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  • Turn Words Into Wealth

    Blueprint for Your Business, Brand, and Book to Create Multiple Streams of Income & Impact

    by Aurora Winter ...
    series Turn Your Words Into Wealth
    AWARD-WINNING BOOK BY BESTSELLING AUTHOR.Discover how to create multiple streams of income with your successful business, brand, and book.LEARN:**> 7 ways to profit from publishing your bookSecrets of the most successful authors, speakers, and leaders**> The art of public speaking> Why your book is your best marketing tool> How to co... ... Read more

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  • The End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the nature of legal services

    Rethinking the nature of legal services

    This widely acclaimed legal bestseller has provoked a tidal wave of debate within the legal profession, being hailed as an inspiration by some and as heresy by others. Susskind lays down a challenge to all lawyers, and indeed all those in a professional service environment. He urges them to ask themselves, with their hands on their hearts, what elements of their current workload could be ... Read more

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  • Tomorrow's Lawyers

    An Introduction to Your Future

    Tomorrow's Lawyers predicts that we are at the beginning of a period of fundamental transformation in law: a time in which we will see greater change than we have seen in the past two centuries. Where the future of the legal service will be a world of internet-based global businesses, online document production, commoditized service, legal process outsourcing, and web based simulation practice. ... Read more

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  • The Introverted Lawyer

    A Seven Step Journey Toward Authentically Empowered Advocacy

    A stereotype bias exists in law school and legal practice favoring the garrulous extrovert. While loquacious law students, professors, lawyers, and judges thrive in a world dominated by the Socratic Method and rapid-fire oral discourse, quiet thinkers and writers can become sidelined. Introverted, shy, or socially anxious law students and lawyers often question their place in the legal arena, ... Read more

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  • The Harm in Hate Speech

    series The Oliver Wendell Holmes Lectures, 2009.
    For constitutionalists, regulation of hate speech violates the First Amendment and damages a free society. Waldron rejects this view, and makes the case that hate speech should be regulated as part of a commitment to human dignity and to inclusion and respect for members of vulnerable minorities. ... Read more

    $24.99 AUD

  • Who Controls the Internet?

    Illusions of a Borderless World

    Is the Internet erasing national borders? Will the future of the Net be set by Internet engineers, rogue programmers, the United Nations, or powerful countries? Who's really in control of what's happening on the Net? In this provocative new book, Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu tell the fascinating story of the Internet's challenge to governmental rule in the 1990s, and the ensuing battles with ... Read more

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  • The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Colleges and Universities, Second Edition

    Repairing Harm and Rebuilding Trust in Response to Student Misconduct

    by David R. Karp ...
    series Justice and Peacebuilding
    A Practitioner's Reference and Guide to Implement Restorative Justice on CampusHere’s a call to colleges and universities to consider implementing restorative practices on their campuses, ensuring fair treatment of students and staff while minimizing institutional liability, protecting the campus community, and boosting morale, from an associate dean of student affairs who has put these models to ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • The Little Book of Restorative Teaching Tools

    Games, Activities, and Simulations for Understanding Restorative Justice Practices

    series Justice and Peacebuilding
    Engaging Practices for Integrating Restorative Justice Principles in Group SettingsAs restorative practices spread around the world, scholars and practitioners have begun to ask very important questions: How should restorative practices be taught? What educational structures and methods are in alignment with restorative values and principles? This book introduces games as an effective and dynamic ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Little Book of Conflict Transformation

    Clear Articulation Of The Guiding Principles By A Pioneer In The Field

    by John Lederach ...
    series Justice and Peacebuilding
    This clearly articulated statement offers a hopeful and workable approach to conflict—that eternally beleaguering human situation. John Paul Lederach is internationally recognized for his breakthrough thinking and action related to conflict on all levels—person-to-person, factions within communities, warring nations. He explores why "conflict transformation" is more appropriate than "conflict ... Read more

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  • Absent Justice

    by Alan Smith ...
    Absent Justice is the true account of what really happened during the various Australian Government-endorsed arbitrations with Telstra.We are a group of Australians who call themselves the Casualties of Telstra (CoT).This is the story of a group of ordinary small-business people fighting one of the largest companies in the country. The story of how for years Telstra refused to address the many ... Read more


  • Smart Technologies and the End(s) of Law

    Novel Entanglements of Law and Technology

    This timely book tells the story of the smart technologies that reconstruct our world, by provoking their most salient functionality: the prediction and preemption of our day-to-day activities, preferences, health and credit risks, criminal intent and spending capacity. Mireille Hildebrandt claims that we are in transit between an information society and a data-driven society, which has far ... Read more

    $52.99 AUD

  • Digital Evidence and Computer Crime

    Forensic Science, Computers, and the Internet

    Digital Evidence and Computer Crime, Third Edition, provides the knowledge necessary to uncover and use digital evidence effectively in any kind of investigation.It offers a thorough explanation of how computer networks function, how they can be involved in crimes, and how they can be used as a source of evidence. In particular, it addresses the abuse of computer networks as well as privacy and ... Read more

    $81.99 AUD

  • Online Courts and the Future of Justice

    Our court system is struggling. It is too costly to deliver justice for all but the few, too slow to satisfy those who can access it. Yet the values implicit in disputes being resolved in person, and in public, are fundamental to how we have imagined the fair resolution of disputes for centuries. Could justice be delivered online? The idea has excited and appalled in equal measure, promising to ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Cuadernos de Derecho para Ingenieros. Ciberseguridad (Número 39)

    “Ciberseguridad” está muy presente en nuestra actividad social y profesional. Suscita múltiples cuestiones jurídicas derivadas de los problemas prácticos y de las novedades que van surgiendo en Internet. Todo ello como consecuencia de la rápida evolución del mundo digital. ... Read more

    $57.44 AUD

  • Le Maghreb dans l'économie numérique

    by Collectif ...
    series Connaissance du Maghreb
    Dans un contexte marqué par la globalisation économique et technologique, la diffusion croissante des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC) modifie de manière significative les pratiques d’échange, de production et d’apprentissage. Néanmoins, les modes d’introduction et d’appropriation des TIC divergent et tendent à renforcer les inégalités Nord-Sud en matière de développement ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Des nanotechnologies aux technologies émergentes

    La régulation en perspectives

    series Droit des technologies
    La régulation des technologies émergentes soulève, dans les pays industrialisés, des attentes considérables de la part des publics- riverains, salariés ou encore consommateurs - potentiellement exposés aux risques qu’elles font naître, tout comme des industriels explorant de nouveaux marchés, et aussi des pouvoirs publics, garants du développement responsable de celles qu’ils tiennent des sources ... Read more

    $124.99 AUD

  • Abofallen im Internet

    Abzocker erfolgreich abwehren

    by Stefan Lutz ...
    series Beck kompakt
    Ein unbedachter Klick, eine schnell gesuchte Information oder Software, die Eingabe persönlicher Daten und schon kann man einen Vertrag mit einem Abofallenbetreiber geschlossen haben. Wie die Rechtslage tatsächlich aussieht, welche rechtlichen Möglichkeiten Sie haben und wie Sie richtig reagieren, um sich von dem möglicherweise geschlossenen Vertrag wieder zu lösen, soll dieser Ratgeber ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Failles de sécurité et violation de données personnelles

    series Lexing - Technologies avancées & Droit
    De la gestion à la production en passant par le marketing, quel que soit le secteur d’activité, l’informatique et plus généralement les réseaux sont omniprésents et rendent vulnérable toute organisation face aux failles de sécurité.Qu’est-ce qu’une violation de sécurité : une faille ou un défaut ? Cette expression a une acception très large. Elle recouvre tous les éléments qui portent atteinte à ... Read more

    $85.99 AUD

  • Medios, agendas y periodismo en la construcción de la realidad

    by Collectif ...
    series Aperturas
    ¿Quiénes intervienen en la discusión de temas que afectan el interés común? ¿Quiénes tienen la capacidad de hacerse visibles o no en los escenarios mediáticos según su interés? ¿Quiénes son objeto de exposición y quiénes sujetos de enunciación? Medios, agendas y periodismo... aborda estas cuestiones a luz de los cambios en el escenario mediático y contribuye teórica y metodológicamente a la ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Lei das Comunicações Electrónicas

    Com todas as alterações até 2015

    series JurIndex3 - Leis
    Lei das Comunicações Electrónicas (Portugal) ed. de 2015. Lei n.º 5/2004, de 10 de Fevereiro, actualizada (Junho 2015). Contém as redacções anteriores. Todas as alterações assinaladas de modo bem visível (texto antigo a vermelho, texto novo a verde).Ver um Código de demonstração em ... Read more

    $4.44 AUD

  • I Documenti Informatici E La Fine Del Cartaceo Nella Pa: Concetti, Responsabilità E Scadenze Alla Luce Del Dpcm 13 Novembre 2014: I concetti tecnici e normativi spiegati con linguaggio chiaro, immmediato e ricco di esempi

    Il presente testo ha lo scopo di introdurre i concetti principali del documento informatico, delle firme elettroniche e della conservazione elettronica sia per le pubbliche amministrazioni che per chi interagisce con queste ultime o intende prepararsi per concorsi pubblici. L’opera usa un linguaggio quanto più possibile spoglio da tutti i tecnicismi che possano essere di ostacolo al lettore ... Read more

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  • Senza bavaglio

    L'evoluzione del concetto di libertà di stampa

    by Cesario Picca ...
    Senza Bavaglio è il saggio più completo che ci sia sul giornalismo in Italia e sull'evoluzione del concetto di libertà di stampa grazie all'esame approfondito di cinquant'anni di lavoro da parte di dottrina e giurisprudenza.Partendo dalla censura preventiva e dal fascismo, il saggio giuridico Senza Bavaglio approda all’articolo 21 della Costituzione che sancisce la libertà di manifestazione del ... Read more

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  • Handbuch IT-Outsourcing

    Recht, Strategien, Prozesse, IT, Steuern und Cloud Computing

    series C.F. Müller Wirtschaftsrecht
    Die Auslagerung von Unternehmensfunktionen im IT-Bereich gehört inzwischen zu den etablierten Tools eines modernen Unternehmens-Managements, um Geschäftsprozesse zu rationalisieren und sich so auf seine Kernkompetenzen konzentrieren zu können. In der Praxis sind dabei komplexe betriebswirtschaftliche, technische und juristische Anforderungen zu beachten und entsprechende Lösungen für das ... Read more

    $224.99 AUD


    per concorsi pubblici

    series Corsi e Concorsi STUDIOPIGI
    Dopo la sosta forzata legata all'emergenza pandemica, sono ripresi i concorsi pubblici con le nuove e più celeri modalità nate dall'esperienza di questi ultimi anni e introdotte, in particolare, dall'articolo 10 L n 76 del 28/05/2021 di conversione del DL n 44 del 01/04/2021. In tal modo si attuerà il tanto atteso "ricambio generazionale" della Pubblica Amministrazione che potrà, in breve tempo, ... Read more

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