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  • Underland

    A Deep Time Journey

    by Robert Macfarlane

    Follow Robert Macfarlane to the furthest corners of the globe....A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERWINNER OF THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE 2019WINNER OF THE STANFORD DOLMAN TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2020'You'd be crazy not to read this book' The Sunday TimesA Guardian Best Book of the 21st CenturyIn Underland, Robert Macfarlane takes us on... ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • A Crack in the Edge of the World

    The Great American Earthquake of 1906

    by Simon Winchester

    A burgeoning new city is built on the dreams of the American gold rush. It is also built upon a landscape that has been stretching, sliding and breaking apart for millennia. In 1906 the dreams of this city came crashing down beneath the rippling wave of a horrifying earthquake that turned roads into great rippling rivers, that set buildings ablaze for days on end, that made homes collapse upon ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Finding Chika

    A heart-breaking and hopeful story about family, adversity and unconditional love

    by Mitch Albom

    Chika Jeune was born three days before the devastating earthquake that decimated Haiti in 2010. She spent her infancy in extreme poverty, and when her mother died giving birth to a baby brother, Chika was brought to the Have Faith Haiti Orphanage that Mitch and his wife, Janine operate.Chika's arrival made a quick impression. Brave and self-assured, even as a three-year-old, she delighted the ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Ghosts of the Tsunami

    Death and Life in Japan

    by Richard Lloyd Parry

    ‘A remarkable and deeply moving book’ Henry Marsh, bestselling author of Do No Harm‘A breathtaking, extraordinary work of non-fiction’ Times Literary SupplementOn 11 March 2011, a massive earthquake sent a 120-foot-high tsunami smashing into the coast of north-east Japan. It was Japan’s greatest single loss of life since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.Richard Lloyd Parry, an award-winning foreign ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Super Volcano: The Ticking Time Bomb Beneath Yellowstone National Park

    The Ticking Time Bomb Beneath Yellowstone National Park

    by Greg Breining

    Despite growing evidence of geothermic activity under America's first and foremost national park, it took geologists a long time to realize that there was actually a volcano beneath Yellowstone. And then, why couldn't they find the caldera or crater? Because, as an aerial photograph finally revealed, the caldera is 45 miles wide, encompassing all of Yellowstone. What will happen, in human terms, ... Read more

    $19.68 AUD

  • No Apparent Danger

    The True Story of Volcanic Disaster at Galeras and Nevado Del Ruiz

    by Victoria Bruce

    On January 14, 1993, a team of scientists descended into the crater of Galeras, a restless Andean volcano in southern Colombia, for a day of field research. As the group slowly moved across the rocky moonscape of the caldera near the heart of the volcano, Galeras erupted, its crater exploding in a barrage of burning rocks and glowing shrapnel. Nine men died instantly, their bodies torn apart by ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Two Trees Make a Forest

    On Memory, Migration and Taiwan

    by Jessica J. Lee

    I have learned many words for 'island': isle, atoll, eyot, islet, or skerry. They exist in archipelagos or alone, and always, by definition, I have understood them by their relation to water. But the Chinese word for island knows nothing of water. For a civilisation grown inland from the sea, the vastness of mountains was a better analogue: (dao, 'island') built from the relationship between earth ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Rocks Of The World

    Rocks and Minerals Book For Kids

    by Speedy Publishing

    Kids find that their imagination starts to grow when they learn about new things and rocks and minerals are a natural aspect of the outdoors but kids tend to not take time to really look closely at each one. Learning about the big and little details of both helps kids imagine where rocks have been, how they got to where they were found and what caused minerals to form and take shape; all of these ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Report from Christchurch

    by Rebecca Macfie

    series BWB Texts #4
    The grief sits like hot magma, held down by a crust of action…Rebecca Macfies first-hand accounts of the Christchurch earthquakes in the New Zealand Listener provided an often searing account of the disaster. They were powerful and immediate because Macfie herself lived there, personally affected by the devastation.As Macfie explains in Hope and despair, the first chapter of this BWB Text, her own ... Read more

    $4.60 AUD

  • The Science of Volcanoes

    by KidCaps

    Volcanos are one of the most destructive natural disasters known to man--but what makes them tick? In this book (just for kids), you will learn about how volcanoes start, different types, and where they are most active.This easy to understand book will help you understand volcanoes in no time at all.KidCaps is an imprint of BookCaps; each month we are adding more history books (just for kids!) to ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Eruption: The Untold Story of Mount St. Helens

    by Steve Olson

    A riveting history of the Mount St. Helens eruption that will "long stand as a classic of descriptive narrative" (Simon Winchester).For months in early 1980, scientists, journalists, and nearby residents listened anxiously to rumblings from Mount St. Helens in southwestern Washington State. Still, no one was prepared when a cataclysmic eruption blew the top off of the mountain, laying waste to ... Read more

    $21.11 AUD

  • Are You Sure You're Safe? A Discussion on Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunami and Storms | Environment Books for Kids Junior Scholars Edition | Children's Environment Books

    by Baby Professor

    Natural disasters can happen at any time because the Earth is a living planet. It is has dynamic processes that could cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami and storms. Because you live on Earth, it’s important that you be prepared for when calamity strikes. The first step is to arm yourself with knowledge. Here’s book for that. Good luck! ... Read more

    $8.35 AUD

  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself

    by David Rothery

    How do volcanoes erupt, what makes earthquakes so destructive, and why do tsunamis happen?Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis answers these questions and more, giving you everything you need to know about these powerful natural phenomena. It covers the plate tectonic background to Earth processes, where magma is made and how it erupts, volcano types, eruption hazards and how they are monitored, ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • In Time Of Emergency

    A Citizen's Handbook On Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters

    by Department of Defense

    In Time of Emergency: A Citizen's Handbook on Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters provides individuals and families with information on what can and should be done to enhance survival in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Chapters cover: general guidance, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, earthquakes, tidal waves, nuclear power plant accidents, fire, and nuclear attack. ... Read more

    $3.29 AUD

  • Volcanoes of Auckland: A Field Guide

    by Bruce W. Hayward and 1 more

    A fully illustrated field guide for New Zealanders and visitors Auckland to take with them out among the 53 volcanoes that shape this city.Volcanoes of Auckland is a handy field guide to the fiery natural world that so deeply shapes New Zealand's largest city – from Rangitoto to One Tree Hill, Lake Pupuke to Orakei Basin. For tens of thousands of years, volcanoes have profoundly shaped the area's ... Read more

    $33.21 AUD

  • A Day of Darkness

    by Lambert Eze Okafor

    All is not well with the planet. Earth!Unusual events now happening all over the world are eloquent signs — for those who would heed them.Scientists — ancient and modern — all agree that something terrible is due to happen, and that man hasn’t got much time left. The world may come to an end soon — they have said. The period they point to would definitely frighten anyone.Space reports from high ... Read more

    $23.02 AUD

  • Why Do Tectonic Plates Crash and Slip? Geology Book for Kids | Children's Earth Sciences Books

    by Baby Professor

    Tectonic plates are found deep in the Earth but they affect everything on land and sea. When they crash, new mountains are formed. When they slip, valleys are found. And when all these happen, earthquakes would shake cities and towns. Understanding how tectonic plates work would make it easier for children’s knowledge on geology to grow. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Survival Foods for the Upright Vegan

    by Rachael Harriot

    In this survival food guide, we will examine the different vegetarian foods that you can collect, prepare with ease, and add to your long-lasting vegan food stockpile. They are not hard to cook, and they'll meet your daily nutritional requirements as well as those of your family and loved ones.Please note that what you will need depends on the event and your personal circumstances – like whether ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Geschichte der Erde

    Von den Anfängen des Planeten bis zur Entstehung des Lebens

    by Rolf Meissner

    series Beck'sche Reihe #2110
    Zum BuchDie Frage nach der Entstehung der Erde, ihrem Aufbau und ihrer Stellung im Kosmos zählt zu den ältesten Fragestellungen überhaupt. Ihre Beantwortung hat – lange bevor die modernen Naturwissenschaften sich des Themas annahmen – nicht nur Eingang in viele Mythen und künstlerische Darstellungsformen der frühen Menschheit gefunden, sondern war stets auch ein besonders heftig und kontrovers ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • When the 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Haiti

    My Personal Experiences

    by Jean Gerard Rhau

    This book is about my personal experience during the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti. On January 10, 2010, I traveled from Rhode Island through Boston Logan Airport and through Miami, Florida, and then Haiti. For two consecutive days, I was assigned to preach in the Church of God at Rue Du Centre, Port-au-Prince. Earlier on January 12, I was invited to speak at the same church in the early ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD

  • Volcanoes

    A Beginner's Guide

    by Rosaly M. C. Lopes

    series Beginner's Guides
    As one of the most fascinating and volatile forces on earth, volcanoes have long been the subject of worship, fear, and study. With the aid of famous 'case histories' Lopes provides a unique background to volcanoes, what they are, why they form, and how they erupt. From the Sunset Crater in Arizona and Krakatau in Indonesia to the exotic volcanoes of the outer solar system this guide illustrates ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • Earthquakes (Illustrations)

    by Louis Pakiser and 1 more

    Example in this ebook Earthquakes in History The scientific study of earthquakes is comparatively new. Until the 18th century, few factual descriptions of earthquakes were recorded, and the natural cause of earthquakes was little understood. Those who did look for natural causes often reached conclusions that seem fanciful today; one popular theory was that earthquakes were caused by air rushing ... Read more

    $2.10 AUD

  • Wie geht es der Erde?

    Eine Bestandsaufnahme

    by Petra Pinzler and 1 more

    Ist es normal, wenn ein Jahr mit Rekordhitze aufs nächste folgt? Wenn im Sand entlegenster Strände Plastikkörnchen zu finden sind? Wenn ein Hurrikan selbst hartgesottene Meteorologen staunen lässt? Wenn der Mensch mehr Boden umverteilt als alle Flüsse und der Wind? Wenn so viele Arten aussterben wie seit dem Ende der Dinosaurier nicht mehr? Wenn die Hausrinder mehr Lebendgewicht haben als alle ... Read more

    $32.66 AUD

  • Volcanoes: A Very Short Introduction

    by Michael J Branney and 1 more

    series Very Short Introductions
    Volcanoes are some of the most dramatic expressions of the powerful tectonic forces at work in the Earth beneath our feet. But volcanism, a profoundly important feature of Earth, and indeed of other planets and moons too, encompasses much more than just volcanoes themselves. On a planetary scale, volcanism is an indispensable heat release mechanism, which on Earth allows the conditions for life. ... Read more

    $11.65 AUD