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Biophysics eBooks

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  • Paradox

    The Nine Greatest Enigmas in Physics

    Jim Al-Khalili is about to untangle the world's greatest science conundrums...___________How does the fact that it gets dark at night prove the Universe must have started with a big bang?Where are all the aliens?Why does the length of a piece of string vary depending on how fast it is moving?Our subject is 'perceived paradoxes' - questions or thought-experiments that on first encounter seem ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Storm in a Teacup

    The Physics of Everyday Life

    by Helen Czerski ...
    'A quite delightful book on the joys, and universality, of physics. Czerski's enthusiasm is infectious because she brings our humdrum everyday world to life, showing us that it is just as fascinating as anything that can be seen by the Hubble Telescope or created at the Large Hadron Collider.' - Jim Al-KhaliliOur world is full of patterns. If you pour milk into your tea and give it a stir, you'll ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Life on the Edge

    The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology

    Life is the most extraordinary phenomenon in the known universe; but how does it work? Even in this age of cloning and synthetic biology, the remarkable truth remains: nobody has ever made anything living entirely out of dead material. Life remains the only way to make life. Are we missing a vital ingredient in its creation?Like Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene, which provided a new perspective ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Equations of Life

    How Physics Shapes Evolution

    One of Britain's foremost astrobiologists offers an accessible and game-changing account of life on Earth.__________________Why is all life based on carbon rather than silicon?And beyond Earth, would life - if it exists - look like our own?__________________The puzzles of life astound and confuse us like no other mystery. But in this groundbreaking book, Professor Charles Cockell reve... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Rainbow And The Worm, The: The Physics Of Organisms (3rd Edition)

    by Mae-wan Ho ...
    This highly unusual book began as a serious inquiry into Schrödinger's question, “What is life?”, and as a celebration of life itself. It takes the reader on a voyage of discovery through many areas of contemporary physics, from non-equilibrium thermodynamics and quantum optics to liquid crystals and fractals, all necessary for illuminating the problem of life. In the process, the reader is ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • The Universe Within

    A Scientific Adventure

    by Neil Shubin ...
    In The Universe Within, Neil Shubin, one of the world's leading experts, reveals to us the extraordinary cosmic and evolutionary adventure of our own bodies.During the past 13.7 billion years (or so) since the Big Bang, our universe has evolved, stars have formed and died and our planet congealed from the matter in space. For aeons, the earth has circled the sun while mountains, seas and entire ... Read more

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  • brain/mind


    The deeply mistaken philosophy that once called itself realism still props up both the modern philosophies known as Continental and Anglo-American. That long-standing mistake is responsible for the big issues that have troubled physicists now for well over a century. In this short eBook those big claims are justified. The very different philosophy called STRICT EMPIRICISM is presented and its ... Read more

    $10.00 AUD

  • Superhuman

    Accompanying the major new BBC documentary series, Superhuman explores the human bodys astonishing ability to heal, renew and regenerate itself. In recording the before, during and after of radical operations on real people it introduces us to the pioneering efforts of medical teams and alerts us to the ethical issues that new medical advances raise. Over six chapters Superhuman addresses ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • On Growth and Form

    series Canto Classics
    Why do living things and physical phenomena take the form they do? D'Arcy Thompson's classic On Growth and Form looks at the way things grow and the shapes they take. Analysing biological processes in their mathematical and physical aspects, this historic work, first published in 1917, has also become renowned for the sheer poetry of its descriptions. A great scientist sensitive to the ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Biophysics For Dummies

    by Ken Vos ...
    The fun, easy way to get up to speed on biophysics concepts, principles, and practicesOne of the most diverse of modern scientific disciplines, biophysics applies methods and technologies from physics to the study of biological systems and phenomena, from the human nervous system to soil erosion to global warming. What are the best options for satisfying the world's growing energy demands? How can ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD $22.99 AUD

  • Tuning in to Nature

    Infrared Radiation and the Insect Communication System

    Learn how plants and insects communicate through emissions in the infrared frequency range and why poisonous pesticides do not solve the real problems facing agriculture. In this breakthrough book Phil Callahan uncovers why certain insects are attracted only to certain plants, the role of pheromones work in nature, and how plants under stress literally signal insects to come devour them. ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD

  • The Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound: Study Guide (Second Edition)

    by Robert Gill ...
    This Study Guide is a companion to the popular ultrasound physics textbook "The Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound: A Practitioner's Guide (Second Edition)". It contains 125 short questions keyed to the textbook chapters and model answers for each. It has been designed for both students and teachers. Students will find it valuable as a learning aid and a resource to test their ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD

  • Every Life Is on Fire

    How Thermodynamics Explains the Origins of Living Things

    A preeminent physicist unveils a field-defining theory of the origins and purpose of life.Why are we alive? Most things in the universe aren't. And everything that is alive traces back to things that, puzzlingly, weren't.For centuries, the scientific question of life's origins has confounded us. But in Every Life Is on Fire, physicist Jeremy England argues that the answer has been under our noses ... Read more

    $33.99 AUD

  • Hormones

    Hormones provides a comprehensive treatment of human hormones viewed in the light of modern theories of hormone action and in the context of current understanding of subcellular and cellular architecture and classical organ physiology. The book begins with discussions of the first principles of hormone action and the seven classes of steroid hormones and their chemistry, biosynthesis, and ... Read more

    $103.99 AUD

  • Anthill Economics

    Animal Ecosystems and the Human Economy

    Does modern economic theory violate the basic laws of nature and physics? That is the question that award-winning environmental and energy writer Nathanial Gronewold sets out to answer in Anthill Economics.Drawing from the nascent field of biophysical economics, Anthill Economics puts forth a radical new way of thinking: as 21st-century citizens, the global economy truly is our human ecosystem. It ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • From Strange Simplicity to Complex Familiarity

    A Treatise on Matter, Information, Life and Thought

    by Manfred Eigen ...
    This book presents a vivid argument for the almost lost idea of a unity of all natural sciences. It starts with the "strange" physics of matter, including particle physics, atomic physics and quantum mechanics, cosmology, relativity and their consequences (Chapter I), and it continues by describing the properties of material systems that are best understood by statistical and phase-space concepts ... Read more

    $297.99 AUD

  • Dance to the Tune of Life

    Biological Relativity

    by Denis Noble ...
    In this thought-provoking book, Denis Noble formulates the theory of biological relativity, emphasising that living organisms operate at multiple levels of complexity and must therefore be analysed from a multi-scale, relativistic perspective. Noble explains that all biological processes operate by means of molecular, cellular and organismal networks. The interactive nature of these fundamental ... Read more

    $26.99 AUD

  • MRI from Picture to Proton

    MRI from Picture to Proton presents the basics of MR practice and theory in a unique way: backwards! The subject is approached just as a new MR practitioner would encounter MRI: starting from the images, equipment and scanning protocols, rather than pages of physics theory. The reader is brought face-to-face with issues pertinent to practice immediately, filling in the theoretical background as ... Read more

    $132.99 AUD

  • Fundamentals of Digital Imaging in Medicine

    by Roger Bourne ...
    In general, image processing texts are intended for students of engineering and computer science, and there is little written at all on the specific requirements of medical image processing. Students of medical radiation science (Diagnostic radiography, Nuclear medicine, Radiation therapy) usually have minimal mathematical and computer science training and find the available texts incomprehensible ... Read more

    $125.99 AUD

  • Leadership and Challenges in Medical Physics: A Strategic and Robust Approach

    A EUTEMPE network book

    series IOP ebooks
    Leadership and Challenges in Medical Physics: A Strategic and Robust Approach aims to help present aspiring future medical physics leaders with effective, strategic and robust leadership skills in a world dominated by austerity economics, inter-professional competition and sometimes unchecked commoditization.Chapters are dedicated to healthy leadership and leadership styles, organizational ... Read more

    $167.99 AUD

  • It Does Matter!: Different States of Matter (For Kiddie Learners)

    Physics for Kids - Molecular Theory

    series Children's Physics Books
    Your child does not have to be a science geek to truly understand the different states of matter. This picture book will serve as an excellent introduction to the subject. With the concepts broken down and presented in cool graphics, young learners will be encouraged to study and love these fundamental scientific concepts. Grab a copy of this book today! ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • The Origin and Nature of Life on Earth

    The Emergence of the Fourth Geosphere

    Uniting the conceptual foundations of the physical sciences and biology, this groundbreaking multidisciplinary book explores the origin of life as a planetary process. Combining geology, geochemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, evolution and statistical physics to create an inclusive picture of the living state, the authors develop the argument that the emergence of life was a necessary cascade ... Read more

    $43.99 AUD

  • I Ching (Yi Jing) and Modern Science

    Its Application for the Benefit of Human Society

    I Ching created from keen observation of the nature in the universe. The key components of Yi Jing are the yin and yang duality, the four phenomena, trigram, two sets of eight trigrams, the 64 hexagrams, two sets of 64 trigrams. The yin and yang duality of the universe posited in Yi Jing correlates with the matter duality of the universe theorized in quantum mechanics. The four phenomena are two ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • The Wonder of Water

    From roaring waterfalls and crashing waves to gentle rain and billowing clouds, water pervades our planet's majestic biosphere. It is easy to take for granted. But this ever-present substance is amazingly fit in a myriad of ways to sustain life on Earth, especially human life. Its unique properties allow it to fill many roles throughout the biological world, from forming the matrix of our cells, ... Read more

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