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  • The Horse Whisperer

    The 25th anniversary edition of a classic novel that was made into a beloved film

    by Nicholas Evans

    The phenomenal number one bestseller, which sold over twenty million copies and was made into a classic film starring Robert Redford and Scarlett Johansson. This stunning 25th anniversary edition features exclusive new content from Nicholas Evans.'A love story, a gripping adventure and an emotionally charged tale of redemption and human strength' Cosmopolitan'Brilliance pervades this five ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Adventures of the Horse Doctor's Husband

    by Justin B. Long

    When he wedded a veterinarian, chasing horses down the Interstate wasn't in the vows…Bestselling author and painter Justin B. Long never dreamed he'd become a horse person. But marrying a passionate vet plunged the self-confessed numbers nerd into the wild world of equine emergency care. And just when he thought he had a handle on his new life, his close-knit community gained Internet fame with a ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Equine ER

    Stories From a Year in the Life of an Equine Veterinary Hospital

    by Leslie Guttman

    New York Times best-selling author Susan Richards calls Equine ER "as thrilling and drama-filled as any of the popular hospital shows on television today." Equine ER explores the power of the human-horse connection through the lens of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, one of the top hospitals in the world for horses. New York Times best-selling author Jon Katz calls Equine ER "a wonderful book and ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Horses: 101 Super Fun Facts and Amazing Pictures (Featuring The World's Top 18 Horse Breeds)

    by Janet Evans

    HORSES: 101 SUPER FUN FACTS AND AMAZING PICTURES ( FEATURING THE WORLD's TOP 18 HORSE BREEDS) This book depicts the wonder of the world of Horses. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this magnificent mammal: its anatomy, social habits, behavior and relationship with man. The following horses are featured: Arabian Horse American quarter horse Paint horse Apploosa Miniature Horse ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • The Foaling Primer

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising a Healthy Foal

    by Cynthia McFarland

    Start your foal off on the right hoof! With correct handling, health care, and training during the first year, you can establish a strong foundation that will benefit your horse throughout his life. From bottle feeding to rope leading, Cynthia McFarland covers everything you need to know as you guide your foal from birth to yearling. With an emphasis on recognizing critical developmental signs, ... Read more

    $20.23 AUD

  • Horse Hoof Care

    by Cherry Hill and 1 more

    Help your horse put his best foot forward! Stressing the critical importance of hoof care to your horse’s overall health, this guide covers all aspects of proper hoof maintenance — from dealing with lost shoes, cracks, and thrush to promoting healthy hooves through a balanced diet. With in-depth discussions of hoof anatomy, the role of the farrier, and the importance of daily routines, Horse Hoof ... Read more

    $20.23 AUD

  • Laminitis

    the horse owner's checklist for cure and prevention

    by Remco Sikkel

    Laminitis. If you own a horse chances are you will be confronted with this disease one day. When it happens (again) and your horse, pony or donkey is unable to move you will feel completely desperate. You will want nothing more but to help.The book ‘Laminitis - understanding, cure, prevention’ (ISBN 978-90-825191-0-5) offers practical solutions and simple preventive measures. The emphasis is on ... Read more


  • Beyond Horse Massage

    A Breakthrough Interactive Method for Alleviating Soreness, Strain, and Tension

    by Jim Masterson and 1 more

    Would you like to enable your horse to perform and feel better, to overcome old limitations and restrictions and reach its full potential? In this book, Jim Masterson, Equine Massage Therapist for the 2006 and 2008 and 2010 USET Endurance Teams, and for equine clientele competing in FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitions, teaches a unique method of equine bodywork, in which the ... Read more

    $30.24 AUD

  • Core Conditioning for Horses

    Yoga-Inspired Warm-Up Techniques: Increase Suppleness, Improve Bend, and Unlock Optimal Movement

    by Simon Cocozza

    Yoga exercises for horses!A comprehensive guidebook to training equine muscles for peak performanceTraining advice for keeping horses flexible and sound for years of riding ... Read more

    $23.42 AUD

  • Horse Brain, Human Brain

    The Neuroscience of Horsemanship

    by Janet Jones and 1 more

    Over 85% of horse training problems are due to humans being unable to think like a horseThe first book written for horsemen by a doctor of cognitive scienceThroughout the book there are "barn side" applications of brain science-it's not a text book!Readers will walk away knowing more about their own brains as well as their horses ... Read more

    $20.89 AUD

  • Hoof Care for Horses

    (Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-277)

    by Henry Heymering and 2 more

    Expert Hoof Care Advice at Your FingertipsNo foot, no horse. It's an old saying, but it rings as true today as it ever did in humankind's history of horsemanship. What can you do to ensure your horse's hooves are sound? Follow the advice of those who know horses' hooves best: farriers.In Hoof Care for Horses, long-time farrier Henry Heymering outlines the best preventative maintenance for hooves, ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD

  • Equitation Science

    by Paul McGreevy and 1 more

    Written by two internationally recognised experts, Equitation Science is the first book to draw together the principles of this emerging field into a much-needed coherent source of information.The goal of equitation science is to enhance our understanding of how horses think and learn, and to use their natural behaviour to train, ride or compete with them in as fair a manner as possible. The ... Read more

    $67.99 AUD

  • The Essential Hoof Book

    The Complete Modern Guide to Horse Feet - Anatomy, Care and Health, Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

    by Susan Kauffmann and 2 more

    The equine hoof is a complex marvel of natural engineering, built to withstand tremendous forces and able to adapt to an astonishing range of environmental conditions. It also changes daily–for better or for worse–in response to external and internal factors. Few horse owners have the opportunity to acquire a deep understanding of the hoof, which limits their ability to advocate on their horses’ ... Read more

    $30.79 AUD

  • A Practical Guide to Equine Radiography

    by Gabriel Manso Díaz and 2 more

    A Practical Guide to Equine Radiography is designed to accompany the clinical veterinarian either within a hospital setting or out in the field. The handbook offers an informative step-by-step guide to obtaining high quality radiographs, consistently. Each chapter focuses on a separate region of the horse, offering tailored material in a clear and concise way - suitable for accessing as use of a ... Read more

    $117.58 AUD

  • Treatment of Mare in Foal and with Foal - With Information for the Horse Owner

    by Cornelius Tongue

    “Treatment of Mare in Foal and with Foal” is a classic guide to managing and caring for a mare before and after it gives birth to a foal. It deals with every aspect of this period, offering the reader guidance on how to properly calculate the event and successfully manage both mother and baby. Contents include: "Period of Foaling", "Beneficial Effects of Warm Weather", "Spring Grass", "Evil ... Read more

    $7.69 AUD

  • Horses in Translation

    Essential Lessons in Horse Speak: Learn to "Listen" and "Talk" in Their Language

    by Sharon Wilsie

    With her landmark first book Horse Speak: The Equine–Human Translation Guide, trainer Sharon Wilsie upended conventional methods of human–equine communication (using words and ropes, for example) with her clear classification of the language horses use with each other (body, breath, and intent), as well as an unparalleled explanation of how we as humans can effectively mirror it. Learning to ... Read more

    $19.68 AUD

  • Equus Lost?

    How We Misunderstand the Nature of the Horse-Human Relationship--Plus Brave New Ideas for the Future

    by Francesco De Giorgio and 1 more

    In the 1980s, the world of riding, training, and competing with horses took a major turn with the spread of natural horsemanship, which at its most basic foundation rejects the use of abusive techniques and relies on methods derived from understanding the dynamics of free-roaming horse herds. Since then, equestrians across disciplines have incorporated elements of natural horsemanship into their ... Read more

    $14.73 AUD

  • A Modern Horse Herbal

    by Tim Couzens and 6 more

    "In an age of advanced medical technology, this book serves as a timely reminder that Nature holds remarkable healing powers and can provide a simple solution to many of the health problems seen with increasing regularity in horses today." - From the Foreword by Tim Couzens BVetMed, MRCVS, VetMFHom.This detailed guide to medicinal herbs for horses shows how they can help in the treatment of a wide ... Read more

    $29.91 AUD

  • Equine Lameness for the Layman

    Tools for Prompt Recognition, Accurate Assessment, and Proactive Management

    by G. Robert Grisel and 1 more

    Lameness is the most common cause of poor performance in the horse. This makes management of his soundness over the long–term integral to both his general well–being and his ability to participate in recreational and competitive activities.Unfortunately, most equine caretakers are unable to perceive abnormal movement in the horse, extending the period between the onset of a problem and its ... Read more

    $28.26 AUD

  • The Joy of Keeping Farm Animals

    Raising Chickens, Goats, Pigs, Sheep, and Cows

    by Laura Childs

    series Joy of Series
    A second edition of the beloved guide to farm animals.When the going gets tough, the tough . . . start raising their own food. In the first full-color guide of its kind, author and small farm owner Laura Childs reveals exactly what it takes to start raising your own animals, including chickens, geese, goats, sheep, pigs, and cows. Childs discusses what you can expect to harvest from your animals ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Physical Therapy for Horses

    A Visual Course in Massage, Stretching, Rehabilitation, Anatomy, and Biomechanics

    by Helle Katrine Kleven

    An incredible course in preventive and rehabilitative techniques for horse owners and professionals422 color photos and 38 color illustrationsThe author has served as official the physical therapist for both the German eventing and endurance international teams ... Read more

    $33.21 AUD

  • Advances in Equine Dentistry, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice, E-Book

    by Jack Easley and 3 more

    series The Clinics: Veterinary Medicine #Volume 29-2
    A current, comprehensive issue on advances in equine dentistry. Topics include anatomy and physiology of mastication, oral and dental pathology of incisors, canines and cheek teeth, dental examination and charting the mouth, oral photography and endoscopy, advances in dental radiology, 3-D imaging, dental restraint and pain management, treatment of diseased teeth, diagnosing and treating dental ... Read more

    $109.22 AUD

  • The Complete Book of Foaling

    An Illustrated Guide for the Foaling Attendant

    by Karen E.N. Hayes

    In Praise of The Complete Book of Foaling"A must read for anybody who has ever thought about breeding a mare." --Judith Forbis, Ansata Arabian Stud"Brilliantly written reads like a novel, yet beautifully organized so that you can flip to a section at a moment's notice if your mare is in trouble." --Equus"This book should be included in every foaling kit. In fact, it should never sit on the ... Read more

    $36.95 AUD

  • The Horse Doctor Is In

    A Kentucky Veterinarian's Advice and Wisdom on Horse Health Care

    by Brent Kelley D.V.M.

    This practical guide to equine health care is filled with sound advice that is presented in a warm and approachable tone. Experienced veterinarian Brent Kelley offers proven methods for dealing with a variety of medical situations every horse owner is likely to encounter, from pregnancy and foaling to fractures and infections. With examples drawn from real-life stories, Kelley helps you ... Read more

    $20.23 AUD