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  • Template Mixing and Mastering

    The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Professional Sound

    by Billy Decker and 1 more

    Audio production is an incredibly rewarding craft. To take the raw, basic tracks of a fledgling idea and shape them into one glorious stereophonic sound wave is an amazing feat. The transformation from analogue to digital dominance has brought many advances in sound quality and new techniques, but producing digital music with only a standard computer and DAW can be problematic, time-consuming and ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Acid For The Children - The autobiography of Flea, the Red Hot Chili Peppers legend

    by Flea

    Flea, the iconic bassist and co-founder**, alongside Anthony Kiedis,** of the immortal Red Hot Chili Peppers finally tells his fascinating origin story, complete with all the dizzying highs and the gutter lows you'd expect from an LA street rat turned world-famous rock star.Michael Peter Balzary was born in Melbourne, Australia, on October 16, 1962. His more famous stage name, Flea, and his wild ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Pink Floyd - Uncensored On the Record

    by Bob Carruthers

    This is the ultimate critical guide to the music of and career of Pink Floyd, brought together in one amazing collection. Using the actual words of the band and critics, this is the definitive review of the work of the band on stage, on record and on film from the Syd Barrett era to Pulse. This eBook also features many rare photographs spanning the entire career of Pink Floyd. ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • The Speed of Sound

    Breaking the Barriers between Music and Technology: A Memoir

    by Thomas Dolby

    Thomas Dolby is a five-time Grammy nominee, whose ‘She Blinded Me With Science’ reached number 5 on the US Billboard charts in 1982, appeared in Breaking Bad, and was even covered by The Muppets...Based on his meticulous notes and journals, The Speed of Sound chronicles Dolby’s life in the music business during the eighties; in Silicon Valley through the nineties, and at the forefront of the ... Read more

    $9.89 AUD

  • Energy Flash

    A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture

    by Simon Reynolds

    Twenty-five years since acid house and Ecstasy revolutionized pop culture, Simon Reynolds's landmark rave history Energy Flash has been expanded and updated to cover twenty-first-century developments like dubstep and EDM's recent takeover of America.Author of the acclaimed postpunk history Rip It Up and Start Again, Reynolds became a rave convert in the early nineties. He experienced first-hand ... Read more

    $17.92 AUD

  • Composing Electronic Music

    A New Aesthetic

    by Curtis Roads

    Electronic music evokes new sensations, feelings, and thoughts in both composers and listeners. Opening the door to an unlimited universe of sound, it engages spatialization as an integral aspect of composition and focuses on sound transformation as a core structural strategy. In this new domain, pitch occurs as a flowing and ephemeral substance that can be bent, modulated, or dissolved into noise ... Read more

    $66.43 AUD

  • Refining Sound

    A Practical Guide to Synthesis and Synthesizers

    by Brian K. Shepard

    Refining Sound is a practical roadmap to the complexities of creating sounds on modern synthesizers. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of learning to create sounds on a synthesizer is understanding what all the individual synthesizer components contribute to the complex finished sound. Author and veteran synthesizer instructor Brian K. Shepard draws on his years of experience in synthesizer ... Read more

    $60.82 AUD

  • On the Record

    The Scratch DJ Academy Guide

    by Luke Crisell and 3 more

    In the three decades since Kool Herc first put the same record on two side-by-side turntables, DJs have moved out of city parks, house and block parties, and the darkened booths of nightclubs, and onto center stage, performing before admiring crowds of thousands. They have not only given rise to hip-hop and house—DJs have influenced fashion, film, TV, and more.With On the Record, Scratch DJ ... Read more

    $12.53 AUD

  • Techno Rebels: The Renegades of Electronic Funk

    by Dan Sicko and 1 more

    An updated, expanded history of techno music with special attention to its roots in Detroit. ... Read more

    $30.70 AUD

  • John Peel

    by Mick Wall

    'Excellent ... paints an affectionate portrait of this unpretentious, humorous presenter who seems to have been loved by everyone who met him' SUNDAY TIMES'A leisurely stroll through the life of an "irreplaceable man" - [a] thoughtful, well-paced portrait' OBSERVERA tribute biography of the hugely popular DJ and broadcaster John PeelJohn Peel was born in Cheshire in 1939 and, after National ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Secret DJ

    by The Secret DJ

    From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads: The Secret DJ's Guide to Surviving Dance Music is yje true story of DJing, from an authentic voice speaking to this scene. The Secret DJ will give hints and guide newbies, as well as telling it as it really is for most DJs.The secret DJ never set out to be "a DJ", no-one did in the 80s unless you wanted to get on the radio and possibly illegally close to children. ... Read more

    $11.43 AUD

  • Russian Disco

    by Wladimir Kaminer

    Born in Moscow, Wladimir Kaminer emigrated to Berlin in the early '90s when he was 22. Russian Disco is a series of short and comic autobiographical vignettes about life among the émigrés in the explosive and extraordinary multi-cultural atmosphere of '90s Berlin. It's an exotic, vodka-fuelled millennial Goodbye to Berlin. The stories show a wonderful, innocent, deadpan economy of style ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Dave Gahan - Depeche Mode & The Second Coming

    by Trevor Baker

    THE FIRST AND ONLY BIOGRAPHY OF ONE OF MUSIC’S MOST INFLUENTIAL AND ENIGMATIC CHARACTERS.Dave Gahan’s extraordinary life as the frontman of one of modern music’s most successful bands is a tale unrivalled in rock and roll folklore. From a colourful childhood and youth in Essex, Gahan went on to become a huge star all over the world. For years each Depeche Mode album was more successful than the ... Read more

    $8.79 AUD

  • Making Music For Those Who Would Like To Know How

    by Markospokus

    This book is designed for and dedicated to all those who would like to start making electronic music, but don't exactly know where or how to begin. It’s designed to give you the kick start you need in order to save the time you would otherwise be spending finding out information for yourself, possibly from many different, disparate and diverse sources. Intention here is to describe the processes ... Read more

    $4.10 AUD

  • Kraftwerk: Publikation

    by David Buckley

    Updated to include details of the group's recent concerts under the direction of Ralf Hutter. David Buckley examines the cult enigma that is Kraftwerk, including their beginnings in the avant-garde musical terrain of late-Sixties Germany and their Anglo-American breakthrough with Autobahn in 1975, as well as their astonishingly prescient work, which drew the musical template for techno, ambient, ... Read more

    $20.89 AUD

  • Pet Shop Boys, Literally

    by Chris Heath

    The Pet Shop Boys are one of the most successful and unusual bands of the last five decades. They are the pop duo that proves pop music can be modern, ecstatic and playful as well as serious and intelligent, winning them legions of devoted fans throughout the world.In 1989, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe invited journalist Chris Heath and photographer Lawrence Watson to shadow them around Hong Kong, ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • The Musician's Guide to Pro Tools

    by John Keane

    "I'd recommend this book to anyone, whether beginner or expert." --From the Foreword by Peter Buck of R.E.M."Because everything is explained so concisely, you spend less time wading through pages and more time recording music." --Sound on Sound magazine"An excellent book for any engineer or home recordist just getting into Pro Tools." --Tape Op magazine ... Read more

    $51.69 AUD

  • Mars by 1980

    The Story of Electronic Music

    by David Stubbs

    Electronic music is now ubiquitous, from mainstream pop hits to the furthest reaches of the avant garde. But how did we get here? In Mars by 1980, David Stubbs charts the evolution of synthesised tones, from the earliest mechanical experiments in the late nineteenth century, through the musique concrete of the Futurists and radical composers such as Pierre Schaeffer and Karl Stockhausen, to the ... Read more

    $17.92 AUD

  • Learn How To DJ Right Now

    by Ron Saroyan

    As a DJ, I have traveled the world listening and learning from the best. As it turns out, there are 8 Crucial DJ principals that a DJ needs to know. Without these 8 crucial principals, DJs remain amateur and rely on information that is not precise and or outdated. You might be saying to yourself, yeah, I asked my self all of those questions above, and I could not find solid answers for any of them ... Read more

    $7.56 AUD

  • Music Technology

    by Julio d'Escriván

    series Cambridge Introductions to Music
    Emphasising the creative aspect of music technology, this introduction sets out an overview of the field for music students in a non-scientific and straightforward way. Engaging and user-friendly, the book covers studio concepts: basic audio and the studio workflow, including audio and MIDI recording. It explores synthesisers, samplers and drum machines as well as basic concepts for electronic ... Read more

    $30.90 AUD

  • Understanding Video Game Music

    by Tim Summers and 1 more

    Understanding Video Game Music develops a musicology of video game music by providing methods and concepts for understanding music in this medium. From the practicalities of investigating the video game as a musical source to the critical perspectives on game music - using examples including Final Fantasy VII, Monkey Island 2, SSX Tricky and Silent Hill - these explorations not only illuminate ... Read more

    $29.03 AUD

  • Sweet Dreams

    From Club Culture to Style Culture, the Story of the New Romantics

    by Dylan Jones

    David Bowie. Culture Club. Wham!. Soft Cell. Duran Duran. Sade. Adam Ant. Spandau Ballet. The Eurythmics.'Excellent' Guardian 'Hugely enjoyable' Irish Times 'Dazzling' LRB **'Fascinating' New Statesman **'An absolute must-read' GQOne of the most creative entrepreneurial periods since the Sixties, the era of the New Romantics gr... ... Read more

    $14.51 AUD

  • Ambient Music Composers Guide - 1

    by Nishit Gajjar

    Ambient Music Composers Guide - 1 is Part 1 of a new book series by award-winning Creative Producer and Music Producer Nishit Gajjar. The book provides detailed information about the niche of Ambient Music and a step-by-step guide for composing Ambient Music in digital music production software. ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • The Prodigy - Uncensored On the Record

    by Peter Sorel-Cameron and James McCarthy

    For having made rave music before, during and after the death of the scene, for having invented dance rock, and for shocking the entire world, The Prodigy are one of the greatest and most influential acts of the last 20 years. Having sold over 25 million records worldwide, The Prodigy continue to show how a huge number of influences can form one cohesive style of music. Whilst never conforming to ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD