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Critical Care

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  • A Nurse's Story

    by Tilda Shalof

    The team of nurses that Tilda Shalof found herself working with in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a big-city hospital was known as “Laura’s Line.” They were a bit wild: smart, funny, disrespectful of authority, but also caring and incredibly committed to their jobs. Laura set the tone with her quick remarks. Frances, from Newfoundland, was famous for her improvised recipes. Justine, the union ... Read more

    $22.10 AUD

  • In Stitches

    by Nick Edwards

    The true story of an A&E doctor that became a huge word-of-mouth hit.Forget what you have seen on Casualty or Holby City, this is what it is really like to be working in A&E.Dr Nick Edwards writes with shocking honesty about life as an A&E doctor. He lifts the lid on government targets that led to poor patient care. He reveals the level of alcohol-related injuries that often bring the service to a ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Extremes

    Life, Death and the Limits of the Human Body

    by Kevin Fong

    In anaesthetist Dr Kevin Fong's television programmes he has often demonstrated the impact of extremes on the human body by using his own body as a 'guinea pig'. So Dr Fong is well placed to share his experience of the sheer audacity of medical practice at extreme physiological limits, where human life is balanced on a knife edge. Through gripping accounts of extraordinary events and pioneering ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • A Paramedic's Diary

    Life & Death on the Streets

    by Stuart Gray

    Stuart Gray is a paramedic dealing with the worst life can throw at him.A Paramedic's Diary is his gripping, blow-by-blow account of a year on the streets - 12 roller-coaster months of enormous highs and tragic lows. One day he'll save a young mother's life as she gives birth, the next he might watch a young girl die on the tarmac in front of him after a hit-and-run. His is a world of hoax calls, ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • A Nurse's Story

    My Life in A&E During the Covid Crisis

    by Louise Curtis

    Moving, honest and inspiring – this is a nurse’s story of life in a busy A&E department during the Covid-19 crisis.Working in A&E is a challenging job but nurse Louise Curtis loves it. She was newly qualified as an advanced clinical practitioner, responsible for life or death decisions about the patients she saw, when the unthinkable happened and the country was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Adam's Fall

    Traumatic Brain Injury The First 365 Days

    by Robert V. Bullough Jr.

    On a warm summer’s evening, while riding his bicycle with his girlfriend down a gentle slope something inexplicable happened. Suddenly, Adam flew over his handle bars, bounced on the street, and crushed the back of his head. TBI—traumatic brain injury. In that moment, as told by his father, Robert V. Bullough, Jr., Adam’s life and the life of his family changed forever. Like tens of thousands of ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • ACLS - 2013 - ePub


    by Ken Grauer

    This  new ePub version of our 5th Edition greatly enhances the content of our hard copy ACLS-2013-PB (Pocket Brain) book. Not limited by space constraints of the Pocket Brain - We have added and expanded numerous sections. In addition to actively incorporating current ACLS Guidelines - We venture “Beyond-the-Textbook” with commentary on each of the major algorithms that contains pra... ... Read more

    $9.61 AUD

  • Case Files Critical Care

    by Eugene C. Toy and 2 more

    series LANGE Case Files
    SHARPEN YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS AND IMPROVE PATIENT CAREExperience with clinical cases is key to mastering the art and science of medicine and ultimately to providing patients with competent clinical care. Case Files: Critical Care provides 42 true-to-life cases that illustrate essential concepts in critical care. Each case includes an easy-to-understand discussion correlated to key concepts ... Read more

    $54.00 AUD

  • Brain CT Scans in Clinical Practice

    by Usiakimi Igbaseimokumo

    Across emergency rooms all over the world, thousands of patients are referred for brain CT scans daily. A radiologist often has to interpret the scan or a consultation has to be made to a neuros- geon to review the scan. Most of this happens late at night and is a signi?cant source of discontent. Thus having frontline phy- cians to be pro?cient in interpreting the emergency brain CT scan improves ... Read more

    $116.15 AUD

  • Lights and Sirens

    by Kevin Grange

    A true account of going through UCLA’s famed Daniel Freeman Paramedic Program—and practicing emergency medicine on the streets of Los Angeles.Nine months of tying tourniquets and pushing new medications, of IVs, chest compressions, and defibrillator shocks—that was Kevin Grange’s initiation into emergency medicine when, at age thirty-six, he enrolled in the “Harvard of paramedic schools”: UCLA’s ... Read more

    $20.89 AUD

  • Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia

    by Keith Allman and 2 more

    series Oxford Medical Handbooks
    Now on its fourth edition, the Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia provides authoritative, concise guidance on all aspects of anaesthesia. Evidence-based, up-to-date, and clinically-focused, it is indispensable for both anaesthetic trainees and experienced practitioners. Building on the award-winning success of previous editions, the Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia is as relevant and important as ever. ... Read more

    $80.18 AUD

  • Understanding Mechanical Ventilation

    A Practical Handbook

    by Ashfaq Hasan

    Simplify, simplify! Henry David Thoreau For writers of technical books, there can be no better piece of advice. Around the time of writing the first edition – about a decade ago – there were very few monographs on this s- ject: today, there are possibly no less than 20. Based on critical inputs, this edition stands thoroughly revamped. New chapters on ventilator waveforms, airway humidification, ... Read more

    $107.13 AUD

  • Examination Intensive Care Medicine 2e - eBook

    by Liz Steel and 14 more

    This is a high quality exam-focused resource to facilitate passage through ICU fellowship examinations. There is currently no specific competing publication that specifically meets the goals of an examination guide for ICM trainees. This book covers the key components of the exam syllabuses for FCICM, EDIC and DICM, and builds on the ICM component of the previous edition, Examination Intensive ... Read more

    $131.33 AUD

  • Schein's Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery

    An Unconventional Book for Trainees and Thinking Surgeons

    by SCHEIN MOSHE and 3 more

    Emergency Abdominal Surgery is a battleground for the surgeon - providing character-building experiences, and opportunities for triumph and disaster. In the third edition of this 'simple' book, emergency abdominal surgery is discussed in an informal and no nonsense fashion - as practiced in the 'trenches' of the ER and the OR. The preferred approach for a given situation is discussed in context; ... Read more

    $98.11 AUD

  • Out of the Crucible: How the US Military Transformed Combat Casualty Care in Iraq and Afghanistan

    How the US Military Transformed Combat Casualty Care in Iraq and Afghanistan

    by Dr. Arthur L. Kellermann and 6 more

    series Textbooks of Military Medicine #109
    Out of the Crucible: How the U.S. Military Transformed Combat Casualty Care in Iraq and Afghanistan edited by Arthur L. Kellermann, MD and MPH, and Eric Elster, MD is now available by the US Army, Borden Institute. This comprehensive resource, part of the renowned Textbooks of Military Medicine series, documents one of the most extraordinary achievements in the history of American medicine – the ... Read more


  • Rogers' Textbook of Pediatric Intensive Care

    by Donald H. Shaffner and 1 more

    Now in vibrant full color throughout, Rogers’ Textbook of Pediatric Intensive Care, 5th Edition, continues its tradition of excellence as the gold standard in the field. For more than 25 years, readers have turned to this comprehensive resource for clear explanations of both the principles underlying pediatric critical care disease and trauma as well as how these principles are applied in clinical ... Read more

    $439.66 AUD

  • Inside God's Shed: Memoirs of an Intensive Care specialist

    by Lindsay Worthley

    INSIDE GOD’S SHED: MEMOIRS OF AN INTENSIVE CARE SPECIALISTL. I. G. WorthleyInside God’s Shed is a series of tales that describe the experiences of an Intensive Care specialist during his career working in two major Australian teaching hospital intensive care units (critical care units) and three private hospital intensive care units. The stories provide a portrait of the intensive care unit by ... Read more

    $4.92 AUD

  • Oxford Handbook of Cardiology

    by Punit Ramrakha and 1 more

    series Oxford Medical Handbooks
    Cardiovascular disease remains the major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout developed countries and is also rapidly increasing in developing countries. Cardiovascular medicine and the specialty of cardiology continue to expand, and the remit of the cardiologist is forever broader with the development of new sub-specialties. The Oxford Handbook of Cardiology provides a comprehensive but ... Read more

    $69.18 AUD

  • Pediatric and Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation

    From Basics to Clinical Practice

    by Peter C. Rimensberger

    Written by outstanding authorities from all over the world, this comprehensive new textbook on pediatric and neonatal ventilation puts the focus on the effective delivery of respiratory support to children, infants and newborns. In the early chapters, developmental issues concerning the respiratory system are considered, physiological and mechanical principles are introduced and airway management ... Read more

    $314.15 AUD

  • Undercover Epicenter Nurse

    How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital

    by Erin Marie Olszewski and 1 more

    Undercover Epicenter Nurse blows the lid off the COVID-19 pandemic.What would you do if you discovered that the media and the government were lying to us all? And that hundreds, maybe thousands of people were dying because of it?Army combat veteran and registered nurse Erin Olszewski’s most deeply held values were put to the test when she arrived as a travel nurse at Elmhurst Hospital in the ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Emergency Medicine

    Diagnosis and Management, 7th Edition

    by Anthony FT Brown and 1 more

    Emergency Medicine: Diagnosis and Management incorporates the latest ideas and evidence base underpinning best practice emergency medicine care. This book covers a wide variety of emergencies, including general medical, critical care, infectious disease, foreign travel, acid-base and electrolytes to surgical, orthopaedic, paediatric, obstretrics and gynaecology, ophthalmic, ENT and psychiatric, as ... Read more

    $71.82 AUD

  • Anesthetic Pharmacology

    Basic Principles and Clinical Practice

    by Alex S. Evers and 7 more

    In recent years our understanding of molecular mechanisms of drug action and interindividual variability in drug response has grown enormously. Meanwhile, the practice of anesthesiology has expanded to the preoperative environment and numerous locations outside the OR. Anesthetic Pharmacology: Basic Principles and Clinical Practice, 2nd edition, is an outstanding therapeutic resource in anesthesia ... Read more

    $223.51 AUD

  • Pharmacology for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

    by Tom E. Peck and 1 more

    The third edition of this market leading book has been thoroughly updated and expanded, with additional contributions from experts in the field, to include all new drugs available to the anaesthetist and intensive care specialist. Basic pharmacological principles, vital to understanding how individual drugs actually have their effects, are dealt with methodically and with many highly annotated ... Read more

    $98.22 AUD

  • Advanced Respiratory Critical Care

    by Martin Hughes and 1 more

    series Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Critical Care
    Respiratory disease is the most common reason for admission to intensive care, and advanced respiratory support is one of the most frequently used interventions in critically ill patients. A clear understanding of respiratory disease is the cornerstone of high quality intensive care. Although a plethora of literature is available, both in print and online, finding the necessary relevant ... Read more

    $110.65 AUD