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Eastern Religions eBooks

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  • The Book of Five Rings

    Along with Sun Tzu's The Art of War, The Book of Five Rings is considered to be one of the most insightful texts on the subtle arts of confrontation and victory to emerge from Asia. Composed in 1643 by the famed duelist and undefeated samurai Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings analyzes the process of struggle and mastery over conflict that underlies every level of human interaction. For ... Read more

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  • Gesar

    Tantric Practices of the Tibetan Warrior King

    Translated by Gyurme Avertin ...
    Gesar of Ling is well known in Tibetan history, literature, and folklore. But, for Buddhist practitioners, he is an enlightened tantric protector and deity—an emanation of Padmasambhava. Engaging in Gesar practice is meant to generate positive circumstances and increase one’s experiences and realization in Buddhist practice.Gesar of Ling is widely known as the hero of Tibet’s national oral epic, ... Read more

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  • Preparing for Tantra

    Creating the Psychological Ground for Practice

    by Rob Preece ...
    The preliminary practices of Tantra aren't a hurdle to be gotten through in order to get somewhere else; they're an extraordinarily rich collection of practices which have much to offer as a means of cultivating and maturing the practitioner's psychological ground. They can enable experiences to unfold, and they can clear the way when there seem to be problems or hindrances practitioners are ... Read more

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  • Awakening from the Daydream

    Reimagining the Buddha's Wheel of Life

    Hell realms, gods, and hungry ghosts—these are just a few of the images on the Buddhist wheel of life. In Awakening from the Daydream, discover how these ancient symbols are still relevant to our modern life.In Awakening from the Daydream, meditation teacher David Nichtern reimagines the ancient Buddhist allegory of the Wheel of Life. Famously painted at the entryway to Buddhist monasteries, the ... Read more

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  • When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

    Pema Chödrön reveals the vast potential for happiness, wisdom and courage even in the most painful circumstances.Pema Chödrön teaches that there is a fundamental opportunity for happiness right within our reach, yet we usually miss it – ironically, while we are caught up in attempt to escape pain and suffering.This accessible guide to compassionate living shows us how we can use painful emotions ... Read more

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  • Not for Happiness

    A Guide to the So-Called Preliminary Practices

    From the author of What Makes You Not a Buddhist comes a fresh look at the foundations of Tibetan Buddhist practice, with practical advice and guidance for the modern practitionerDo you practice meditation because you want to feel good? Or to help you relax and be “happy”? Then frankly, according to Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse, you are far better off having a full-body massage than trying to ... Read more

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  • Right Concentration

    A Practical Guide to the Jhanas

    A practical guidebook for meditators interested in achieving the states of bliss and deep focus associated with the Buddhist jhānasOne of the elements of the Eightfold Path is Right Concentration: the one-pointedness of mind that, together with ethics, livelihood, meditation, and more, leads to the ultimate freedom from suffering. So how does one achieve Right Concentration? According to the ... Read more

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  • The Guru Drinks Bourbon?

    An enlightening, accessible, and highly entertaining guide to the guru-disciple relationship, the heart of Tibetan BuddhismThe humility and compassionate activity of the Dalai Lama is something many people can connect with, but how can one understand the stories about some other Buddhist teachers’ unorthodox behavior? The centrality of and reliance on a guru is one of most misunderstood elements ... Read more

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  • A Fire Runs through All Things

    Zen Koans for Facing the Climate Crisis

    by Susan Murphy ...
    At a time of climate emergency, Zen koans show us how crisis itself can reveal the regenerative openness of life, mind, and being.Zen koans are a tradition of holistic inquiry based on “encounter stories” from East Asia’s most radical Buddhist tradition. Turning this form of inquiry toward the climate crisis, Susan Murphy contends that koans can help us enter the mind of not-knowing, from which ... Read more

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  • Tantra

    The Supreme Understanding

    by Osho ...
    “Tantra is freedom; freedom from all mind-constructs, from all mind-games; freedom from all structures; freedom from the other. Tantra is space to be. Tantra is liberation, a total orgasm of the whole being.” —OshoThe tradition of Tantra or Tantric Buddhism is known to have existed in India as early as the 5th century AD. In this all-time bestseller, using the contemporary idiom and his own unique ... Read more

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  • Vinaya Texts-Part I

    Vinaya Texts (Part I)Translated from the Pâli by T.W. Rhys Davids and Herman Oldenberg.The Pâtimokkha and The Mahâvagga, I-IV.The Sacred Books of the East Part ThirteenTranslated from the Pali by T.W. Rhys Davids and Hermann Oldenberg. The Sacred Books of the East series, comprising fifty volumes, has translations of key sacred texts of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, ... Read more

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  • The Book of Life

    Daily Meditations with Krishnamurti

    365 Daily Meditations on Freedom, Personal Transformation, Living Fully, and Much More, from the Man the Dalai Lama Described as "One of the Greatest Thinkers of the Age" ... Read more

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  • Bhagavad Gita (in English)

    The Authentic English Translation for Accurate and Unbiased Understanding

    by Hari Chetan ...
    Series Book 2 - The Bhagavad Gita Series
    If there is one book that can claim to provide the solution to all problems of humanity, it is the holy Bhagavad Gita.Simply reading this book and comprehending the life-changing, ageless, and profound wisdom contained in its 701 magnificent verses is enough to change the path of one’s life and bring it to the peak of perfection.That is why, after hearing this transcendental discourse of Lord ... Read more

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    The Ancient Secret

    The Kybalion goes back several and years and is based on the ancient Hermatic writings. It is truly one of the most mysterious books ever written within the word of “New Thought.”I have decided to republish this historical piece of ancient writing because this book throughout history has been considered one of the very first writings involving the concepts and beliefs of mentalism, quantum physics ... Read more

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  • Mind Whispering

    How to break free from self-defeating emotional habits

    The aim of Mind Whispering is to transform us into more fully integrated human beings - mentally, emotionally and interpersonally. By using the practical techniques within it, our minds can be more free, our perceptions more true, our responses more artful, our connections more genuine - and our hearts happier.Tara Bennett-Goleman's first book, Emotional Alchemy, was a New York Times bestseller ... Read more

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  • Eight Verses for Training the Mind

    Translated by Ruth Sonam ...
    How do we free ourselves from the demon of self-concern? These instructions are found in Eight Verses for Training the Mind, one of the most important texts from a genre of Tibetan spiritual writings known as lojong (literally "mind training"). The root text was written by the eleventh-century meditator Langritangpa. His Holiness the Dalai Lama refers to this work as one of the main sources of his ... Read more

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  • Zen and the Art of Consciousness

    Who are you? When are you? What were you conscious of a moment ago?Susan Blackmore combines the latest scientific theories about mind, self, and consciousness with a lifetime’s practice of Zen.Framed by ten critical questions that are derived from Zen’s teachings, Zen and the Art of Consciousness explores how intellectual enquiry and meditation can expand your understanding and experience of ... Read more

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  • One Blade of Grass

    A Zen Memoir

    by Henry Shukman ...
    **A TLS BOOK OF THE YEAR SELECTION** As heard on The Tim Ferriss Show! 'Captivating' TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT'The book Shukman was born to write'NATALIE GOLDBERG, author of WRITING DOWN THE BONES'A wonderful and generous book'DAVID HINTON, author of THE WILDS OF POETRY***One Blade of Grass<... ... Read more

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  • The Passion Book

    A Tibetan Guide to Love & Sex

    by Gendun Chopel ...
    The Passion**Book is the most famous work of erotica in the vast literature of Tibetan Buddhism, written by the legendary scholar and poet Gendun Chopel (1903-1951). Soon after arriving in India in 1934, he discovered the Kama Sutra. Realizing that this genre of the erotic was unknown in Tibet, he set out to correct the situation. His sources were two: classical Sanskrit works and his own ... Read more

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  • The Upanishads

    An 'Upanisad' is a teaching session with a guru, and these thirteen texts, the 'Principal Upanisads', form a series of philosophical discourses between teacher and student that question the inner meaning of the world. Composed from around the eighth century BCE, the Upanisads have been central to the development of Hinduism, and explore the central doctrines of rebirth, karma, overcoming death, ... Read more

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  • Paths to God

    Living the Bhagavad Gita

    by Ram Dass ...
    For centuries, readers have turned to the Bhagavad Gita for inspiration and guidance as they chart their own spiritual paths. As profound and powerful as this classic text has been for generations of seekers, integrating its lessons into the ordinary patterns of our lives can ultimately seem beyond our reach. Now, in a fascinating series of reflections, anecdotes, stories, and exercises, Ram Dass ... Read more

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  • The Analects

    by Confucius ...
    The Analects of Confucius guided Chines culture for well over a thousand years and though Confucianism has diminished dramatically, The Analects still have a tremendous influence on Chinese and East Asian thought and values today. The Analects teach the basic Confucian values including social and ritual propriety, righteousness, loyalty, and filial piety, all centered about the central thought of ... Read more

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  • Partition Voices

    Updated for the 75th anniversary of partition

    by Kavita Puri ...
    UPDATED FOR THE 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF PARTITION'Puri does profound and elegant work bringing forgotten narratives back to life. It's hard to convey just how important this book is' Sathnam Sanghera'The most humane account of partition I've read ... We need a candid conversation about our past and this is an essential starting point' Nikesh Shukla, Observer________________________<stron... ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Think Like a Monk: The secret of how to harness the power of positivity and be happy now

    by Jay Shetty ...
    The Sunday Times Number One BestsellerJay Shetty, social media superstar and host of the #1 podcast ‘On Purpose’, distils the timeless wisdom he learned as a practising monk into practical steps anyone can take every day to live a less anxious, more meaningful life.Over the past three years, Jay Shetty has become a favourite in the hearts and minds of millions of people worldwide. One of his clips ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD