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  • The Richest Man in Babylon

    by George S. Clason

    Beloved by millions, this timeless classic holds the key to all you desire and everything you wish to accomplish. This is the book that reveals the secret to personal wealth. Countless readers have been helped by the famous “Babylonian parables,” hailed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. In language as simple as that found ... Read more


  • Everybody Lies

    The New York Times Bestseller

    by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

    THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAN ECONOMIST BOOK OF THE YEARA NEW STATESMAN BOOK OF THE YEAR'This book is about a whole new way of studying the mind ... Endlessly fascinating' Steven Pinker'A whirlwind tour of the modern human psyche' EconomistEverybody lies, to friends, lovers, doctors, pollsters – and to themselves. In Internet searc... ... Read more

    $13.63 AUD

  • Measure What Matters

    OKRs: The Simple Idea that Drives 10x Growth

    by John Doerr

    INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER'I'd recommend John's book for anyone interested in becoming a better manager', Bill Gates'Management magic....Measure What Matters is a must read for anyone motivated to improve their organization' - Former Vice President Al Gore, chairman of the Climate Reality Project'Measure What Matters shows how any organization or team can aim high, ... ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • The Richest Man in Babylon

    by George S. Clason and 1 more

    The Richest Man in Babylon has been inspiring readers for generations. It continues to remain a classic bestseller. Revealed inside are the secrets to acquiring money, keeping money, and making money earn more money.The protagonist of the story is Arkad, who has managed to become Babylon's richest man. All financial wisdom in the book is dispensed through his narration. The importance of savings ... Read more

    $2.07 AUD

  • A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics

    A Neuroscientist on How to Make Sense of a Complex World

    by Daniel Levitin

    A guide to critical thinking in the 'post-truth' era, from the author of Sunday Times best-seller The Organized MindWe live in a world of information overload. Facts and figures on absolutely everything are at our fingertips, but are too often biased, distorted, or outright lies. From unemployment figures to voting polls, IQ tests to divorce rates, we're bombarded by seemingly plausible statistics ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Richest Man in Babylon

    by George S. Clason

    From the importance of savings to the essentials on how to become wealthy, this collection of famous Babylonian parables imparts timeless financial wisdom. It offers insights on how to become wealthy and how to attract good luck and discusses the Five Laws of Gold. Acclaimed as a modern-day classic, this celebrated bestseller offers an understanding of—and a solution to—your personal financial ... Read more

    $3.29 AUD

  • Breaking Into Risk Management In Banks

    by Boris Agranovich

    Learn the fundamental skills of how to become a successful Risk Management Professional. The book delivers fundamentals of Risk Management in banks – overview of the principles, processes, and frameworks of Risk Management. ... Read more


  • How to Attract Money

    by Joseph Murphy

    Wanting money is a fundamental right of every human being. They want to live a decent life which is possible only with money. It is your right to be rich. You are here to lead the abundant life, and to be happy, radiant, and free. To obtain this wealth, along with the positive actions of your conscious mind, you have to train your subconscious as well. You are here to grow, expand, and unfold ... Read more

    $0.99 AUD

  • A Short Course in Intermediate Microeconomics with Calculus

    by Roberto Serrano and 1 more

    This book provides a concise treatment of the core concepts of microeconomic theory at the intermediate level with calculus integrated into the text. The authors, Roberto Serrano and Allan M. Feldman, start with consumer theory and then discuss preferences and utility, budget constraints, the consumer's optimal choice, demand and the consumer's choices about labor and savings. They next turn to ... Read more

    $66.43 AUD

  • The Richest Man in Babylon


    by George S. Clason and 1 more

    series GP Self-Help Collection #1
    The Richest Man in Babylon is considered as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. Revealed inside are the secrets to acquiring money, keeping money, and making money earn more money.Providing financial wisdom through parables, 'The Richest Man in Babylon' was originally a set of pamphlets, written by the author and distributed by ... Read more

    $3.29 AUD

  • Mostly Harmless Econometrics

    An Empiricist's Companion

    by Joshua D. Angrist and 1 more

    The core methods in today's econometric toolkit are linear regression for statistical control, instrumental variables methods for the analysis of natural experiments, and differences-in-differences methods that exploit policy changes. In the modern experimentalist paradigm, these techniques address clear causal questions such as: Do smaller classes increase learning? Should wife batterers be ... Read more

    $57.19 AUD

  • Predictive Analytics

    The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die

    by Eric Siegel

    "Mesmerizing & fascinating..." **—**The Seattle Post-Intelligencer"The Freakonomics of big data." —Stein Kretsinger, founding executive of Advertising.comAward-winning | Used by over 30 universities | Translated into 9 languagesAn introduction for everyone. In this rich, fascinating — surprisingly accessible — introduction, leading expert Eric Siegel reveals how predic... ... Read more

    $25.99 AUD

  • Mastering 'Metrics

    The Path from Cause to Effect

    by Joshua D. Angrist and 1 more

    An accessible and fun guide to the essential tools of econometric researchApplied econometrics, known to aficionados as 'metrics, is the original data science. 'Metrics encompasses the statistical methods economists use to untangle cause and effect in human affairs. Through accessible discussion and with a dose of kung fu–themed humor, Mastering 'Metrics presents the essential tools of econometric ... Read more

    $44.87 AUD

  • The Law

    by Bastiat Claude Frederick

    This book is based on the economic situation prevalent in 19th-century France. It is an in-depth analysis of the importance of liberty law economics and socialism. According to Bastiat government redistribution of wealth and resources for equity leads to corruption in society. Hence in order to provide people with more choices government role should be minimized. Highly recommended! ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Econometrics For Dummies

    by Roberto Pedace

    Score your highest in econometrics? Easy.Econometrics can prove challenging for many students unfamiliar with the terms and concepts discussed in a typical econometrics course. Econometrics For Dummies eliminates that confusion with easy-to-understand explanations of important topics in the study of economics.Econometrics For Dummies breaks down this complex subject and provides you with an easy ... Read more

    $35.99 AUD

  • An Introduction to Mathematics for Economics

    by Akihito Asano

    An Introduction to Mathematics for Economics introduces quantitative methods to students of economics and finance in a succinct and accessible style. The introductory nature of this textbook means a background in economics is not essential, as it aims to help students appreciate that learning mathematics is relevant to their overall understanding of the subject. Economic and financial applications ... Read more

    $30.90 AUD

  • Random Walk To Nowhere, A: How The Professors Caused A Real "Fraud-on-the-market"

    by Edward E Williams and 1 more

    This book is about an intellectual fraud, one that has become part of legal doctrine that has greatly influenced decisions all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. The 'efficient market hypothesis' (EMH), born from the Random Walk theory, started out as an honest attempt to improve insights into how financial markets work, but eventually became almost a religion that every financial ... Read more

    $30.46 AUD

  • Introduction to Applied Econometrics Analysis Using Stata

    by Justin Doran and 2 more

    Applied econometric analysis is used across many disciplines and in many branches of economics. Increasingly, data is becoming more readily available and software has become more powerful, enabling the analysis of numerous economic phenomenon. The aim of this ebook is to guide the student through applied econometric examples, using real world data. The focus is on using statistical software, in ... Read more

    $13.08 AUD

  • A Short Course in Intermediate Microeconomics with Calculus

    by Roberto Serrano and 1 more

    This second edition retains the positive features of being clearly written, well organized, and incorporating calculus in the text, while adding expanded coverage on game theory, experimental economics, and behavioural economics. It remains more focused and manageable than similar textbooks, and provides a concise yet comprehensive treatment of the core topics of microeconomics, including theories ... Read more

    $71.05 AUD

  • Stochastic Calculus for Finance

    by Marek Capiński and 2 more

    series Mastering Mathematical Finance
    This book focuses specifically on the key results in stochastic processes that have become essential for finance practitioners to understand. The authors study the Wiener process and Itô integrals in some detail, with a focus on results needed for the Black–Scholes option pricing model. After developing the required martingale properties of this process, the construction of the integral and the ... Read more

    $25.29 AUD

  • Collecting, Managing, and Assessing Data Using Sample Surveys

    by Peter Stopher

    Collecting, Managing, and Assessing Data Using Sample Surveys provides a thorough, step-by-step guide to the design and implementation of surveys. Beginning with a primer on basic statistics, the first half of the book takes readers on a comprehensive tour through the basics of survey design. Topics covered include the ethics of surveys, the design of survey procedures, the design of the survey ... Read more

    $54.22 AUD

  • Applied Choice Analysis

    by David A. Hensher and 2 more

    The second edition of this popular book brings students fully up to date with the latest methods and techniques in choice analysis. Comprehensive yet accessible, it offers a unique introduction to anyone interested in understanding how to model and forecast the range of choices made by individuals and groups. In addition to a complete rewrite of several chapters, new topics covered include ordered ... Read more

    $75.78 AUD

  • Probability Theory: A Complete One-semester Course

    by Nikolai Dokuchaev

    This book provides a systematic, self-sufficient and yet short presentation of the mainstream topics on introductory Probability Theory with some selected topics from Mathematical Statistics. It is suitable for a 10- to 14-week course for second- or third-year undergraduate students in Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, or Economics, who have completed some introductory course in Calculus. ... Read more

    $27.82 AUD

  • Exchange-Rate Dynamics

    by Martin D. D. Evans

    series Princeton Series in International Economics
    Variations in the foreign exchange market influence all aspects of the world economy, and understanding these dynamics is one of the great challenges of international economics. This book provides a new, comprehensive, and in-depth examination of the standard theories and latest research in exchange-rate economics. Covering a vast swath of theoretical and empirical work, the book explores ... Read more

    $132.87 AUD