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Central America

If you like Central America eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • The Lost City of the Monkey God

    by Douglas Preston

    Since the days of conquistador Hernán Cortés, rumours have circulated about a lost city of immense wealth hidden deep in the Honduran interior. Indigenous tribes speak of ancestors who fled there to escape the Spanish invaders, and warn the legendary city is cursed: to enter it is a death sentence. They call it the Lost City of the Monkey God. In 1940, swashbuckling journalist Theodore Morde ... Read more

    $9.56 AUD

  • Mayan Civilization: A History From Beginning to End

    by Henry Freeman

    Making sense of our universe...It's an age-old practice that transcends cultures and generations. From our vantage point, the larger than life Maya civilization grappled with the urge in a grand scale. Join us as we take a voyage to understand the ways of the Maya.Inside you will read about...✓ Who Made Contact? Early Explorers and their Impact✓ How the Maya Wanted to Be Represented - History ... Read more


  • The Man Who Loved Dogs

    by Leonardo Padura and 1 more


    $23.75 AUD

  • American History

    Little Known Secrets That Everyone Should Know About The 22nd Amendment, The Bill of Rights, The Boston Tea Party, The Civil War, The Cold War, The Declaration of Independence and More

    by Jerry Johnson

    In this compelling block-buster guide discover hard-hitting facts about American History, The 22nd Amendment, The Bill of Rights, The Boston Tea Party, The Civil War, The Cold War, The Declaration of Independence and more. ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Mexico

    From the Olmecs to the Aztecs

    by Michael D. Coe and 1 more

    series Ancient Peoples and Places
    This book, long recognized as the most readable and authoritative introduction to the region's pre-columbian civilizations, has now been completely revised for its seventh edition. Spectacular new discoveries have thrown more light on the Olmec culture, Mexicos earliest civilization. At the great city of Teotihuacan, recent investigations in the earliest monumental pyramid indicate the antiquity ... Read more

    $30.13 AUD

  • Jungle of Stone

    The Extraordinary Journey of John L. Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, and the Discovery of the Lost Civilization of the Maya

    by William Carlsen

    The acclaimed chronicle of the discovery of the legendary lost civilization of the Maya. Includes the history of the major Maya sites, including Palenque, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Tuloom, Copan, and more.NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Illustrated with a map and more than 100 images.In 1839, rumors of extraordinary yet baffling stone ruins buried within the unmapped jungles of Central America reached two ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Maya Roads

    One Woman's Journey Among the People of the Rainforest

    by Mary Jo McConahay

    Drawing upon three decades of working, traveling, and living in Central America’s remote and dangerous landscapes, this memoir chronicles a journalist’s fascinating experiences with the people, politics, archaeology, and species of the rainforest, the cradle of Mayan civilization. The intense beauty of the forest, the fantastic locales, the ancient ruins, and the horrific violence of the jungle ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • What You Have Heard Is True

    A Memoir of Witness and Resistance

    by Carolyn Forché

    Carolyn Forché is 27 when a mysterious stranger calling himself Leonel appears on her doorstep, having driven direct from El Salvador. A friend has heard rumours about who he might be - a communist, a CIA operative, a sharpshooter, a revolutionary, a small coffee farmer - but nobody seems to know for certain.Captivated for reasons she doesn't fully understand, she accepts his invitation to visit ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • A History of Violence

    Living and Dying in Central America

    by Óscar Martínez and 1 more

    This is a book about one of the deadliest places in the worldEl Salvador and Honduras have had the highest homicide rates in the world over the past ten years, with Guatemala close behind. Every day more than 1,000 people—men, women, and children—flee these three countries for North America. Óscar Martínez, author of The Beast, named one of the best books of the year by the Economist, Mother Jones ... Read more

    $20.89 AUD

  • Coffeeland

    A History

    by Augustine Sedgewick

    'Thoroughly engrossing' Michael Pollan, The Atlantic'Wonderful, energising' Kathryn Hughes, The GuardianCoffee is one of the most valuable commodities in the history of the global economy and the world's most popular drug. The very word 'coffee' is one of the most widespread on the planet. Augustine Sedgewick's brilliant new history tells the hidden and surprising story of how this came to be, ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Heart That Bleeds

    Latin America Now

    by Alma Guillermoprieto

    An extraordinarily vivid, unflinching series of portraits of South America today, written from the inside out, by the award-winning New Yorker journalist and widely admired author of Samba. ... Read more

    $17.04 AUD

  • Night of Sorrows

    War God Trilogy: Book Three

    by Graham Hancock

    series War God #3
    Cortés and his small army of Conquistadors enter Tenochtitlan, the island city of the Aztecs, as guests of the psychotic emperor Moctezuma who plans to trap them there and kill them all.In a stunning coup, Cortés acts first, taking the emperor hostage and ruling the Aztecs through him. All of Mexico seems about to fall into his hands until a report comes from the coast of the arrival of a new ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Fifth Sun

