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  • Linux : A Comprehensive Crash Course on Linux System Programming For Beginners. - Installation, Configuration, and Command Line Basics

    by Guillem Ross ...
    Learning Linux is simpler than you might think. With this crash course, you can quickly master this Operating System and put your newfound knowledge to use.Linux is an operating system. It is distributed under an open-source license. Its functionality list is quite like UNIX.This practical guide assumes a base of little or no Linux knowledge and takes you to step by step through what you need to ... Read more

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  • Android Programming Made Easy For Beginners: Tutorial Book For Android Designers * New 2013 : Updated Android Programming And Development Tutorial Guide

    by Richard Cole ...
    If you have ever been wondering what android programming is all about then this is the book that you need to get. It contains all the basics of this type of programming, how to build an app and much, much more.The author goes to great lengths to break all the information down to be as basic as possible so that the reader that is not as confident in their abilities as others are will be able to ... Read more

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  • Excel VBA Programming

    Automating Excel through Visual Basic for Application

    by Monday Sadiku ...
    Most of the procedures and tasks in Microsoft Excel can be Automated through the use of Visual Basic Application (VBA) Excel Programming. This Book deals with the fundamentals of VBA Excel Programming and how to create Excel Add-Ins. These are what you will learn: "Introduction to Visual Basic For Application (VBA) . *Visual Basic Application (VBA) For Excel Basics. *Rules for Naming Procedures ... Read more

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  • The Ultimate Python Programming Guide For Beginner To Intermediate

    In The Ultimate Python Programming Guide for Beginners you will learn all the essential tools to become proficient in the python programming language. Learn how to install python in all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux. You will be guided step by step from downloading the necessary files to making adjustments in the installation for your particular operating system. Learn ... Read more

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  • Un database in .. 4 dialetti BASIC

    Sviluppare un semplice database con un’analisi semplificata e con una procedura guidata passo per passo utilizzando un linguaggio elementare attraverso quattro diversi dialetti di BASIC per imparare a gestire i propri dati spaziando dal Vba al Vb6 e ad un prodotto desktop multipiattaforma utilizzabile su molti sistemi operativi per poi arrivare allo sviluppo dello stesso gestionale sotto forma di ... Read more

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  • SQL Mastery

    The Masterclass Guide to Become an SQL ExpertMaster The SQL Programming Language In This Ultimate Guide Today!

    Master The SQL Programming Language In This Ultimate Guide Today!Introducing The SQL Mastery: The Master Class Guide to Become an SQL Expert.In This Book You Will Learn:· The Syntax Used In SQL· SQL Statements· How To Create A Database in SQL· The Data Types Used In SQL· SQL Query Types· SQL Constraints· And Much Much More.Scroll To the Top And press the "Buy Now" button Today!... ... Read more

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  • SuperBASIC: The Manual

    Do you want to write BASIC programs for your Color Computer, but don’t want to deal with two-character variables and invisible (or non-existent) structure? Consider superBASIC. Use loops, multi-line if/else/endifs, include files, and more. You can even use command-line switches to target the same BASIC program for computers with different hardware. ... Read more


  • Taller De Macros En Hoja De Cálculo

    Taller de macros de hoja de clculo es una obra producto de la experiencia laboral adquirida por ms de diez aos, experiencia en programacin de macros como solucin a labores y procesos repetitivos, organizacin del trabajo, etc. El conocimiento viene de diversas maneras, solo es cuestin de abrir la mente a nuevas posibilidades y formas de trabajar, la inconformidad canalizada de manera positiva ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • 全国计算机等级考试上机专用题库与笔试模拟考场:二级Visual Basic

    为了帮助考生高效通过全国计算机等级考试,全国计算机等级考试命题研究室和虎奔教育教研中心联合设计、开发本图书。本书共有上下两篇。上篇为上机专用题库,提供上机考试指南、上机考试试题、参考答案及解析等内容。下篇为笔试模拟考场,提供最新考试大纲专家解读、全真模拟试卷、考前冲刺试卷与历年笔试真卷等内容。本书所有试题均以最新考试大纲为依据,覆盖所有真考题型和考试要点,并提供详细的解析。本书可作为全国计算机等级考试二级Visual Basic 科目的培训或自学用书,尤其适合起点低、基础弱的考生使用。 ... Read more

