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Counting & Numeration eBooks

If you like Counting & Numeration eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • How to Calculate Quickly

    Full Course in Speed Arithmetic

    by Henry Sticker ...
    Do you want to double or triple the speed with which you calculate? How to Calculate Quickly is a tried and true method for helping you in the mathematics of daily life — addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.The author can awaken for you a faculty which is surprisingly dormant in accountants, engineers, scientists, businesspeople, and others who work with figures. This is ... Read more

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  • Single Digits

    In Praise of Small Numbers

    The remarkable properties of the numbers one through nineIn Single Digits, Marc Chamberland takes readers on a fascinating exploration of small numbers, from one to nine, looking at their history, applications, and connections to various areas of mathematics, including number theory, geometry, chaos theory, numerical analysis, and mathematical physics. For instance, why do eight perfect card ... Read more

    $22.99 AUD

  • Maths in Bite-sized Chunks

    by Chris Waring ...
    Let the real world show you how maths works. Maths is often cited as the ‘most difficult’ or ‘complex’ subject to study, many people admitting to a wariness that was probably ingrained into them in their schooldays. In Maths in Bite-sized Chunks, Chris Waring proves that it’s easy to break the subject down into accessible, understandable information, much of which, in fact, we use in one way or ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • One Little Piggy: Counting Books for Toddlers

    Early Learning Books K-12

    Book 12 - Baby & Toddler Counting Books
    Counting is made much more exciting with this beautiful counting book. Each page introduces numbers in three ways - how it's written, how it's expressed non-verbally and how it's read out. Your child will have so much fun going through the pages and improving his/her numerical skills in the process too. Get ready to hear your toddler count without help! Secure a copy for him/her today. ... Read more

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  • Numbers

    Their History and Meaning

    by Graham Flegg ...
    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    Much in our daily lives is defined in numerical terms-from the moment we wake in the morning and look at the clock to dialing a phone or paying a bill. But what exactly is a number? When did man begin to count and record numbers? Who made the first calculating machine-and when? At what point did people first think of solving problems by equations? These and many other questions about numbers are ... Read more

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  • Happy Maths 3


    by Mala Kumar ...
    Book 3 - Maths
    The third in the instalment of Happy math series is more than a math book. There are many stories in the book, make sure to read and enjoy them.  ... Read more

    $1.45 AUD

  • Numbers and the Making of Us

    Counting and the Course of Human Cultures

    by Caleb Everett ...
    “A fascinating book.”—James Ryerson, New York Times Book ReviewA Smithsonian Best Science Book of the YearWinner of the PROSE Award for Best Book in Language & LinguisticsCarved into our past and woven into our present, numbers shape our perceptions of the world far more than we think. In this sweeping account of how the invention of numbers sparked a revolution in human thought and culture, Caleb ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Who's #1?

    The Science of Rating and Ranking

    The mathematics behind today's most widely used rating and ranking methodsA website's ranking on Google can spell the difference between success and failure for a new business. NCAA football ratings determine which schools get to play for the big money in postseason bowl games. Product ratings influence everything from the clothes we wear to the movies we select on Netflix. Ratings and rankings ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • All My Fingers and All My Toes | a Counting Book

    This book wants your kids to learn how to count using their bare body parts – fingers and toes. The usage of something that they are already very familiar with is proven to be effective in learning. Your kids will be able to refresh and remember their counting skills with the help of the creative ways fingers and toes are presented in this book. Get a copy today. ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Count Us In

    How to Make Maths Real for All of Us

    Mathematics, like language, is a universal experience. Every society counts and is empowered by its ability to count and to measure. The mathematical processes developed within various cultures differ widely, and Count us in explores these cultural links, drawing examples from the author’s personal experiences. The process of counting, like the process of communicating with words, is common to all ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • Sets, Logic and Maths for Computing

    series Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science
    This easy-to-follow textbook introduces the mathematical language, knowledge and problem-solving skills that undergraduate students need to enter the world of computer and information sciences. The language is in part qualitative, with concepts such as set, relation, function and recursion/induction; but it is also partly quantitative, with principles of counting and finite probability. Entwined ... Read more

    $54.99 AUD

  • Sets, Logic and Maths for Computing

    series Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science
    The first part of this preface is for the student; the second for the instructor. But whoever you are, welcome to both parts. For the Student You have finished secondary school, and are about to begin at a university or technical college. You want to study computing. The course includes some mathematics { and that was not necessarily your favourite subject. But there is no escape: some finite ... Read more

    $45.99 AUD

  • Easy Times Table Book

    by FOULSHAM ...
    Learning times tables is a necessity for all children and this book makes it clear, easy and fun to do. Once they have mastered all the numbers in the yellow panels they will know them all! ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Good Math

    A Geek's Guide to the Beauty of Numbers, Logic, and Computation

    Mathematics is beautiful--and it can be fun and exciting as well as practical. Good Math is your guide to some of the most intriguing topics from two thousand years of mathematics: from Egyptian fractions to Turing machines; from the real meaning of numbers to proof trees, group symmetry, and mechanical computation. If you've ever wondered what lay beyond the proofs you struggled to complete in ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • Happy Maths 4

    Time and Money

    by Mala Kumar ...
    Book 4 - Maths

    $1.45 AUD

  • سلسلة تعالوا نتعلّم الحساب - القسمة

    تقدم سلسلة «تعالوا نتعلّم الحساب» عرضاً مبسطاً ومسلياً لتعلم العمليات الحسابية عبر أسلوب قصصي مشوّق، تأخذ بيدي أطفالنا الصغار نحو تأسيس متين في الحساب مبني على كثير من التمارين والأمثلة الحياتية.وفي هذه النسخة التي بين يديك، سيركز الكتاب على عملية القسمة وتعريف الطالب على مفهومها. ... Read more


  • Das kleine Ein-Mal-Eins Buch

    by Juanjo Boté ...

    $5.09 AUD

  • Quick Arithmetic

    Thirty simple tricks of mental arithmetic

    This book is a collection of simple and easily grasped tricks to speed up your mental arithmetic. If you want to master them you should realize that to be used fully they need to be approached conscientiously, not mechanically. But it pays to master them as they will enable you to do calculations in your head without error, as with written calculations. ... Read more

    $4.42 AUD

  • Foundations of Trusted Autonomy

    Book 117 - Studies in Systems, Decision and Control
    This book establishes the foundations needed to realize the ultimate goals for artificial intelligence, such as autonomy and trustworthiness.Aimed at scientists, researchers, technologists, practitioners, and students, it brings together contributions offering the basics, the challenges and the state-of-the-art on trusted autonomous systems in a single volume.The book is structured in three parts, ... Read more


  • Le Boulier Chinois

    Guide Pratique

    by Nabil MJID ...
    Ce livre s'adresse à toute personne souhaitant apprendre à utiliser un boulier chinois. Le but de ce manuel est de vous initier au boulier chinois par la pratique. Une méthode d'apprentissage pas à pas accompagnée de représentation graphique afin que le lecteur puisse suivre les explications sans forcément posséder un boulier. Chaque chapitre comprend plusieurs exemples. Vous allez ainsi apprendre ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Maths Paper MP201704P Prime Numbers


    series Prime Numbers
    Ths Papaer outlines the newly discovered {@ April 2017} double intertwined Wave EQUATION for the Prime Numbers, which precisely explains the Randomness of the Prime and the Prime Gap Distribution. The Equation precisely describes the Primes as an Inter ference Wave Patttern and the reason it has been so difficult to determine is the length; for just the first 7 Prime Numbers the pattern length is ... Read more

    $3.49 AUD

  • Tours de magie liés aux bases trois ou quatre ou négatives

    Dans ce fascicule au lieu d’utiliser notre numération décimale habituelle utilisant les dix chiffres de 0 à 9, on verra qu’on peut écrire tous les nombres avec seulement les trois chiffres 0, 1, 2 (ce sera une numération de base trois) ou avec les quatre chiffres 0, 1, 2, 3 (ce sera une numération de base quatre).On explorera ensuite deux bases négatives : négabinaire et négaternaire</stron... ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Funforms

    A New Way To Learn Math!

    The author a psychiatrist with an interest in the symbols used in thinking. Along with a colleague, he have invented a new math notational system. It is ultimately simple, easily learned and iconic. It is a binary, tally-mark, geometrically progressive place order system. By learning Funforms, the nature of transactions/operations become apparent and the learner has a vantage point to review ... Read more

    $10.26 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • How To Use Numerology To Your Benefit

    I've come up with some ways to use dates and numbers to unlock their true meaning. ... Read more

    $1.45 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus