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Differential Equations eBooks

If you like Differential Equations eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • The Secret Life of Equations

    The 50 Greatest Equations and How They Work

    Discover the 50 equations that have led to incredible discoveries, ground-breaking technology and have shaped our understanding of the world.From much heralded classics, like Zeno's Dichotomy and Pythagoras's Theorem, to The Schrödinger Wave Equation and Google PageRank, each equation is broken down and explained in a unique, illustrated way, so that you understand what it's about; what it's good ... Read more

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  • A Field Guide to Solving Ordinary Differential Equations

    by John Cramer ...
    Ordinary differential equations come in an almost bewildering variety. This field guide systematizes them and gives general methods for solving each type. Since there are numerous specific examples, some even with specific names, for which simpler methods are known, the guide also enumerates these too along with the secondary and tertiary methods for solving them. ... Read more

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  • Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula

    Cures Many Mathematical Ills

    by Paul J. Nahin ...
    Book 83 - Princeton Science Library
    In the mid-eighteenth century, Swiss-born mathematician Leonhard Euler developed a formula so innovative and complex that it continues to inspire research, discussion, and even the occasional limerick. Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula shares the fascinating story of this groundbreaking formula—long regarded as the gold standard for mathematical beauty—and shows why it still lies at the heart of ... Read more

    $29.99 AUD

  • Differential Equations

    A Concise Course

    by H. S. Bear ...
    This concise treatment of differential equations is intended to serve as a text for a standard one-semester or two-term undergraduate course in differential equations following the calculus. Emphasis is placed on mathematical explanations — ranging from routine calculations to moderately sophisticated theorems — in order to impart more than a rote understanding of techniques.Beginning with a ... Read more

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  • Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    Excellent introductory text focuses on complex numbers, determinants, orthonormal bases, symmetric and hermitian matrices, first order non-linear equations, linear differential equations, Laplace transforms, Bessel functions, more. Includes 48 black-and-white illustrations. Exercises with solutions. Index. ... Read more

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  • Mathematical Modelling of Zombies

    In this terrible new COVID-19 world, the University of Ottawa is doing its part by offering a 50% discount on this very important book. We decided not to rewrite the witty book description, though we realize it is tone-deaf at the present moment, as we wanted to give readers a sense of the tone of this title. But don’t be deceived: while a fun read, this book will help you better understand how ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Creating Symmetry

    The Artful Mathematics of Wallpaper Patterns

    A step-by-step illustrated introduction to the astounding mathematics of symmetryThis lavishly illustrated book provides a hands-on, step-by-step introduction to the intriguing mathematics of symmetry. Instead of breaking up patterns into blocks—a sort of potato-stamp method—Frank Farris offers a completely new waveform approach that enables you to create an endless variety of rosettes, friezes, ... Read more

    $44.99 AUD

  • Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations

    by R. Grimshaw ...
    Ordinary differential equations have long been an important area of study because of their wide application in physics, engineering, biology, chemistry, ecology, and economics. Based on a series of lectures given at the Universities of Melbourne and New South Wales in Australia, Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations takes the reader from basic elementary notions to the point where the exciting ... Read more

    $424.99 AUD

  • Partial Differential Equations

    by Jürgen Jost ...
    Book 214 - Graduate Texts in Mathematics
    This book offers an ideal graduate-level introduction to the theory of partial differential equations. The first part of the book describes the basic mathematical problems and structures associated with elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic partial differential equations, and explores the connections between these fundamental types. Aspects of Brownian motion or pattern formation processes are also ... Read more

    $72.99 AUD

  • A Guide to MATLAB®

    For Beginners and Experienced Users

    Now in its third edition, this outstanding textbook explains everything you need to get started using MATLAB®. It contains concise explanations of essential MATLAB commands, as well as easily understood instructions for using MATLAB's programming features, graphical capabilities, simulation models, and rich desktop interface. MATLAB 8 and its new user interface is treated extensively in the book. ... Read more

    $63.99 AUD

  • Geostationary Satellites Collocation

    by Hengnian Li ...
    Geostationary Satellites Collocation aims to find solutions for deploying a safe and reliable collocation control. Focusing on the orbital perturbation analysis, the mathematical foundations for orbit and control of the geostationary satellite. The mathematical and physical principle of orbital maneuver and collocation strategies for multi geostationary satellites sharing with the same dead band ... Read more

    $161.99 AUD

  • Handbook of Applications of Chaos Theory

    In addition to explaining and modeling unexplored phenomena in nature and society, chaos uses vital parts of nonlinear dynamical systems theory and established chaotic theory to open new frontiers and fields of study. Handbook of Applications of Chaos Theory covers the main parts of chaos theory along with various applications to diverse areas. Expert contributors from around the world show how ... Read more

    $82.99 AUD

  • X and the City

    Modeling Aspects of Urban Life

    by John A. Adam ...
    What mathematical modeling uncovers about life in the cityX and the City, a book of diverse and accessible math-based topics, uses basic modeling to explore a wide range of entertaining questions about urban life. How do you estimate the number of dental or doctor's offices, gas stations, restaurants, or movie theaters in a city of a given size? How can mathematics be used to maximize traffic flow ... Read more

    $28.99 AUD

  • The Story of Mathematics 24 Equations

    You can’t present the history of art without pictures; equally equations are central to any history of mathematics. Spanning 4,000 years of civilisation,The Story of Mathematics describes twenty-four great equations thathave shaped science and society – from the elementary (1+1=2) to the sophisticated (the Black-Scholes formula) and from the famous (E=mc2) to the arcane (Hamilton’s quaternion ... Read more

    $11.56 AUD

  • Introducción a la estadística con aplicaciones en Ciencias Sociales

    Esta obra fue desarrollada a partir de las notas de clase de la asignatura "Fundamentos de Estadística" en los programas de Psicología, Relaciones Internacionales y Comunicación Social de la Universidad del Norte, y puede ser de utilidad en otras áreas de las Ciencias Sociales. Está dividida en tres capítulos: "Estadística descriptiva", "Distribuciones de probabilidad" y "Estadística inferencial", ... Read more

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  • Introductory Mathematics for Economics 11: Differential Equations

    Book 11 - Introductory Mathematics for Economics
    本書は,経済学及び経営学を学ぶために必要な数学のに入門テキストの第11巻です。今回は,「微分方程式」について解説しています。経済学あるいは経営学を学んでいるあるいは学ぼうと考えている学生や社会人は,ぜひご一読ください。本書で扱っている内容は,常微分方程式,階数,1階,2階,高階,一般解,特殊解,初期条件,変数分離形,同次形,1階線形などです。練習問題及びその解答もあります。「微分方程式」の基本が一日で分かります! ... Read more

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  • Derivation of Full Elastic Fields for Force Doublets Near an Interface Between Two Materials

    Plane elasticity solutions for concentrated forces near a welded interface between two materials can be used for a variety of purposes, among them, the derivation of elastic fields for force doublets (dipoles) or nuclei of strain. The objective of this work by Richard Yegian is to derive and record the full elastic fields for the force doublets near an interface between two materials. The ... Read more

    $146.64 AUD

  • Ordinary Differential Equations and Stability Theory

    An Introduction

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    This brief modern introduction to the subject of ordinary differential equations emphasizes stability theory. Concisely and lucidly expressed, it is intended as a supplementary text for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students who have completed a first course in ordinary differential equations.The author begins by developing the notions of a fundamental system of solutions, the ... Read more

    $21.93 AUD

  • Differential Equations I Essentials

    REA’s Essentials provide quick and easy access to critical information in a variety of different fields, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. As its name implies, these concise, comprehensive study guides summarize the essentials of the field covered. Essentials are helpful when preparing for exams, doing homework and will remain a lasting reference source for students, teachers, and ... Read more

    $10.26 AUD

  • Stochastic Differential Equations and Applications

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    This text develops the theory of systems of stochastic differential equations, and it presents applications in probability, partial differential equations, and stochastic control problems. Originally published in two volumes, it combines a book of basic theory and selected topics with a book of applications.The first part explores Markov processes and Brownian motion; the stochastic integral and ... Read more

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  • An Elementary Treatise On Fourier's Series (Differential Calculus)

    An Elementary Treatise On Fourier's Series (Differential Calculus) and Spherical, Cylindrical, and Ellipsoidal Harmonics, With Applications To Problems In Mathematical Physics. By William Elwood Byerly, Ph.D., Professor Of Mathematics In Harvard University ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Fourier series is a specific type of infinite mathematical series inv... ... Read more

    $4.39 AUD

  • Estadística inferencial aplicada

    Este texto, dirigido a estudiantes de pregrado que tengan un conocimiento previo acerca de la teoría de probabilidad, recoge la experiencia académica del autor en cursos de pregrado y postgrado en diferentes disciplinas, tales como matemáticas, estadística aplicada, ciencias económicas y ciencias de la salud. Como resultado del continuo procesamiento y análisis estadístico de datos reales en ... Read more

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  • Artigos Matemáticos

    Este livro é constituído por trinta e seis artigos matemáticos, cuja maioria das teses que aborda foram elaboradas entre os anos 1978 a 1984, quando o autor ainda era bastante jovem. Essas teses têm se caracterizado pela brevidade, originalidade e simplicidade matemática.Nelas o autor procurou apresentar conceitos inovadores na Geometria e na Álgegra, tais como distribuição de combinações, pacotes ... Read more

    $11.74 AUD

  • Introductory Course in Differential Equations

    This book provides a brief exposition of some of the devices employed in solving differential equations. Students of physics and engineering will find the clear and concise treatment of the subject, the detailed worked-out examples and the practical applications ideally suited to their need.For Students of science, notes in the latter part of the book provide demonstrations of theorems which are ... Read more

    $8.80 AUD