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  • 全国计算机等级考试一本通.二级Visual Basic

    为了帮助考生在最短的时间内顺利通过考试,全国计算机等级考试命题研究中心和未来教育教学与研究中心联合策划、编写了本书。全书共18章,主要内容包括考试指南、公共基础知识、Visual Basic开发环境、对象及其操作、简单程序设计、Visual Basic程序设计基础、数据的输入/输出、常用标准控件、Visual Basic控制结构、数组、过程、键盘与鼠标事件过程、菜单程序设计、对话框程序设计、多重窗体程序设计与环境应用、数据文件、操作题高频考点精讲、新增真考试题及解析。多媒体课堂以多媒体的方式讲解重点和难点,让考生在轻松的学习环境下进一步强化、巩固所学知识。模拟考试系统包含全套真考题库试题,完全模拟真考环境,带领考生提前进入“考场”,其自动评分的功能可帮助考生了解自己对知识的掌握程度。本书可作为全国计算机等级考试二级Visual Basic科目的培训教材与自学用书,也可作为学习Visual ... Read more

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  • 全国计算机等级考试一本通:二级Visual Basic

    全书共18章,主要内容包括考试指南、公共基础知识、Visual Basic开发环境、对象及其操作、简单程序设计、Visual Basic程序设计基础、数据的输入/输出、常用标准控件、Visual Basic控制结构、数组、过程、键盘与鼠标事件过程、菜单程序设计、对话框程序设计、多重窗体程序设计与环境应用、数据文件、操作题高频考点精讲、新增真考试题及解析。 ... Read more

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  • Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS Enterprise Miner, Third Edition

    Understanding your customers is the key to your company’s success! Segmentation is one of the first and most basic machine learning methods. It can be used by companies to understand their customers better, boost relevance of marketing messaging, and increase efficacy of predictive models. In Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS Enterprise Miner, Third Edition, Randy Collica explains, ... Read more

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  • 全国计算机等级考试一本通.二级Visual Basic

    为了帮助考生在最短的时间内顺利通过考试,全国计算机等级考试命题研究中心和未来教育教学与研究中心联合策划、编写了本书。全书共18章,主要内容包括考试指南、公共基础知识、Visual Basic开发环境、对象及其操作、简单程序设计、Visual Basic程序设计基础、数据的输入/输出、常用标准控件、Visual Basic控制结构、数组、过程、键盘与鼠标事件过程、菜单程序设计、对话框程序设计、多重窗体程序设计与环境应用、数据文件、操作题高频考点精讲、新增真考试题及解析。 ... Read more

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  • 全国计算机等级考试一本通:二级Visual Basic

    为了帮助考生在最短的时间内顺利通过考试,全国计算机等级考试命题研究中心和未来教育教学与研究中心联合策划、编写了本书。全书共18章,主要内容包括考试指南、公共基础知识、Visual Basic开发环境、对象及其操作、简单程序设计、Visual Basic程序设计基础、数据的输入/输出、常用标准控件、Visual Basic控制结构、数组、过程、键盘与鼠标事件过程、菜单程序设计、对话框程序设计、多重窗体程序设计与环境应用、数据文件、操作题高频考点精讲、新增真考试题及解析。本书所配光盘主要提供两部分内容——多媒体课堂与模拟考试系统。多媒体课堂以多媒体的方式讲解重点和难点,让考生在轻松的学习环境下进一步强化、巩固所学知识。模拟考试系统包含全套真考题库试题,完全模拟真考环境,带领考生提前进入“考场”,其自动评分的功能可帮助考生了解自己对知识的掌握程度。书与光盘的完美结合 ... Read more

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  • Visual Basic程序设计实验指导及考试指南

    本教材报据安擻省计算机水平考试大纲编写而成,与主讲教材《Visual Basic程序设计》配套使用。本书第一部分以Visual Basic 6.0为背景,介绍了VB集成开发环境的使用方法,配合主讲教材的内容安排,依次设计编写上机实验项目。每个实验项目选材精练,力争做到由浅入深、循序渐进,以便读者能及时巩固和掌握相应的理论知识。为了配合安徽省计算机水平考试和全国计算机等级考试,第二部分精选了各知识点的典型习题,读者通过练习可更好地掌握各个知识点;第三部分详细介绍了“全国高等学校(安徽考区)计算机水平考试”笔试、机试题型及答题技巧;第四部分给出了各部分参考答案。本书可供在校大学生学习使用,也可作为参加安徽省计算机水平考试及全国计算机等级考试的考生的辅导教材,同样也可作为Visual Basic程序设计爱好者的参考书。 ... Read more

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  • Visual Basic从入门到精通(第5版)

    本书分4篇共22章,包括初识Visual Basic 6.0,VB语言基础,算法和程序控制结构,数组的声明和应用,过程的创建和使用,内置函数与API函数,窗体和系统对象,标准模块和类核块,常用标准控件,菜单、工具栏和状态栏,对话框,常用Activex控件,鼠标键盘处理,程序调试和错误处理,文件系统编程,图形图像技术,多媒体技术,SQL应用,数据库开发技术,数据库控件,网络编程技术及企业进销存管理系统等内容。 ... Read more

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  • Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects

    Real-World Arduino, Sensor, and Bluetooth Low Energy Apps in techBASIC

    Why simply play music or go online when you can use your iPhone or iPad for some really fun projects, such as building a metal detector, hacking a radio control truck, or tracking a model rocket in flight? Learn how to build these and other cool things by using iOS device sensors and inexpensive hardware such as Arduino and a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Shield.This hands-on book shows you how to ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • Les macros avec OpenOffice CALC

    La programmation BASIC pour tous

    by Remy Lentzner ...
    Découverte d'OpenOffice CALC.Ce livre s’intéresse aux macros que vous pouvez enregistrer dans OpenOffice CALC. En réalité, une macro est une procédure BASIC que vous modifiez dans un environnement spécifique de programmation. Vous pouvez ainsi créer des applications personnalisées pour contrôler finement des interactions dans le tableur. Vous apprendrez également à développer des boîtes de ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • B4A en Español

    Desarrollo Rápido de App utilizando BASIC

    Translated by Javier Párraga González ...
    Android es el sistema operativo móvil más utilizado del mundo y B4A es la herramienta de desarrollo de aplicaciones más rápida y sencilla, que permite a los principiantes crear potentes aplicaciones Android utilizando el lenguaje BASIC, de fácil aprendizaje.Este libro recoge la versión 8.80 de B4A. Comienza con guías paso a paso para principiantes que explican cómo instalar B4A, utilizar el editor ... Read more

    $28.99 AUD

  • Python

    The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Python Mastery

    Master The PYTHON Programming Language In This Ultimate Beginner's Guide Today!Are you searching for a way to use Python programming effectively? Do you want to learn coding quickly and effortlessly?Introducing PYTHON: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Python Mastery.Programming languages are fascinating and scary at the same time because they can help us advance in our lives, but at the same time, ... Read more

    $16.19 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Python Programming for Beginners

    by Adam Stewart ...
    Python is one of the best programming languages out there. It is easy for beginners to learn and powerful enough to help even advanced programmers get their work done.Python Programming: Python Programming for Beginners is a great place for beginners to take a look at Python and understand this program. From its history and why it is so easy to use to some of the tasks that you can do with Python, ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Implementation Patterns

    by Kent Beck ...
    series Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Beck)
    Software Expert Kent Beck Presents a Catalog of Patterns Infinitely Useful for Everyday ProgrammingGreat code doesn’t just function: it clearly and consistently communicates your intentions, allowing other programmers to understand your code, rely on it, and modify it with confidence. But great code doesn’t just happen. It is the outcome of hundreds of small but critical decisions programmers make ... Read more

    $42.99 AUD

  • Excel VBA - Intermediate Lessons in Excel VBA Programming for Professional Advancement


    by Peter Bradley ...
    series 2
    Do you work in Excel VBA Programming?Are its complications causing you pain and distress?You are not alone!Many people who are using Excel VBA are struggling to get to grips with it beyond the beginner stage. As you attempt to go further and deeper into this programming it becomes more complex, leading to many people simply giving up on it.But help is here, with Excel VBA: Intermediate Lessons in ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus