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Christian Science

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  • The Shift Series Box Set

    by Beca Lewis

    series The Shift Series
    Thousands of readers have transformed their lives through Beca Lewis’ Shift Series. Now you can the entire Shift Series in one box set. Readers claim that these are the best spiritual self-books they have ever read. At least one of these books will shift your life forever. ... Read more

    $18.42 AUD

  • Iniquity 2016

    by Ana Mendez Ferrell

    This book is the result of a deep research and revelation of Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell in the field of deliverance. This “best seller” is an essential work that ever person must read in order to enter into the fullness of God’s destiny in one’s life. This is a book of answers and solutions to the many things that are bothering you and you don’t know how to solve. As you get free from iniquity you ... Read more


  • Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (Authorized Edition)

    by Mary Baker Eddy

    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is Mary Baker Eddy's primary work and the definitive textbook on the system of healing that she discovered in 1866 and named Christian Science. First published in 1875 Science and Health has sold over 10 million copies and is still a best-seller. It has been cited by the Women's National Book Association as "one of the 75 books by women whose words ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • The Divinity of Christ

    by H.H. Pope Shenouda III

    The Divinity of Christ is one of the most important and vital subjects in the Christian doctrine. Many heresies rose against it in various eras, and the Church confronted them and replied to them. The most dangerous was the Arian Heresy which reached its peak in the fourth century and led to many Ecumenical Councils being held. The first Ecumenical Council in history was held in 325 A.D., attended ... Read more


  • Pharmakeia: A Hidden Assassin 2016

    by Ana Mendez Ferrell

    In this book I am unmasking what I consider to be one of the greatest adversaries of this century, the spirit of “Pharmakeia.” This spirit controls the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Millions of people are captive, believing that the answer to their sickness is found in medicine. Within these pages, you will read things that you never imagined that could be true. You will get to know the real ... Read more

    $9.20 AUD

  • Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896 (Authorized Edition)

    by Mary Baker Eddy

    Miscellaneous Writings is a compilation of Mary Baker Eddy's articles and writings, many of which originally appeared in The Christian Science Journal. In this collection, Eddy encourages individual spiritual growth and relates her own experience of putting her system of Christian Science healing into practice. This book includes: Love Your EnemiesOne Cause and EffectQuestions and AnswersBible ... Read more

    $16.05 AUD

  • Prose Works (Authorized Edition)

    by Mary Baker Eddy

    In 1925, Mary Baker Eddy's prose writings other than Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and the Manual of The Mother Church were brought together in a single volume entitled Prose Works. These writings—a collection of addresses, letters, sermons, and articles—give valuable insights into her role as Founder and Leader of the Christian Science Church and strengthen the reader's spiritual ... Read more

    $24.63 AUD

  • Boot Language

    A Memoir

    by Vanya Erickson

    From the outside, Vanya’s childhood looked idyllic: she rode horses with her father in the solitude of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and attended flamboyant operas with her mother in the city. But life for Vanya and her family turned dark when ghosts from her father’s service on a Pacific destroyer in World War II tore her family apart.Set in postwar California, this is the story of a girl who tried ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • Science And Health: With Key To The Scriptures - 1875, Revised Through 1910 (Mobi Classics)

    by Mary Baker Eddy

    This is an electronic edition of the complete book complemented by author biography. This book features a table of contents linked to every chapter. The book was designed for optimal navigation on the iPad, Nook, PDA, Smartphone, and other electronic readers. It is formatted to display on all electronic devices including eReaders, Smartphones and other Mobile Devices with a small display. ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Richard Dawkins, C.S. Lewis and the Meaning of Life

    by Alister McGrath

    Alister McGrath has written to great acclaim on both Richard Dawkins and C. S. Lewis. Here he brings these two intriguing and well-known writers into a conversation. They could hardly have more different perspectives! Engaging with their views is a brilliant way of sharpening up our own thinking on the meaning of life. ... Read more

    $8.46 AUD


    A Six Book Set

    by Anthony Borgia and 1 more

    THE ANTHONY BORGIA COLLECTIVE WORKS!A Six Book SetHeaven And EarthLife In The World UnseenMore About Life In The Unseen WorldHere And AfterMore LightFacts (Recorded By Anthony Borgia)HEAVEN AND EARTHSynopsisTaken from the preface:SO MANY of my reader friends, being painfully conscious of the immense and disruptive changes that have ... ... Read more

    $10.74 AUD

  • The Breath of God Over Essential Oils 2016

    by Emerson Ferrell

    The sound of God’s voice produced the frequency of light that created all things (Light Be). The whole  universe, both visible and invisible  is vibrating at the frequencies of our Heavenly Father.  Light and sound are the life forces inside all the elements on earth including man. The highest frequency on earth is found in plants and their sole purpose is to serve mankind. They are one of the ... Read more

    $9.20 AUD

  • Contemplations on the Book of Jonah the Prophet

    by H.H. Pope Shenouda III

    The Book of Jonah the Prophet is full of wonderful spiritual contemplation. Our aim in this book is to tackle purely the spiritual side, and not the theological side.Our aim is to benefit and not to debate. We wish to take from this beautiful Book beneficial lessons for our life. We wish to benefit from God's work and from people's virtues and faults.How beautiful is the Church's choice! She chose ... Read more



    by Robert A. Russell and 1 more

    GOD WORKS THROUGH FAITHBy Robert A. RussellSynopsisThis is the second in a series of books in which each title begins with the words,"God Works…" I do not apologize for the repetition in the title or in the content. The human mind tends to learn great truths, scientific principles, and mathematical facts slowly, or so my own experience leads me to believe. Can you remember your struggle with ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • The Spiritual Means

    by H.H. Pope Shenouda III

    “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God” (Rom 8:14). He leads them through certain means which if they follow, they will take part in the work of the Holy Spirit and be in the communion of the Holy Spirit (2Cor 13:14). We call these means ‘The Spiritual Means’ or the means of grace, that is, the means through which the grace of God works or with which it works... In ... Read more


  • The Nature of Christ

    by H.H. Pope Shenouda III

    The nature of Christ is a very important subject that caused a serious dissension within the Church in the fifth century, in 451 AD. When the theological dialogue started as an effort towards the unity of churches, the subject had to be discussed. Therefore, our Orthodox Church found it necessary to issue a book which presents its concept in this regard in a language fit for theological dialogues ... Read more


  • Homosexuality and Ordination of Women

    by H.H. Pope Shenouda III

    The authentic views of the Coptic Orthodox Church on the two controversial subjects of 'The Ordination of Women' and 'Homosexuality' have been clearly and authoritatively expressed by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III in two lectures given on the 26th of November 1990. A great number of clergymen from various churches heard His Holiness give evidence from the Holy Bible and from tradition relating ... Read more


  • Alles behalve kennis

    by Harry Kuitert

    Theologie is alles behalve kennis van God. Om dat te laten zien herschrijft Harry Kuitert de geschiedenis van de theologie, die met Plato begint en via de scholastiek in de leer van Karl Barth culmineert. Velen beschouwen Barth als de grote bevrijder van de scholastieke theologie, die ervan uitging dat haar kennis van God 'van zijn wezen en eigenschappen' aan alle eisen van wetenschappelijkheid ... Read more

    $24.54 AUD

  • Evolusie vir Christene

    by Albert Alberts

    Die boek neem die Christen op ’n pad om te besef dat hy of sy die huidige wetenskap van evolusie ten volle kan aanvaar en nog steeds in verwondering die hande kan ophef en Hom kan prys en eer vir Sy krag en majesteit. Die onderliggende wetenskap en die Christelike sienswyses word deeglik behandel. Klem word geplaas op die benaderings van bekende Christen teoloë en wetenskaplikes. ... Read more

    $12.77 AUD

  • Creation Speaks

    A Study of the Scientific Aspects of the Genesis Record of Creation and the Flood

    by Harold W. Clark

    This book is for the layman, not for the scientist. It is intended to be non technical and non-argumentative, for the author is convinced that the fundamental principles regarding science and the Bible can be expressed in ordinary everyday language. Its purpose is to present the viewpoint of a creationist with respect to scientific problems involved in a literal interpretation of Genesis.It is a ... Read more

    $4.06 AUD

  • Why Science Matters

    What DOES the Bible say about things scientific?

    by John Norsworthy

    Has science demolished belief in the God of the Bible?This book presents an important message for every senior high school or university student, whether they are studying science or not.Written in an easy-to-read style, it clearly explains what the Bible says about things related to the scientific world, and how the Bible laid the philosophical and ethical foundations for modern science. It shows ... Read more

    $9.69 AUD


    by Neville Goddard and 1 more

    THE LAW AND THE PROMISEByNeville GoddardSynopsisNeville was a 20th century metaphysician and mystic who believed that our human imagination is God. In his books and lectures, Neville emphasized that what we feel and what we imagine will always manifest in our outer world."The Law & the Promise" includes numerous success stories which are genuinely inspiring. Chapter 7, titled "Moods," is ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • The Mother of Christian Science: The Life and Legacy of Mary Baker Eddy

    by Charles River Editors

    *Includes pictures of Mary Baker Eddy and important people and places in her life.*Explains the tenets of Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy's founding of the Church of Christ, Scientist*Discusses the controversies surrounding Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, including criticism by authors like Mark Twain*Includes a list of Mary Baker Eddy's writings and a bibliography for further reading ... Read more

    $3.97 AUD

  • The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

    by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

    series Izvor (EN)
    PresentationTwo streams from the same Source.We are continually subject to the duality of good and evil, for more often than not nothing is quite right or quite wrong, and even the best things can come with downsides. To this question, this book does not only provide clear and precise explanations but above all practical methods to strengthen oneself spiritually, learn to manage this duality and ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD