians

    From the Baltic to the Caucasus

    by Colin Thubron ...
    Among the Russians is a marvellous account of a solitary journey by car from St. Petersburg and the Baltic States south to Georgia and Armenia. A gifted writer and intrepid traveller, Thubron grapples with the complexities of Russian identity and relays his extraordinary journey in characteristically lyrical style. This is an enthralling and revealing account of the habits and idiosyncrasies of a ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • To End a War

    The Conflict in Yugoslavia--America's Inside Story--Negotiating with Milosevic

    When President Clinton sent Richard Holbrooke to Bosnia as America's chief negotiator in late 1995, he took a gamble that would eventually redefine his presidency. But there was no saying then, at the height of the war, that Holbrooke's mission would succeed. The odds were strongly against it.As passionate as he was controversial, Holbrooke believed that the only way to bring peace to the Balkans ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Gustavus Adolphus

    A History of the Art of War from Its Revival After the Middle Ages to the End of the Spanish Succession War, With a Detailed Account of the Campaigns of the Great Swede

    A grand sweeping military history of the “pike and shot” era, with a particular emphasis on the Thirty Years’ War in Europe (1618–1648). Originally published in two volumes, the first covers the life of Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, and known as “The Lion of the North” by his many opponents. Born into an era of constant warfare, he became king at 17, transformed the Army of Sweden into the ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Shadows on the Tundra

    Translated by Delija Valiukenas ...
    An extraordinary piece of international survival literature, joining the likes of Primo Levi and Anne Frank.In 1941, 14-year-old Dalia and her family are deported from their native Lithuania to a labour camp in Siberia. As the strongest member of her family she submits to twelve hours a day of manual labour. At the age of 21, she escapes the gulag and returns to Lithuania. She writes her memories ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Baltic Facades

    Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since 1945

    by Aldis Purs ...
    series Contemporary Worlds
    Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are often grouped together as the Baltic States, but these three Eastern European countries, tied together historically, are quite different. Although each is struggling to find its place within Europe and fighting to preserve its own identity, the idea of the Baltic States is a façade. In this book, Aldis Purs dispels the myth of a single, coherent Baltic identity, ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • Battleground Prussia

    The Assault on Germany's Eastern Front 1944–45

    by Prit Buttar ...
    The terrible months between the arrival of the Red Army on German soil and the final collapse of Hitler's regime were like no other in the Second World War. The Soviet Army's intent to take revenge for the horror that the Nazis had wreaked on their people produced a conflict of implacable brutality in which millions perished. From the great battles that marked the Soviet conquest of East and West ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Between Giants

    The Battle for the Baltics in World War II

    by Prit Buttar ...
    During World War II, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia found themselves trapped between the giants of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Over the course of the war these states were repeatedly occupied by different forces, and local government organizations and individuals were forced to choose between supporting the occupying forces or forming partisan units to resist their occupation. Devastated ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • War in the Balkans, 1991-2002: Comprehensive History of Wars Provoked by Yugoslav Collapse: Balkan Region in World Politics, Slovenia and Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus

    This book was written to address the need for a comprehensive history of the Balkan wars provoked by the collapse of the Yugoslav Federation in 1991. These wars, and the instability that they have provoked, became preoccupations for international security management through the 1990s. After an initial phase of distancing and hesitation, Balkan conflict drew the United States and its most important ... Read more

    $13.58 AUD

  • The Baltic

    A History

    by Michael North ...
    From the Vikings to the EU the Baltic has been a Nordic Mediterranean, a shared maritime zone with distinct patterns of trade, cultural exchange, and conflict. Covering a thousand years in a part of the globe where seas are more connective than land, Michael North’s overview transforms the way we think about one of the world’s great waterways. ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • The Northern Crusades

    The 'Northern Crusades', inspired by the Pope's call for a Holy War, are less celebrated than those in the Middle East, but they were also more successful: vast new territories became and remain Christian, such as Finland, Estonia and Prussia. Newly revised in the light of the recent developments in Baltic and Northern medieval research, this authoritative overview provides a balanced and ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Between East and West

    Across the Borderlands of Europe

    A vivid and human glimpse into Europe's borderlands as they emerged from Soviet rule - back in print after nearly 20 years'In this superb book, in which one senses the spirit of Franz Kafka and Bruno Schulz, the dramatic world of the Eastern borderlands comes to life' Ryszard KapuscinskiAs Europe's borderlands emerged from Soviet rule, Anne Applebaum travelled from the Baltic to the Black Sea, ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Catastrophe

    Kerensky’s Own Story of the Russian Revolution

    In this book written in exile, Aleksandr Fyodorovich Kerensky, recounts his fascinating eyewitness account of the Russian Revolution and the victory of the extreme Bolshevik faction in 1917.Aleksandr Fyodorovich Kerensky (4 May 1881 - 11 June 1970) was a Russian lawyer and politician who served as the Minister of Justice in the newly formed Russian Provisional Government, as Minister of War, and ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933 –1945: Volume II

    Ghettos in German-Occupied Eastern Europe

    series The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933–1945
    “Stands without doubt as the definitive reference guide on this topic in the world today.” —Holocaust and Genocide StudiesThis volume of the extraordinary encyclopedia from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers a comprehensive account of how the Nazis conducted the Holocaust throughout the scattered towns and villages of Poland and the Soviet Union. It covers more than 1,150 sites, ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Thirteen Years at the Russian Court

    A Personal Record of the Last Years and Death of the Czar Nicholas II. and his Family

    Translated by F. Appleby Holt ...
    Nicholas II (1868-1918) was the last Emperor of Russia, ruling from November 1, 1894 until his forced abdication on March 15, 1917. His reign saw the fall of the Russian Empire from one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse. He was given the nickname Nicholas the Bloody or Vile Nicholas by his political adversaries due to the Khodynka Tragedy, anti-Semitic ... Read more

    $5.85 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The New Estonian Golden Age

    How Estonia Will Rise To Be One Of Europe's Five Richest Nations

    The New Estonian Golden Age introduces an alternative view on age-old and controversial topics that are holding up Estonian aspirations of prosperity. Estonia, known as "The Baltic Tiger", is one of New Europe's most impressive economic turn-around stories since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. They implemented innovative ideas such as flat tax, online voting and e-government. ... Read more

    $8.79 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Wednesday Club

    by Kjell Westö ...
    Translated by Neil Smith ...
    Hitler's expansionist policies are arousing both anger and admiration, not least in Helsinki's Wednesday Club. The members of this relaxed gentleman's club are old friends of lawyer Claes Thune. But this year it is apparent that the political unrest in Europe is having an effect on the cohesion of the group.Thune has recently divorced and is at something of a loss, running his law practice with no ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Geopolitics and Planning for a High-End Fight: NATO and the Baltic Region, Airpower and Geopolitical Angst, The New Russian Threat, Considering a High-End Fight with Russia, Putin

    This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. In a remarkably brief period, a serious challenge to the national security interests of the United States and its allies has emerged in Europe. This new threat emanates from a militarily resurgent and increasingly aggressive Russia, openly manifested in early 2014 by its seizure of Crimea ... Read more

    $4.10 AUD

  • Poles in India 1942-1948

    This Indian adventure is intrinsically linked to World War II: after the deportations to the Soviet Union a group of Poles found safe refuge in India, where they would stay until the end of the War , hoping to return to their own country. Unfortunately the Yalta Agreements made that impossible. Very few people went back to Communist Poland; the great majority scattering throughout the Western ... Read more

    $12.67 AUD

  • Croatia and Slovenia at the End and After the Second World War (1944-1945)

    Mass Crimes and Human Rights Violations Committed by the Communist Regime

    This book focuses on the events that took place in late 1944 and 1945 in Croatia and Slovenia when the intensity of violence was strongest. At that time, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (KPJ), assisted by the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia, the Yugoslav Army, the Department for the Protection of the People (OZNA) and the Corps of People’s Defence of Yugoslavia (KNOJ) conducted organized ... Read more

    $36.99 AUD

  • Vilnius between Nations, 1795–2000

    series NIU Series in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
    The inhabitants of Vilnius, the present-day capital of Lithuania, have spoken various languages and professed different religions while living together in relative harmony over the years. The city has played a significant role in the history and development of at least three separate cultures—Polish, Lithuanian, and Jewish—and until very recently, no single cultural-linguistic group composed the ... Read more

    $30.99 AUD

  • The History of the Baltic States, 2nd Edition

    series The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations
    Updating the popular 2003 first edition, this book is a narrative history of the Baltic States with particular focus on the events of the 20th and 21st centuries.The Baltic States—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—were granted independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, the three countries have struggled with sluggish economies, tensions with Russia, and government corruption. This ... Read more

    $84.99 AUD

  • A Short History of Lithuania to 1569: Centennial Edition (19212021)

    Why did Lithuania’s dictator in the 1920s (the pro-Nazi Augustinas Voldemaras) kick the author out of the country for writing this seemingly harmless book? What was the significance of the fact that the author’s father tutored a teenage Lenin while both were in law school in Russia? And how was this ground-breaking equivalent of “Lithuanian History for Dummies” about a century ahead of its time? ... Read more