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  • NIV, Student Bible

    The NIV Student Bible is full of valuable lessons for anyone willing to open their heart to God’s truth.With over six million sold, the classic, bestselling NIV Student Bible has been redesigned and updated, ready to light a spark in the hearts of today’s students. The NIV Student Bible is specifically designed to help readers understand and navigate the Bible text with tools like the Subject ... Read more

    $25.99 AUD

  • The Bhagavad Gita

    Book 1 - Easwaran's Classics of Indian Spirituality
    The Bhagavad Gita is the best known of all the Indian scriptures, and Eknath Easwaran’s best-selling translation is reliable, readable, and profound.Easwaran's 55-page introduction places the Bhagavad Gita in its historical setting, and brings out the universality and timelessness of its teachings. Chapter introductions clarify key concepts, and notes and a glossary explain Sanskrit terms.Easwaran ... Read more

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  • The City of God

    This edition of City of God comes complete with a Touch-or-Click Table of Contents, broken down by each book and chapter. Augustine of Hippo , also known as Augustine, St. Augustine, St. Austin, St. Augoustinos, Blessed Augustine, or St. Augustine the Blessed, was Bishop of Hippo Regius (present-day Annaba, Algeria). He was a Latin-speaking philosopher and theologian who lived in the Roman Africa ... Read more

    $1.45 AUD

  • The Didache (Multiple Translations)

    This edition of The Didache comes complete with an active and linked Touch-or-Click Table of Contents. Based on customer feedback this version now includes five translations and a Greek version of The Didache, all in one e-book! The Didache, or Teaching of the Twelve Apostles was first discovered in 1883 in a monastery in Constatinople. It was first publishing by P. Bryennios and has lasted as one ... Read more

    $1.45 AUD

  • The Upanishads

    Book 2 - Easwaran's Classics of Indian Spirituality
    Easwaran’s best-selling translation of the ancient wisdom texts called the Upanishads is reliable, readable, and profound.In the Upanishads, illumined sages share flashes of insight, the results of their investigation into consciousness itself. In extraordinary visions, they experience directly a transcendent Reality which is the essence, or Self, of each created being. They teach that each of us, ... Read more

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  • Auschwitz

    by A Survivor ...
    This is the story of a survivor, what he saw and felt during his Calvary from Antwerp to the Malin distribution camp in France and from there to the extermination camp of Buchenwald.To say that this book contains the scenes of a twentieth-century Inferno may sound commonplace. Yet, every page of this book reminds one of Dante's Inferno, with one exception: The Inferno, the author writes about ... Read more

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  • When Children Love to Learn: A Practical Application of Charlotte Mason's Philosophy for Today

    A Practical Application of Charlotte Mason's Philosophy for Today

    They're hallmarks of childhood. The endless "why" questions. The desire to touch and taste everything. The curiosity and the observations.It can't be denied-children have an inherent desire to know. Teachers and parents can either encourage this natural inquisitiveness or squelch it. There is joy in the classroom when children learn-not to take a test, not to get a grade, not to compete with each ... Read more

    $22.99 AUD

  • The Courage to Teach

    Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life

    Wisdom that's been inspiring, motivating, and guiding teachers for two decadesThe Courage to Teach speaks to the joys and pains that teachers of every sort know well. Over the last 20 years, the book has helped countless educators reignite their passion, redirect their practice, and deal with the many pressures that accompany their vital work.Enriched by a new Foreword from Diana Chapman Walsh, ... Read more

    $32.99 AUD

  • The Initiatory Process in Ancient Egypt

    by Max Guilmot ...
    Rosicrucian Egyptologist Max Guilmot presents the mystical meaning of some of the most important rites and rituals of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. ... Read more


  • Passage Meditation - A Complete Spiritual Practice

    Train Your Mind and Find a Life that Fulfills

    Book 1 - Essential Easwaran Library
    Easwaran’s classic manual on meditation and spiritual living is a unique source of practical spiritual support for new and experienced meditators.Easwaran taught passage meditation for over forty years, and his class at the University of California, Berkeley was the first accredited course on meditation at any Western university. He is the author of the best-selling translation in English of the ... Read more

    $17.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Dhammapada

    Book 3 - Easwaran's Classics of Indian Spirituality
    Easwaran’s best-selling translation of this classic Buddhist text The Dhammapadais reliable, readable, and profound.Dhammapada means "the path of dharma," the path of harmony and righteousness that anyone can follow to reach the highest good. The Dhammapada is a collection of verses, gathered probably from direct disciples who wanted to preserve what they had heard from the Buddha himself.Easwaran ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Bible: Do's & Don'ts Verses

    A compilation of Biblical Verses specifying Do's & Don'ts.Scripture’s most important rules are presented in short verse segments for better understanding and insight.Specifically formulated for both Christian & Jewish believers. 326 full pages of verses.Sample verses include:Deuteronomy 6[18] And thou shalt do that which is right and good in the sight of the Lord: that it may be well with thee, ... Read more


  • From Topic to Thesis

    A Guide to Theological Research

    by Michael Kibbe ...
    From Topic to Thesis: A Guide to Theological Researchassignmentargument ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Relationship with God: Praying for Divine Love

    series Relationship With God
    Jesus describes how to transform our souls by longing for and receiving God’s Love.Document source filename: 20090620 Relationship With God - Praying For Divine Love.This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered by Jesus (AJ Miller) on 20th June 2009 in Brisbane, Australia, as part of the Relationship with God series. ... Read more


  • Lighting the Path

    The Dalai Lama teaches on wisdom and compassion

    In this accessible and important follow up to The Art of Happiness His Holiness the Dalai Lama teaches us how to live a happier and more spiritual life by fostering compassion and wisdom.Filled with his trademark honesty and warmth, this book explains how practically applying the values of Buddhism can help you find answers to both the everyday problems we face - relationships, health, work and ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Human Soul: Denial & Addiction

    series The Human Soul
    Jesus and Mary Magdalene discuss how denied emotions within individuals create effects within society, how we use our addictions as a tool for denying our emotions, and how to work through addictions with the assistance of God.Document source filename: 20120722 The Human Soul - Denial & Addiction.This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered by Jesus (AJ Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) ... Read more


  • Honour

    Achieving Justice for Banaz Mahmod

    The true story of the police investigation into the 'honour' killing of Banaz MahmodWhen Rahmat Sulemani reported his girlfriend Banaz missing, it quickly became clear to DCI Caroline Goode that something was very wrong. In fact, Banaz had contacted her local police station multiple times before, even listing the names of the men she expected to murder her in a so-called 'honour' killing. Her ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch: Wiccan Prayers, Beliefs, and Practices

    by Didi Clarke ...
    Are you a spiritual seeker who marches to the beat of your own drum? Are you looking to explore the world of Wicca while still maintaining your independent spirit?The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch is the ultimate resource for learning the fundamentals of witchcraft as a freethinking, solo practitioner!Didi Clarke has been studying the art of Wicca for over a decade as a solitary witch, and ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Puzzle of Ethics

    by Peter Vardy ...
    A guide to the complex subject of ethics explained in clear and entertaining language. This ebook relates to the 1999 paperback edition.This popular introduction to the subject of ethics poses vital contemporary questions and explores the approach of leading thinkers.The authors take the reader, step by step, through the complex arguments on issues such as animal an human rights, environmental ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • Kamasutra

    Translated by Wendy Doniger, Sudhir Kakar ...
    series Oxford World's Classics
    'When the wheel of sexual ecstasy is in full motion, there is no textbook at all, and no order.' The Kamasutra is the oldest extant Hindu textbook of erotic love. It is about the art of living - about finding a partner, maintaining power in a marriage, committing adultery, living as or with a courtesan, using drugs - and also about the positions in sexual intercourse. It was composed in Sanskrit, ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Relationship with God: Divine Law, Sin, Forgiveness & Repentance

    series God's Laws
    Using some messages from the Padgett messages as references, Jesus describes emotional principles of sin and error, the Law of Compensation, the Law of Forgiveness and Repentance and the processes involved in clearing emotional error from the soul with the assistance of God.Document source filename: 20050712 Relationship With God - Divine Law, Sin, Forgiveness & Repentance (Combined).This ebook is ... Read more


  • The Human Soul: Sexual Attraction Session 2

    series The Human Soul
    Jesus and Mary Magdalene describe the emotions that create sexual problems in relationships, and inter-gender emotional injuries towards the opposite gender and towards sex.Document source filename: 20110626 The Human Soul - Sexual Attraction S2.This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered by Jesus (AJ Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) on 26th June 2011 in Athens, Greece from the Human ... Read more


  • God's Laws: Laws Governing Love of Self

    series God's Laws
    Jesus describes how God’s Laws affect our love for our selves, what drives us to break these laws, and what happens when we live in harmony or disharmony with these laws.Document source filename: 20090801 Gods Laws - Laws Governing Love Of Self.This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered by Jesus (AJ Miller) on 1st August 2009 in Brisbane, Australia, as part of the God’s Law series. ... Read more


  • God's Laws: Law of Attraction

    series God's Laws
    Jesus describes how God’s Law of Attraction brings to us exactly what we desire at the soul level, how it is God’s Messenger of Truth to us about our soul condition, and how to utilise this law to create more positive events in our lives. He also gives a range of examples of the Law of Attraction in operation, and how to learn from these events.Document source filename: 20090207 Gods Laws - Law Of ... Read more