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  • Angels Can Fly a Modern Clown User Guide

    by Alan Clay

    This book is a modern clown user guide. It includes a mix of fiction which follows the adventures of ten clown characters some personal clown anecdotes from clowns from around the world and some theory on the nature of modern clown as well as 50 practical clown exercises appropriate for workshops or performance. ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts

    An Illustrated Guide to Strength, Flexibility, Training, and Injury Prevention

    by Emily Scherb

    An illustrated guide to anatomy and biomechanics for aerialists who want to optimize their performance and train safelySpecifically designed for aerialists—including those who do trapeze, silks, and other aerial arts— Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts is an invaluable resource for those who want to optimize their performance and train safely.Using a biomechanical and movement-based approach, Emily ... Read more

    $24.52 AUD

  • Clownland

    by Judith Anne Lanigan

    Clownland is a journey through an unusual country to discover what its extraordinary inhabitants have learnt about life, loss, and happiness.             Injured, and living on the edge of country town, Lanigan embarks on an unconventional, at moments disastrous, but ultimately inspiring guided tour of this strange land- Clownland.             This is not a text book.  This is not an objective, ... Read more

    $9.56 AUD

  • DIY Circus Lab for Kids

    A Family- Friendly Guide for Juggling, Balancing, Clowning, and Show-Making

    by Jackie Leigh Davis

    series Lab for Kids
    Produce your own circus! Make your own stilts, juggling sticks, and tightrope, then learn to use them; master the human pyramid; discover how to create your own circus acts and shows; and much more with DIY Circus Lab for Kids. Companion online video tutorials for every prop and skill make learning easy.Veteran circus educator Jackie Leigh Davis takes you, step by step, through the props and ... Read more

    $28.26 AUD

  • Truevine

    An Extraordinary True Story of Two Brothers and a Mother's Love

    by Beth Macy

    THE EXTRAORDINARY TRUE STORY"This first-rate journey into human trafficking, slavery, and familial bonding is an engrossing example of spirited, determined reportage." Kirkus"As compelling as Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks ... Certain to be among the most memorable books of the year." Connie Fletcher, BooklistThe year was 1899, as the old people told the story; the place a ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • The Hartford Circus Fire: Tragedy Under the Big Top

    by Michael Skidgell

    series Disaster
    Through firsthand accounts, interviews with survivors and a gripping collection of vintage photographs, author Michael Skidgell attempts to make sense of one of Hartford's worst tragedies.Almost 7,000 fans eagerly packed into the Ringling Brothers big top on July 6, 1944. With a single careless act, an afternoon at the "Greatest Show on Earth" quickly became one of terror and tragedy as the ... Read more

    $19.95 AUD

  • American Sideshow

    by Marc Hartzman

    A fascinating look into the history of the American sideshow and its performers. Learn what's real, what's fake, and what's just downright bizarre.You've probably heard of Tom Thumb. The Elephant Man. Perhaps even Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins. But what about Eli Bowen, the legless acrobat? Or Prince Randian, the human torso? These were just a few of the many stars that shone during ... Read more

    $12.42 AUD

  • Il circo fatato

    by Sconosciuto

    È la storia di un piccolo circo, dei suoi componenti e, soprattutto, del suo proprietario, nonché capocomico e attore principale, Antonio Viganò, persona alquanto arguta e sagace. Quest'ultimo, insieme al suo gruppo di “artisti”, dovrà affrontare diverse vicissitudini e peripezie fino alle estreme conseguenze.È una fiaba? Un romanzo? Forse tutto questo e anche di più, molto di più.Per ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Circus Mania

    The Ultimate Book For Anyone Who Dreamed of Running Away to the Circus

    by Douglas McPherson

    The circus has been with us since Roman times, but centuries later, the circus world has never been more diverse and captivating, the global success of Cirque du Soleil testament to its enduring and universal appeal. In Britain alone, there are traditional family circuses for kids and arty cirque-style shows for adults, circuses in tents and circuses in theatres, circuses with animals and circuses ... Read more

    $14.51 AUD

  • Akrobatik

    Training - Technik - Inszenierung

    by Michael Blume

    Das Gleichgewicht zu halten, sowohl den eigenen Körper als auch andere Körper in ungewöhnlichen Lagen, Haltungen und Situationen zu balancieren, ist das Charakteristische und Faszinierende der Partnerakrobatik sowie des Menschenbilder- und Pyramidenbaus. Erstmals werden durch das vorliegende Buch Grundlagen des akrobatischen Trainings aufgezeigt: gezieltes Aufwärmen, sinnvoller Trainings- und ... Read more

    $25.99 AUD

  • The Art of Collectivity

    Social Circus and the Cultural Politics of a Post-Neoliberal Vision

    by Jennifer Beth Spiegel and 1 more

    Amidst epidemics of youth alienation and cultural polarization, community-based artistic practices are sprouting up around the world as antidotes to policies of austerity and social exclusion. Rejecting the radical individualism of the neoliberal era, many artistic projects promote collectivity and togetherness in navigating challenges and constructing shared futures. The Art of Collectivity is ... Read more

    $33.65 AUD

  • Freestyle

    The Ultimate Guide to Riding, Training, and Competing to Music

    by Sandra Beaulieu

    The only book in print on riding horses to musicCovers dressage, Western dressage, Cowboy Dressage, reining, and liberty exhibitionsProvides everything readers need to know to enjoy freestyles of their own—whether for fun or for ribbons ... Read more

    $28.26 AUD

  • Bajo las lilas

    by Louisa May Alcott

    Publicada en 1876, "Bajo las lilas" es una novela de la autora americana Louisa May Alcott, mundialmente encumbrada por su obra maestra "Mujercitas"."Bajo las lilas" es una hermosa y tierna novela juvenil donde la autora relata las aventuras del niño Ben Brown cuando, al alejarse del circo donde trabajaba, con Sancho su perro amaestrado, conoce a unas hermanitas que juegan bajo las lilas. Ben ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • Palavra de palhaço

    by Ana Achcar and 1 more

    O livro 'Palavra de Palhaço' nasceu de uma pergunta não respondida: do que precisa o palhaço? Resultado de encontros, perguntas e estudos para a formação de palhaço e de palhaçaria de circo, o livro - organizado e produzido sobretudo por palhaços - mostra os encontros que aconteciam na residência artística e na criação de exercícios cênicos a partir de falas, biografias, números, reprises, gags e ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Mini Dictionnaire Franco - Manouche

    by Alain Nénert

    Ce mini-dictionnaire, écrit par Alain Nénert, auteur de plusieurs ouvrages sur le cirque, est composé d’un index alphabétique commenté manouche-français et français-manouche.L’auteur y a ajouté plusieurs chapitres complémentaires sur les us et coutumes des Gens du Voyage qui résument l’essentiel de leur quotidien comme la nourriture, la nature, le sexe, la famille ou l’honneur. Cet ouvrage ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Palhaços

    by Mário Fernando Bolognesi

    Trata-se de um estudo sobre o circo e seus palhaços no Brasil atual. Resultou de uma pesquisa bibliográfica e empírica, que incluiu viagens por quase todo o país, registros fotográficos, observações diretas e entrevistas. Resultado de uma pesquisa bibliográfica e empírica, com viagens por grande parte do Brasil, este livro não só preenche uma lacuna acadêmica sobre a história do circo e a ... Read more

    $12.13 AUD

  • Les Amuseurs de la rue

    Essai historique

    by Augustin Challamel and 2 more

    Extrait : "- Allons, voyons, Augustin, ne fais donc pas comme cela le Bobèche ! Telle fut l'apostrophe que ma bonne mère me lança, un jour que je me signalais, devant elle, par toutes sortes d'extravagances, en gestes et en paroles. J'étais niais au suprême degré. J'avais alors onze ans, l'âge où l'on a déjà la prétention de se compter parmi les personnages..."À PROPOS DES ÉDITIONS LIGARANLes ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD

  • Gestão espetacular

    Um show de resultados

    by Marlene Querubin and 1 more

    Em "Gestão Espetacular: um show de resultados" encontraremos análises sobre o circo enquanto organização empresarial e entender algumas particularidades a respeito da gestão de pessoas e de processos deste ambiente. Veremos habilidades como estar preparado para se adaptar a uma velocidade cada vez maior; para gerenciar mudanças de modo rápido e eficaz; para desenvolver o sentimento de confiança ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Boutique Yoyo Brand Ebook

    by J.D. McKay

    It's time to make your hobby pay! Join Two-time Canadian Yoyo Champion "Mryoyothrower" (aka J.D. McKay) as he guides you through his journey to creating a successful business selling his favourite toy!-set up a small business and plan for growth-stand out with your own unique marketing strategy-stay front and center on social media-design and source high quality product-make those sales both ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • New York City Circus And Amusement Park Directory, 1930

    by Robert Grey Reynolds Jr

    My directory records every business which was listed in the Circus and Amusement Park sections of New York City directories for 1929, 1930, and 1933. I have taken some liberties with the title to include companies which appeared shortly before and after 1930. Researchers and readers can utilize the additional information to study the attrition of carnival firms which did not survive after the ... Read more

    $2.81 AUD

  • Becoming Centaur

    Eighteenth-Century Masculinity and English Horsemanship

    by Monica Mattfeld

    series Animalibus: Of Animals and Cultures #9
    In this study of the relationship between men and their horses in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century England, Monica Mattfeld explores the experience of horsemanship and how it defined one’s gendered and political positions within society.Men of the period used horses to transform themselves, via the image of the centaur, into something other—something powerful, awe-inspiring, and mythical. ... Read more

    $36.95 AUD

  • Beneath the Big Top

    A Social History of the Circus in Britain

    by Steve Ward

    “A valuable and illuminating read, shedding a lot of light on the political, economic and technological factors that have driven circus evolution” (The Circus Diaries).Beneath the Big Top is a social history of the circus, from its ancient roots to the rise of the “modern” tented travelling shows. A performer and founder of a circus group, Steve Ward draws on eyewitness accounts and contemporary ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Olly's Circus


    by Mat Gardener

    series DREAMTIME #1
    Early one evening, a young boy called Olly was taken to see a performing circus as a special treat. For Olly it proved to be a very interesting night, filled with excitement and drama, as the various performers went through their acts. This story is about the things Olly saw during the circus performance, and about a dream he had later that night as he lay asleep in his bed.This particular book ... Read more

    $3.96 AUD

  • Applause

    A Second Chance

    by Gayle Wilson

    The circusits a place of glitz, glamour, and wonder. For the Koso family from Czechoslovakia, living the circus life means always hearing the audiences applause, a sound sweeter than cotton candy. As part of the Wills & Waterson Royal Three Ring Circus, the family performs bareback riding shows that fascinate and amaze their audiences.Katiya and her husband, Maxim, teach their son, Jerry, the ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD