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  • The Ghost Marriage

    A China Novella

    by Peter May

    series China Thrillers #7
    LI YAN AND MARGARET CAMPBELL RETURN IN A NEW SHORT STORY, YEARS AFTER THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION OF CHINESE WHISPERS.'I saw your missing girl at a ghost wedding last week. She was the bride.'It has been a whirlwind few years for Li Yan and Margaret Campbell. Nowadays, both are busy juggling their huge professional workloads - Li as the newly promoted chief of Beijing's serious crime squad, and ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • One Bright Moon

    by Andrew Kwong

    From famine to freedom, how a young boy fled Chairman Mao's China to a new life in AustraliaAndrew Kwong was only seven when he witnessed his first execution. The grim scene left him sleepless, anxious and doubtful about his commitment as a revolutionary in Mao's New China. Yet he knew if he devoted himself to the Party and its Chairman he would be saved. That's what his teacher told him.Months ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister

    Three Women at the Heart of Twentieth-Century China

    by Jung Chang

    *SHORTLISTED FOR THE HWA NON-FICTION CROWN 2020*Meet the three women who helped shape the course of modern Chinese history; a gripping story of sisterhood and betrayal from the bestselling author of Wild Swans.They were the most famous sisters in China. As the country battled seismic transformations these three women left an indelible mark on history.Red Sister rose to be Mao's vice-chair.<... ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Mao: The Unknown Story

    by Jon Halliday and 1 more

    The most authoritative life of Mao ever written, by the bestselling author of Wild Swans, Jung Chang and her husband, historian Jon Halliday.Based on a decade of research, and on interviews with many of Mao's close circle in China who have never talked before, and with virtually everyone outside China who had significant dealings with him, this is the most authoritative life of Mao ever written. ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Red Sun Rising

    Japan, China and the West: 1894-1941

    by Nick Shepley

    series Explaining History #5
    In the second half of the 19th Century, Japan awoke from centuries of isolation to be a surprising and warlike challenge to European power in Asia. This ebook charts the rise of Japan's power and her dominion over China. It also explores how Japan came to challenge European nations convinced of their own invincibility in the east, culminating in the attack on the USA at Pearl Harbour. ... Read more

    $6.26 AUD

  • Growing Up Jewish in China

    by Dolly Beil

    A colorful memoir of Jewish life in China during the first half of the twentieth century.Dolly Beil spent the first part of her life in the Chinese cities of Tsingtao (Qingdao), Mukden (Shenyang), Harbin, and Tientsin (Tianjin). Her father, owner of a jewellery store and a businessman, descended from the prominent family of Solomon Guterman, who owned an estate in Irkutsk, Russia. Her mother was ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

    by Jung Chang

    Few books have had such an impact as Wild Swans: a popular bestseller which has sold more than 13 million copies and a critically acclaimed history of China; a tragic tale of nightmarish cruelty and an uplifting story of bravery and survival.Through the story of three generations of women in her own family – the grandmother given to the warlord as a concubine, the Communist mother and the daughter ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Empress Dowager Cixi

    The Concubine Who Launched Modern China

    by Jung Chang

    Discover the extraordinary story of the woman who brought China into the modern age, from the bestselling author of Wild SwansIn this groundbreaking biography, Jung Chang vividly describes how Empress Dowager Cixi – the most important woman in Chinese history – brought a medieval empire into the modern age. Under her, the ancient country attained virtually all the attributes of a modern state and ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Fourth Sacrifice

    A hold-your-heart hunt for a horrifying truth (China Thriller 2)

    by Peter May

    series China Thrillers #2
    PETER MAY: OVER 3 MILLION COPIES SOLD'A TERRIFIC WRITER' MARK BILLINGHAM'WONDERFULLY COMPELLING' KATE MOSSEIn the second novel in the China series, Li Yan and Margaret Campbell are reluctantly reunited, on the trail of a killer reenacting a series of gruesome ritualsTHE SECOND OPINIONThe Chinese police have once more been forced to enlist the ... ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Mao's Great Famine

    The History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-62

    by Frank Dikötter

    Winner of the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction 2011Between 1958 and 1962, 45 million Chinese people were worked, starved or beaten to death.MaoZedong threw his country into a frenzy with the Great Leap Forward, anattempt to catch up with and overtake the Western world in less thanfifteen years. It lead to one of the greatest catastrophes the world hasever known.Dikotter's extraordinary ... Read more

    $16.38 AUD

  • Snakehead

    The heart-stopping China series travels to America (China Thriller 4)

    by Peter May

    series China Thrillers #4
    FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE LEWIS TRILOGY AND THE ENZO THRILLERS'FAST, EXCITING' IRISH TIMES'AN EXCELLENT SERIES' KIRKUSPETER MAY: OVER 3 MILLION COPIES SOLD***Human trafficking and inhuman terrorism - the fourth instalment in Peter May's critically acclaimed serie***s.SUFFOCATEDA vehicle crammed with dozens of dead Chinese immigrants is fo... ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Chinese Whispers

    A stunning race-against-time serial killer thriller (China Thriller 6)

    by Peter May

    series China Thrillers #6
    THE #1 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR'A TENSE AND ATMOSPHERIC THRILLER WITH A HEART-STOPPING ENDING' TANGLED WEB'POWERFUL AND AUTHENTIC' GLASGOW HERALDThe Beijing Ripper makes a personal vendetta against Detective Li Yan in the sixth and final episode in the China seriesGRUESOME MURDERSHis victims are young, beautiful and coldly mutilated. H... ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • When China Rules The World

    The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World [Greatly updated and expanded]

    by Martin Jacques

    China will replace the United States as the world's dominant power. In so doing, it will not become more western but the world will become more Chinese.Jacques argues that we cannot understand China in western terms but only through its own history and culture. To this end, he introduces a powerful set of ideas including China as a civilization-state, the tributary system, the Chinese idea of race ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Buy Me the Sky

    The remarkable truth of China’s one-child generations

    by Xinran

    'Fast-paced and punchy ... accomplished' IndependentWith journalistic acumen and a novelist's flair, Xinran tells the remarkable stories of men and women born in China after 1979 - the recent generations raised under China's single-child policy. At a time when the country continues to transform at the speed of light, these generations of precious 'one and onlies' are burdened with expectation, yet ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • China: A History

    by John Keay

    Three thousand years of Chinese history in an accessible and authoritative single volume.Despite the recent rise of China to a position of dominance on the world economic stage, Chinese history remains an elusive subject. Yet it is this vast narrative of appalling loss, superhuman endeavour and incredible invention that has made China the superpower it is today. From the dawn of legend to the ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • On China

    by Henry Kissinger

    For more than twenty years after the Communist Revolution in 1949, China and most of the western world had no diplomats in each others' capitals and no direct way to communicate. Then, in July 1971, Henry Kissinger arrived secretly in Beijing on a mission which quickly led to the reopening of relations between China and the West and changed the course of post-war history.For the past forty years, ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Party

    The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers

    by Richard McGregor

    China's secret rulers are the elephant in the room. They are the largest political organisation in the world. They control every aspect of Chinese life. And no one discusses them. Until now.Who are they? And how do they operate? Richard McGregor has spent twenty years reporting on this region of the world and he has used all of his experience to uncover the true story of the Chinese Communist ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Shanghai 1937

    Stalingrad on the Yangtze

    by Peter Harmsen

    The New York Times bestseller that inspired the documentary Shanghai 1937: Where World War II Began on Public Television.At its height, the Battle of Shanghai involved nearly a million Chinese and Japanese soldiers while sucking in three million civilians as unwilling spectators—and often victims. It turned what had been a Japanese imperialist adventure in China into a general war between the two ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • The Corpse Walker and Other True Stories of Life in China

    by Liao Yiwu

    The Corpse Walker is a collection of interviews conducted between 1990 and 2008 that opens a window unlike any other onto the lives of ordinary, often outcast, Chinese men and women.'Twenty-seven unforgettable life stories from China's seething underworld of the excluded: those who do not make history but who are condemned to suffer it. Liao Yiwu, imprisoned for four years for obstinate truth ... Read more

    $25.51 AUD

  • The Last Manchu

    The Autobiography of Henry Pu Yi, Last Emperor of China

    by Henry Pu Yi and 1 more

    In 1908 at the age of two, Henry Pu Yi ascended to become the last emperor of the centuries-old Manchu dynasty. After revolutionaries forced Pu Yi to abdicate in 1911, the young emperor lived for thirteen years in Peking’s Forbidden City, but with none of the power his birth afforded him. The remainder of Pu Yi’s life was lived out in a topsy-turvy fashion: fleeing from a Chinese warlord, becoming ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Destined for War

    can America and China escape Thucydides’ Trap?

    by Graham Allison and 1 more

    China and the United States are heading toward a war neither wants.The reason is Thucydides’s Trap, a deadly pattern of structural stress that results when a rising power challenges a ruling one. This phenomenon is as old as history itself. About the Peloponnesian War that devastated ancient Greece, the historian Thucydides explained: ‘It was the rise of Athens and the fear that this instilled in ... Read more

    $25.51 AUD

  • Life and Death in Shanghai

    by Nien Cheng

    A first-hand account of China's cultural revolution.A first-hand account of China's cultural revolution. Nien Cheng, an anglophile and fluent English-speaker who worked for Shell in Shanghai under Mao, was put under house arrest by Red Guards in 1966 and subsequently jailed. All attempts to make her confess to the charges of being a British spy failed; all efforts to indoctrinate her were met by a ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD

  • A Short History of China

    by Gordon Kerr

    The turbulent and chequered past of the world's most populous country is one of the most fascinating in world history, and relatively little known in the West. From the beginnings of Chinese prehistory right through to internet censorship with the 'Great Firewall of China', Gordon Kerr offers a comprehensive introduction to the sprawling history of this enormous country. A Short History of China ... Read more

    $9.89 AUD

  • Imperial Twilight

    Shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize, 2018

    by Stephen R. Platt

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2018 BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZEA Financial Times Book of the YearA Sunday Times Book of the Year________________________________________'Entertaining and well-paced... Platt's compelling book is a sobering read that should focus the minds of those who like to talk of the achievements of the Victorian age without thinking about how those ... ... Read more

    $12.64 AUD