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  • Milo Manara's Gullivera

    by Milo Manara

    After boarding an abandoned ship, the young and beautiful Gullivera encounters strange new worlds and exotic new people, from tiny Lilliputians to teasing giants and a few other titillating stops along the way… The erotic graphic novel adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s classic, Gulliver’s Travels, as told by the unique and playful pen of Milo Manara. For mature audiences ... Read more

    $9.49 AUD

  • One night

    A woman's intimate fantasies fulfilled

    by H2O2

    When a young woman meets an attractive stranger on a train who offers to fulfill all her most intimate fantasies during a single night, her world is turned upside down... 48 color pages of pure pleasure from one of France's best erotic comics team at a fabulous price. ... Read more

    $9.89 AUD

  • Eat Me For Lunch

    A True Taste of Love

    by Deanna Wilson

    series XXX Erotic Short Stories
    "Eat Me For Lunch" is the steamy story of an attractive young nurse who is starved for sex and will go to any lengths to satisfy the burning desires of her voluptuous body.... every chance she gets.... even while on the job. It is every man's dream to encounter a nurse who provides such unspeakable services. Purchase this book to find out just how this nurse satisfies her insatiable appetite and ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • BD-Adultes, revue numérique de BD érotique #1

    by Collectif

    series Revue BD-Adultes #1
    92 pages de BD à petit prix ! BD-Adultes lance sa revue numérique !BD-Adultes revient sur un an de parutions numériques chez Dynamite, avec sept extraits de bandes dessinées aussi sulfureuses les unes que les autres ! Astaroth et Bernadette, Amabilia, Cassandra Bullcock, Les Histoires de cul de l'oncle Zague... Et en avant-première exclusive, sept planches de Saxkal Natural, petit bijou d'érotisme ... Read more


  • The Education of Eva

    The Education of Eva, #1

    by Eva Stevenson

    series The Education of Eva #1
    In this first book of the series, I describe how my friend Laura introduced me to Domination. ... Read more


  • BD-Adultes, revue numérique de BD érotique #3

    by Collectif

    series Revue BD-Adultes #3
    50 pages de BD érotique gratuites ! BD-Adultes vous régale !Une fois de plus, BD-Adultes met les bouchées doubles pour vous contenter. La délicieuse Bernadette rendue nymphomane par le démon Astaroth, les frasques de l'étudiante Molly dans Peanut Butter, la pureté érotique d'Amabilia, les galipettes mythologiques de la série Maudites, le bondage de Chris (Miss Bondie) et les folies italiennes de ... Read more


  • BD-adultes, revue numérique de BD érotique #2

    by Collectif

    series Revue BD-Adultes #2
    BD-Adultes fête la rentrée avec 50 pages de BD érotique gratuites !Après le succès du numéro 1, téléchargé à plusieurs milliers d'exemplaires, la revue BD-Adultes poursuit son exploration de la bande dessinée pour adultes avec un volume exceptionnel ! Au programme, les suites d'Astaroth et Bernadette, Amabilia et L'Oncle Zague, ainsi que le lancement des séries Peanut Butter, Sex in Italy, ... Read more


  • BD-adultes, revue numérique de BD érotique #8

    by Collectif

    series Revue BD-Adultes #8
    Luxure bourgeoise ou porno fantastique ? Dynamite vous réserve bien des surprises pour la rentrée 2017 !Au programme de ce numéro 8... Échouée sur Terre, la cosmonaute Kandi est la proie de deux gorilles en rut. Pendant ce temps, dans le club où elle est serveuse et stripteaseuse, Dinah (Alraune 2) s'offre à un amateur de sexe SM... La MILF Flavia (La Chambre de verre) continue de se donner en ... Read more


  • Bangor Mansion

    by Lee Curtis

    What if there was a place you could go for sex and not worry about the dating. An Erotic tale of the struggle between the heart and the desire. Warning: explicit sex, unusual sex. ... Read more

    $3.17 AUD

  • Precinct 69, vol. 3

    by Carlos Jimenez

    series Precinct 69
    It’s another shift for the cops at Precinct 69. These policemen and women aren’t just hot under the collar- they are ready to bust out of their uniforms and have an insatiable hunger for action. One lady-cop gets her pulsating action as she dishes her own brand of punishment to a burglar who is caught with his pants down. And what do cops do while they are waiting for the right moment to issue an ... Read more

    $13.19 AUD

  • Cross-Country Cruiser, 1

    Cross-Country Cruiser, #1

    by Rod Palmer

    series Cross-Country Cruiser #1
    Part 1 of a 3 part erotic male fantasy following a pair of eager and versatile young guys travelling by motor home in the company of an ultra-masculine bounty hunter. ... Read more

    $1.34 AUD

  • Chester 5000

    by Jess Fink

    "Liquid and elegantly stylized." -- Alan Moore“Chester 5000 is everything I wish I could be in a robot boyfriend and Jess Fink is everything I wish I could be as an artist. This is the most sexcellent book you will ever read.” -- Rich Stevens, author of Diesel Sweeties“Is there any finer thing than a gorgeously drawn and visually engaging sexy-Victorian steam-punk robo-love story? Chester 5000 is ... Read more

    $9.20 AUD

  • May We Chat

    So Taboo Stories Vol. 2 Sex with a Sweet Escort

    by Amina Stein

    series Erotica Short Stories
    Prostitution is an age old profession that has been around since man existed on earth. Over the years things have changed and it has evolved into quite a business. There are even different categories of prostitutes, high end and low end. The high end prostitutes are creative working girls. Get a glimpse into the life of an independent high end prostitute. Find out some great tips and how she keeps ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Magenta

    Noir Fatale

    by Nik Guerra

    series Magenta
    A raucous mix of femme fatales, bondage and noir, this very handsome new series is vintage risqué and kinky, and just as teasing and campy as the best burlesque. When ‘Kinky Winky’ bondage models Magenta and Lucretia hear of fellow models disappearing at an alarming rate, they volunteer to investigate, uncovering the seamy underbelly of London of the sixties. With embossed and foil stamped cover. ... Read more

    $11.65 AUD

  • Romantic Erotica: Love Bound

    by J.D. Killi

    Tony and Chloe have been married for three years. Their sex life is great, but it could do with a little spicing up. One day Tony comes home armed with ropes, lubricant, and a variety of other toys. He can only hope that Chloe will be down for what he has in store for her. To his surprise, she is extremely willing to be bound in the name of love, even reversing the roles, so that Tony finds ... Read more

    $2.79 AUD

  • It Happened to me

    It Happened to me, #3

    by Erika Cecile

    series It Happened to me #3
    IntroductionIn the beginning there is darkness. A cigarette burn at the top corner of the screen. A patch of white followed by a field of orange, burnt umbra, and red. White follows again and finally an image appears through a crackling sound. The sound corrects and there is a sexpot in a hot tub. You've seen the woman before. They always look familiar. That's their magic. Your high school sweet ... Read more


  • Degenerate Housewives - Tome 2

    by Rebecca

    series Degenerate Housewives #2
    Hillvale, la petite bourgade du Connecticut où réside la famille Mitchell, n'est plus si tranquille depuis que Catherine, un archétype de mère au foyer, s'est découvert une libido tonitruante...Du coup, Cathy s'est mise à brouter du minou tout en se faisant défoncer la rondelle. Ici, ses penchants saphiques l'entraînent à travailler dans un peep-show, et à connaître des relations avec sa propre ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Cross-Country Cruiser, 2

    Cross-Country Cruiser, #2

    by Rod Palmer

    series Cross-Country Cruiser #2
    The continuing erotic adventures of two hot young guys and their ultra-butch mentor traveling around the country in a motor home. ... Read more

    $4.04 AUD

  • Cross-Country Cruiser, 3

    Cross-Country Cruiser, #3

    by Rod Palmer

    series Cross-Country Cruiser #3
    The blazing-hot sexual adventures of wo horny young guys and their ultra-butch mentor traveling the country in a motor home. ... Read more

    $4.04 AUD

  • Norse

    by James Lemay

    series Norse
    930/931 après J-C, les vikings sévissent entre la Norvège, l'Écosse et l'Islande... Aux milieux de ces raids, le roi norvégien Eirik Bloodaxe enlève la jeune et belle Brianna Gordon des Highlands... Cet acte ne sera pas sans conséquences : détentrice d'un mystérieux pouvoir prémonitoire, la jeune Brianna devient vite l'objet de toutes les convoitises : entre son promis, le farouche et jaloux Sir ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Mara, Vol. 1: Lucid Folly

    by Cosimo Ferri

    series Mara
    Mara is one sassy mystery writer who lives her thrillers. She loves to solve murder mysteries for real using every wile available to her, including her overpowering sexuality. In this case, in an Agatha Christie like enclosed environment, namely a mansion where a group of guests come together, a member of the group comes up dead. Mara stops at nothing to get to the truth, even meting out her own ... Read more

    $11.65 AUD

  • DAYS OF SODOM: Fertile Erotic Playgrounds

    Nymphomaniac Series Volume 2

    by Carey Steele

    series Fertile Erotic Series
    Making the transition from being a naïve couple to one that has no inhibitions about trying new things sexually is what this book focuses on. Two couples who have been friends for years and they move on to a new level in their friendship. They make the transition for the plutonic to the sexual. Through their experiences they become sexually free... ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Le rêve de Cécile

    by Erich Von gotha

    series Canicule
    La jeune et désirable Cécile, coincée dans un mariage peu excitant, rêve, rêve, rêve... Elle traverse lieux et époques pour mieux assouvir ses fantasmes, passant de songe en songe afin d'échapper à l'homme terrible qui la vend à d'autres, mais dont elle goûte les perversions avec un plaisir non dissimulé... Et qui sait, dans ses rêves les plus fous, peut-être trouvera-t-elle l'amour ?Erich von ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Yin & Yang

    A Taste of Black on White

    by Razzy White

    series BMWW XXX Romance Short Stories
    It can be really hard to find the right person to settle down with. People have sex with each other all the time yet there is always that special someone who makes the difference makes you want to make the decision to settle down for good. The author shows how that can happen by suing two different sets of characters in two different stories. The yin and the yan, perfectly joined. Total opposites ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD