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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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  • When the Earth Shakes

    Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis

    by Simon Winchester

    series Smithsonian
    Earthquakes,volcanoes,tsunamis.Headline-making natural disasters with devastating consequences for millions of people. But what do we actually know about these literally earth-shaking events?New York Times bestselling author, explorer, journalist, and geologist Simon Winchester—who’s been shaken by earthquakes in New Zealand, skied through Greenland to help prove the theory of plate tectonics, and ... Read more

    $17.04 AUD

  • Volcanoes!

    Mountains of Fire

    by Eric Arnold

    series Step into Reading
    A volcano could be called a sleeping mountain--that is, until it wakes up! What is it like to witness the eruption of one of nature's majestic time bombs? Young readers can learn what makes volcanoes "tick," and read about some of the most famous eruptions in history. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • First Earth Encyclopedia

    A first reference book for children

    by DK

    series DK First Reference
    The only encyclopedia for kids ages 5 and up that covers the subjects of human geography, physical geography, and geology together in one inspiring book.Covering essential curriculum areas such as human geography, physical geography, geology, and ecology, First Earth Encyclopedia is a comprehensive introduction to the world around us and answers questions including: how does our planet work; what ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • 14 Fun Facts About Australia's Murray River: Educational Version

    by Jeannie Meekins

    series 15-Minute Books
    One hundred million years ago, Australia rose from the sea. The water drained from the highlands, and formed the rivers of today.The Murray River meanders across the landscape. It has had its course blocked several times by the rising new continent. It has created megalakes and forests, has provided homes for many species of wildlife, and lives in the legends of the indigenous people.How much do ... Read more

    $1.58 AUD

  • Are You Sure You're Safe? A Discussion on Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunami and Storms | Environment Books for Kids Junior Scholars Edition | Children's Environment Books

    by Baby Professor

    Natural disasters can happen at any time because the Earth is a living planet. It is has dynamic processes that could cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami and storms. Because you live on Earth, it’s important that you be prepared for when calamity strikes. The first step is to arm yourself with knowledge. Here’s book for that. Good luck! ... Read more

    $8.35 AUD

  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis: For tablet devices

    by Emily Bone and 1 more

    series Usborne Beginners
    What causes earthquakes? What do they feel like? What are tsunamis and why do they happen? An informative introduction to earthquakes and their effects for young children just beginning to read alone. Includes information on real-life earthquakes, striking colour photographs and links to recommended websites to find out more. This is a highly illustrated ebook that can only be read on the Kindle ... Read more

    $7.91 AUD

  • Weather

    by John Farndon and 2 more

    Fiercer hurricanes, hungrier wildfires, flash floods, and desertification are becoming a part of daily life as our climate shifts and changes. Weather covers the most important areas of this timely topic, delivering up-to-date expert information on everything from the water cycle to winds, cloud galleries, fog, and snow, and from extreme weather like hurricanes, supercell tornadoes, firestorms, ... Read more

    $19.68 AUD

  • Susan Pyle and the New Madrid Earthquake

    by Caitlind L. Alexander

    series Heroes in History 15-Minute Books
    Twelve-year-old Susan was sleeping in the loft of her cabin. Nearby were her younger brother and sister. Her parents and the new baby were asleep downstairs.Suddenly Susan woke up to find herself flying out of bed. She tried to catch herself, but there was nothing to grab onto. Everything was moving.Susan slid over the edge of the loft and crashed down to the floor.As she landed, Susan felt a ... Read more

    $1.39 AUD

  • Life on Surtsey

    Iceland's Upstart Island

    by Loree Griffin Burns

    series Scientists in the Field Series
    On November 14, 1963, a volcano fifteen miles off the shore of Iceland exploded under the sea, resulting in a brand-new island. Scientists immediately recognized Surtsey for what it was: an opportunity to observe the way life takes hold.Loree Griffin Burns follows entomologist Erling Ólafsson on a five-day trip to Surtsey, where since 1970 he has studied the arrival and survival of insects and ... Read more

    $22.43 AUD

  • Earth to Adanna

    by Erinma A Uche

    The Adanna series explores the daily adventures of eight year old Adanna girl as she explores her community. The series was created for children between the ages of 6-10 to learn and make interpretations about their environment. This educational series covers an array of activities and leaves readers with an underlying message to reassure their own self esteem. This series encourages children and ... Read more

    $30.68 AUD

  • 14 Fun Facts About the Mississippi River: Educational Version

    by Caitlind L. Alexander

    series 15-Minute Books
    The Muddy Mississippi River is the largest river in the United States, and one of the most well known rivers in the world. People have been discovering things about this river for hundreds of years. How much do you know about America’s waterway? Do you know the answers to these questions?Where does the Mississippi River begin?Where does the Mississippi River lose most of its elevation?How many ... Read more

    $1.58 AUD

  • 14 Fun Facts About Florida's Everglades: A 15-Minute Book: Educational Version

    by Jeannie Meekins

    series 15-Minute Books
    Water once covered most of Florida. It created vast sawgrass prairies, eerie swamps and smelly mangrove forests. The area was considered useless and impenetrable, full of poisonous snakes, alligators and mosquitoes. It is more than that.The Everglades is a wonder of nature. It is a blending of ecosystems that are sustained by the environment and the animals that live there.Do you know the answers ... Read more

    $1.58 AUD

  • Some Feet Smell: A 15-Minute Book About Human and Animal Feet, Educational Version

    by Caitlind L. Alexander

    series Educational Versions
    Some feet can smell. We don't mean they stink. Some animals actually have feet that smell things like your nose does. Some animals even taste with their feet!Some animals eat with their feet, or use them to swim. Others use their feet to hunt or to dig holes. Even if they don't smell, feet are wonderful things.Take a fun and interesting look at all kinds of feet with this book.Educational Versions ... Read more

    $1.96 AUD

  • Earthquakes

    by David and Patricia Armentrout and 1 more

    series Earth's Power
    Learn about earthquakes and their side effects, such as landslides and tsunamis, and the introduction of the Richter scale to measure earthquakes. ... Read more

    $29.14 AUD

  • Predicting Earthquakes

    by Kristy Stark

    Earthquakes can leave people and property in bad shape. At times, they can be deadly. Find out about the science of studying earthquakes and the men and women who track the movements of the ground below us. Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this Smithsonian Informational Text builds students' reading skills while engaging their curiosity about STEAM topics through real ... Read more

    $31.01 AUD

  • The Trembling Earth

    Reading Level 6

    by Myrl Shireman

    series Readers Advance(TM) Science Readers #6
    Have you ever wondered what causes earthquakes or tsunamis? Written for students in grade 6, The Trembling Earth helps students find answers to questions about natural disasters. This 22-page book includes a glossary of bold-faced vocabulary words, reading activities, an index of terms, and an answer key. ... Read more

    $10.11 AUD

  • National Geographic Readers: Erupt! 100 Fun Facts About Volcanoes (L3)

    by Joan Marie Galat

    series Readers
    Kids will burst with excitement as they learn all about the science and wonder of volcanoes in this new National Geographic Kids Reader. The Level 3 text provides accessible, yet wide-ranging information for fluent readers. Plus, the book includes 100 fun facts for quick and quirky information on all kinds of volcanoes, all around the world--and even some that are out of this world! The Facts ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • The Ground Is Shaking! What Happens During An Earthquake? Geology for Beginners| Children's Geology Books

    by Baby Professor

    Did the ground just shake? You're not just imagining it, it’s probably an earthquake! An earthquake is a natural phenomenon that cannot be predicted. No instrument can tell when and where an earthquake will happen. So instead of trying to guess, it’s better to be prepared. This book will detail what will happen when an Earthquake happens. Open this book today! ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • What Does One Reef Matter? A 15-Minute Book, Educational Version

    by Cullen Gwin

    series 15-Minute Books
    Janey loved the beach. She loved playing in the waves and digging in the sand. She loved swimming in the water. She loved looking at all the brightly colored fish. She loved feeding the seagulls and other birds. She also loved watching them fly. She loved everything about the beach.Everything, that is, except the reef. The coral reef she didn't like. She didn't like it at all.When she got to the ... Read more

    $1.58 AUD

  • What Happens Before and After Volcanoes Erupt? Geology for Kids | Children's Earth Sciences Books

    by Baby Professor

    Is there a volcano near you? While the soil around one can be excellent for planting, it can also cause immense destruction if it erupts. In this book, we're going to study the signs of volcanic activity prior to an eruption. We're also going to explore what happens after an eruption. The knowledge will hopefully make it possible for you to sense danger. Good luck! ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • 14 Fun Facts About the Yangtze: A 15-Minute Book

    by Jeannie Meekins

    series 15-Minute Books
    The Yangtze River is known by many names. From its headwaters in the glaciers of Tibet, it drops nearly 16,000 feet (5000 metres) on its journey to the East China Sea. For millions of years it has cut its path through the land. It flows through mountains and deep gorges and along broad, flat valley plains, taking water from thousands of rivers and lakes. It is shrouded in mists and mountains, ... Read more

    $1.25 AUD

  • 14 Fun Facts About Yellowstone: Educational Version

    by Jeannie Meekins

    series 15-Minute Books
    Yellowstone National Park is full of hot springs, geysers and grizzly bears. It also has stone forests, glass cliffs, a glacial lake and colorful canyons created by rivers and waterfalls. All of this is fuelled by a supervolcano that could erupt, killing millions of people and devastating the world’s climate for years.So how much do you know about this fantastic place? Can you answer these ... Read more

    $1.58 AUD

  • 14 Fun Facts About Florida's Everglades: A 15-Minute Book

    by Jeannie Meekins

    series 15-Minute Books
    Water once covered most of Florida. It created vast sawgrass prairies, eerie swamps and smelly mangrove forests. The area was considered useless and impenetrable, full of poisonous snakes, alligators and mosquitoes. It is more than that.The Everglades is a wonder of nature. It is a blending of ecosystems that are sustained by the environment and the animals that live there.Do you know the answers ... Read more

    $1.32 AUD

  • Volcanic Processes

    by Laura Loria and 1 more

    series Let's Find Out! Our Dynamic Earth
    Destructive and awe-inspiring, the eruption of a volcano is a dramatic demonstration of nature's power. However, there is much more to the process than what we see on the surface. Readers will explore the geological structure that makes volcanic activity possible and follow the sequence of events that culminate in an eruption. In addition to eruptions, this text examines other geothermal ... Read more

    $33.87 AUD