    A New History of the Aztecs

    by Camilla Townsend

    In November 1519, Hernando Cortés walked along a causeway leading to the capital of the Aztec kingdom and came face to face with Moctezuma. That story--and the story of what happened afterwards--has been told many times, but always following the narrative offered by the Spaniards. After all, we have been taught, it was the Europeans who held the pens. But the Native Americans were intrigued by the ... Read more

    $29.25 AUD

  • Picking Coffee for the Revolution

    A British Solidarity Brigade in Sandinista Nicaragua

    by Keith Doyle

    The author was a member of the second of four brigades organised by the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign for the 1988-89 season, and their experience was quite different from those who’d visited in earlier years. There’d been a Sandinista unilateral ceasefire for nine months, so the Contra War was much quieter. Hyperinflation had returned and, due to the economic crisis, Managua was no longer one of ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • Havana Fever

    by Leonardo Padura and 1 more

    Scorching novel from a star of Cuban fiction. The return of Mario Conde. ... Read more

    $11.21 AUD

  • Havana Black

    A Lieutenant Mario Conde Mystery

    by Leonardo Padura and 1 more

    series Mario Conde Investigates
    Scorching novel from a star of Cuban fiction. Second Conde mystery set in languid Havana. ... Read more

    $11.21 AUD

  • The Maya

    by Michael D. Coe and 1 more

    series Ancient Peoples and Places
    Coe and Houston update this classic account of the New World's greatest ancient civilization, incorporating the most recent research in a fast-changing field.New discoveries of spectacular stucco sculptures at El Zotz and Holmul reveal surprising aspects of Maya royalty; the 'Classic' Maya themselves can be understood as occupants of royal courts, full of Machiavellian intrigue yet operating in ... Read more

    $31.78 AUD

  • Paisanos

    The Forgotten Irish Who Changed the Face of Latin America

    by Tim Fanning

    The epic story of the forgotten Irish men and women who changed the face of Latin America forever.In the early nineteenth century, thousands of volunteers left Ireland behind to join the fight for South American independence. Lured by the promise of adventure, fortune and the opportunity to take a stand against colonialism, they braved the treacherous Atlantic crossing to join the ranks of the ... Read more

    $17.37 AUD

  • Jungleland

    A Mysterious Lost City and a True Story of Deadly Adventure

    by Christopher S Stewart

    For fans of The Lost City of Z, The River of Doubt, and Lost in Shangri-La—a real-life Indiana Jones story, set in the mysterious jungles of Honduras."I began to daydream about the jungle...."On April 6, 1940, explorer and future World War II spy Theodore Morde (who would one day attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler), anxious about the perilous journey that lay ahead of him.Deep inside “the little ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • The Lost Chronicles Of The Maya Kings

    by David Drew

    A fascinating history of the Maya - drawing on a wealth of recent archaeological discoveries - whose civilisation in the jungles of Central America was for almost a thousand years hidden from the world.Over the last two centuries explorers have made the most remarkable discoveries in the tropical forests of Central America. Across much of present-day Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras dozens ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Colombia and the United States

    War, Unrest and Destabilization

    by Mario A. Murillo

    series Open Media Series
    Every year the United States spends millions of dollars to help the war-ravaged country of Colombia. But help it with what? In Colombia and the U.S. Mario Murillo explores the misdirected and devastating impact that U.S. military "aid" continues to have on the war torn-people of Colombia. Beginning with a brief history of Colombia, Murillo analyzes the complex forces driving Colombia's current ... Read more

    $13.52 AUD

  • Intellectual Foundations of the Nicaraguan Revolution

    by Donald C. Hodges

    In this critical study of the thought of Augusto Cesar Sandino and his followers, Donald C. Hodges has discovered a coherent ideological thread and political program, which he succeeds in tracing to Mexican and Spanish sources. Sandino's strong religious inclination in combination with his anarchosyndicalist political ideology established him as a religious seer and moral reformer as well as a ... Read more

    $34.64 AUD

  • José Revueltas y Roberto Bolaño

    Formas genéricas de la experiencia

    by Alejandro Sánchez Lopera

    series Literatura y Cultura
    Este libro busca intervenir en el debate sobre formas del pensamiento latinoamericano, mas alla de la historia de las ideas, el poscolonialismo/decolonialismo, y la filosofia de la liberacion. Utiliza la literatura de Jose Revueltas (Mexico, 1914-1976) y Roberto Bolano (Chile, 1953-2003) para pensar filosoficamente a America Latina, e interrogar modos de la experiencia ilegibles desde coordenadas ... Read more

    $19.02 AUD

  • La casa de los espíritus de Isabel Allende (Guía de lectura)

    Resumen y análisis completo

    by ResumenExpress

    series Guía de lectura presenta y analiza en esta guía de lectura La casa de los espíritus, la primera novela de Isabel Allende, que la consagró como escritora de grandes ventas y cosechó un gran éxito traducido en múltiples adaptaciones. Con una habilidosa mezcla de hechos históricos y situaciones inverosímiles y fantasiosas, cuenta la historia de las cuatro generaciones de la familia Trueba-Del ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD