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  • A Wunch of Bankers

    a year in the Hayne royal commission

    by Daniel Ziffer

    It was a complicated, galling, and gasp-inducing year at the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.It wasn’t just the long list of scandals exposed to a horrified nation — charging fees to dead people, ignoring blatant conflicts of interest, and taking $1 billion from customers in fees that banks were never entitled to.What made it so ... Read more

    $21.33 AUD

  • All The Devils Are Here

    Unmasking the Men Who Bankrupted the World

    by Bethany McLean and 1 more

    According to Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera, two of America's most acclaimed business journalists, no-one has put all the pieces of the financial crisis together. The finger was pointed at greedy traders, cowardly legislators and clueless home buyers, but many devils helped bring hell to the economy.All The Devils Are Here goes back several decades to explore the motivations of everyone from CEOs ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Capital without Borders

    Wealth Managers and the One Percent

    by Brooke Harrington

    “A timely account of how the 1% holds on to their wealth…Ought to keep wealth managers awake at night.” —Wall Street Journal “Harrington advises governments seeking to address inequality to focus not only on the rich but also on the professionals who help them game the system.” —Richard Cooper, Foreign Affairs “An insight unlike any other into how wealth management works.” —Felix Martin, New ... Read more

    $23.31 AUD

  • Financial Services Law and Compliance in Australia

    by Gail Pearson

    Up until the global credit crisis in 2008, 'Financial Services' was the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy. This growth has had profound implications for individuals, corporations and government. Following extensive review in the last part of the twentieth century, Australia put in place an overarching system for regulating all financial services, replacing a system that was based on ... Read more

    $85.13 AUD

  • The Chickenshit Club

    Why the Justice Department Fails to Prosecute Executives

    by Jesse Eisinger

    Winner of the 2018 Excellence in Financial Journalism AwardFrom Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jesse Eisinger, “a fast moving, fly-on-the-wall, disheartening look at the deterioration of the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission…It is a book of superheroes” (San Francisco Review of Books).Why were no bankers put in prison after the financial crisis of 2008? Why do CEOs ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The SWIFT Affair

    Swiss Banking Secrecy and the Fight against Terrorist Financing

    by Johannes Köppel

    series eCahiers de l’Institut
    The story broke in 2006: Since 9/11, US intelligence services have had access to practically any international money transfer data by infiltrating the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network. Banks worldwide transfer money orders and personal customer data through this network. While the surveillance was all-embracing in 2001, it was gradually limited over the ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • All That Glitters

    The Fall of Barings

    by John Gapper

    The definitive, classic account of the fall of the House of Baring and the ultimate rogue trader Nick Leeson.John Gapper, Associate Editor of the Financial Times, and his co-author Nicholas Denton, now founder of Gawker Media, interviewed all the major players involved in the collapse of one of England's oldest banks.All That Glitters reveals the faustian deal struck between the whizz-kid traders ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • La titrisation des actifs intellectuels

    Au prisme du droit luxembourgeois

    by Alexandre Quiquerez and 2 more

    series Collection de la Faculté de Droit, d'Économie et de Finance de l'Université du Luxembourg
    Quel lien existe-t-il entre la titrisation et David Bowie ? A priori, aucun ! La crise des subprimes contribue à renforcer l’image de la titrisation d’après laquelle il s’agirait d’un montage complexe de transformation de créances de prêts en titres financiers.En revanche, on connaît moins les titrisations de droits de propriété intellectuelle, dont David Bowie a été l’un des pionniers dans les ... Read more

    $239.99 AUD

  • Fence the Fraud

    A practical guide To Prevent Bank Frauds (Cheque and Card)

    by Kanwar Mehta

    Fence the Fraud is a practical guide that has been written to create awareness among bank customers, staff, general public and victims of cheque and card frauds. It will provide solutions to common issues faced by readers in their daily life while conducting financial transactions. Written by Kanwar Mehta who has investigated a number of fraud cases in a banking career spanning more than thirty ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Making Markets Work for Africa

    Markets, Development, and Competition Law in Sub-Saharan Africa

    by Eleanor M. Fox and 1 more

    This book focuses on market law and policy in sub-Saharan Africa, showing how markets can be harnessed by poorer and developing economies to help make the markets work for them: to help them integrate into the world economy and provide a better standard of living for their people while preserving their values of inclusive development. It explores uses of power both by dominant firms, often ... Read more

    $53.89 AUD

  • Investment Banking

    Institutions, Politics, and Law

    by Alan D. Morrison and 2 more

    Investment Banking: Institutions, Politics, and Law provides an economic rationale for the dominant role of investment banks in the capital markets, and uses it to explain both the historical evolution of the investment banking industry and also recent changes to its organization. Although investment decisions rely upon price-relevant information, it is impossible to establish property rights over ... Read more

    $60.82 AUD

  • La fraude et le droit de l'Union européenne

    by Dominique Berlin and 2 more

    series Collection droit de l'Union européenne - Colloques
    La fraude corrompt l’intégration européenne, c’est-à-dire ce lien juridique, économique, social et politique que l’Union, les États membres et les particuliers tissent depuis les origines de la construction communautaire. C’est pourquoi le droit de l’Union européenne organise la lutte contre la fraude.Étroitement liée à l’exercice du pouvoir budgétaire européen, la lutte contre la fraude est ... Read more

    $134.99 AUD

  • Ranking and Priority of Creditors

    by Dennis Faber and 4 more

    series Oxford International and Comparative Insolvency Law
    This book is the third volume in the Oxford International and Comparative Insolvency Law Series. It addresses one of the critical issues of any insolvency by providing comprehensive analysis of the law and practice in relation to creditor claims. As with the two previous volumes in the series the book provides a comparative view by setting out the relevant law and practice in over 20 jurisdictions ... Read more

    $456.27 AUD

  • Transnational Commercial Law

    International Instruments and Commentary

    by Roy Goode and 3 more

    Transnational commercial law represents the outcome of work undertaken to harmonize national laws affecting domestic and cross-border transactions and is upheld by a diverse spectrum of instruments. Now in its second edition, this authoritative work brings together the major instruments in this field, dividing them into thirteen groups: Treaty Law, Contracts, Electronic Commerce, International ... Read more

    $525.35 AUD

  • Droit de la finance alternative

    by Jean-Marc Moulin and 2 more

    series Économie sociale et solidaire
    La finance est en crise ; mais elle est indispensable à la vie des hommes en société.Cependant, il serait abusif de considérer "la finance" comme un tout homogène.En effet, loin de la finance conventionnelle qui fait la une de l'actualité, il existe une finance dite alternative qui tente de placer et de maintenir l'Homme au centre de son projet et à l'horizon de son ambition.Cet ouvrage, premier ... Read more

    $209.99 AUD

  • Sovereign Debt Management

    by Rosa Lastra and 1 more

    Sovereign debt is a complex and highly topical area of law and this work represents a new main reference book on the subject bringing together contributions from world leading practitioners, scholars and regulators. Divided into five parts the book opens with a part on restructuring which analyses contractual provisions and the role of institutions such as the International Monetary Fund. The ... Read more

    $483.88 AUD

  • The Financial Courts

    Adjudicating Disputes in Derivatives Markets

    by Jo Braithwaite

    series International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation
    In The Financial Courts, Jo Braithwaite analyses thirty years of cases involving the global derivatives markets, exploring the nature of these legal disputes and assessing their impact on financial markets and on commercial law more broadly. Weaving together this substantial body of cases with theoretical insights drawn from the growing literature on the internationalisation of financial law, ... Read more

    $134.63 AUD

  • Letters of Credit

    The Law and Practice of Compliance

    by Ebenezer Adodo

    This book examines the legal nature and requirements of compliance in letter of credit transactions in Anglo-American jurisdictions, as well as the associated contract choice of law issues. It gives an authoritative exposition of the mechanics of the law on the problem of compliance in the field, and is the first to afford a comprehensive, highly analytical critique of the topic from the point of ... Read more

    $414.80 AUD

  • A Financial Centre for Two Empires

    Hong Kong's Corporate, Securities and Tax Laws in its Transition from Britain to China

    by David C. Donald and 2 more

    series International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation
    This is a case study of legal transplant, economic development, cultural adaptation and political integration. Hong Kong's journey from British entrepôt to China's international financial centre is one of the most interesting legal stories of our time. But Hong Kong's future is even more interesting: will this region with British-origin institutions survive full integration into China and become ... Read more

    $118.79 AUD

  • La réglementation des sicafi

    by Valérie Simonart and 1 more

    series Les Dossiers du Journal des tribunaux
    Depuis sa création par l’arrêté royal du 10 avril 1995, la sicafi est devenue un instrument privilégié de l’investissement immobilier en Belgique. Cela fait plusieurs années que, pour diverses raisons, les secteurs des sicafi et de l’immobilier demandaient une réforme de cet arrêté. L’arrêté royal du 7 décembre 2010 a répondu à ce souhait mais a également imposé de nouvelles règles aux sicafi, en ... Read more

    $164.99 AUD

  • Money Lessons and Practicums -Children's Money & Saving Reference

    by Baby Professor

    It is so much better to teach today’s kids about how to manage wealth in their young age than in their teens. This Money and Saving Reference is a perfect guide to do just that. Your children will be introduced to the values of money, lessons on handling it and even be exposed to practicums to better execute what they have learned. Get this reference book here. ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Banking and Capital Markets 2020

    by David Adams

    Banking and Capital Markets is a practical guide to a field that has seen a rapid rate of change in recent years. ... Read more

    $66.32 AUD

  • Gleeson on the International Regulation of Banking

    by Simon Gleeson

    Financial capital regulation drives almost every aspect of the financial markets, from the structures of financial groups and the way they raise capital to the development of investment structures and financial engineering such as derivatives, securitisations, structured finance, credit derivatives, repos and stock lending. This new, third edition of the leading guide on the structure of bank ... Read more

    $414.80 AUD

  • The Law of Adaptation to Climate Change

    United States and International Aspects

    by Katrina Fischer Kuh and 1 more

    The laws that try to reduce climate change are well known. But what about the climate change that is occurring regardless of these efforts? The Law of Adaptation to Climate Change takes a sweeping look at the current and proposed legal aspects of coping with climate change—from drought, extreme precipitation, heat waves, and wild fires to global shifts in temperature, sea level, water and food ... Read more

    $175.11 AUD