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  • Huna

    Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living

    by Serge Kahili King

    The ancient wisdom of Hawai'i has been guarded for centuries -- handed down through lines of kinship to form the tradition of Huna. Dating back to the time before the first missionary presence arrived in the islands, the tradition of Huna is more than just a philosophy of living -- it is intertwined and deeply connected with every aspect of Hawaiian life.Blending ancient Hawaiian wisdom with ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Warrior Spirit Rising

    A Native American Spiritual Journey

    by Dianna Good Sky

    series Good Sky Stories #1
    Growing up, I knew two things to be true:My dad was a drunk.Being an Indian was complicated.When I joined the Navy, these two ideas were cemented when my fellow sailors, after finding out that I was an American Indian, would ask me if I drank a lot or if I still lived in a TeePee. They were asking questions because that’s what they knew and I couldn’t blame them. I could only answer “no” to both. ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Ravenbok, The Rituals Of Asatru (Norse Paganism)

    by Lewis Stead

    Ravenbok is a simple and straightforward introduction to the rights and rituals of Asatru or Norse Neo-Paganism. Topics include the Gods of Asatru, the Asatru Temple or Ve, the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse, the worship of the Disir and other spirits, magic, rituals and a guide to common problems in modern Asatru kindreds. Updated 2012 Edition. ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Path to the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism for Beginners

    by Swain Wodening

    Path to the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism for Beginners contains everything you need to know to begin practicing the religion of your Anglo-Saxon ancestors. Within these pages you will be introduced to the Gods and Goddesses of Heathenry, and to fundamental beliefs and key concepts such as Wyrd, Frith, the Sacred and Holy, Heathen Thews (Virtues) and more. The basic rites of Heathenry are explained, ... Read more

    $3.79 AUD

  • Þéodisc Geléafa "The Belief of the Tribe:": A Handbook on Germanic Heathenry and Theodish Belief

    by Swain Wodening

    A book detailing the beliefs, practices, and mindset of Theodish Belief. "Þéodisc Geléafa 'The Belief of the Tribe'" dispels many of the myths surrounding Theodish Belief, and details the reality. It covers topics such as why to be tribal, the advantages of tribal Heathenry, the mechanics behind a theod, as well as the major rites. This is a must have book on Theodism. ... Read more

    $2.51 AUD

  • The Serpent and the Jaguar

    Living in Sacred Time

    by Birgitte Rasine

    Everything we do and the way we think is based on a linear conception of time. Our very ideas of life, success, and happiness are tied to a non-cyclical, non-organic paradigm that often works against our own nature and potential. The Maya live in a different world—close to nature, close to their children and their elders, and close to time: the sacred and the secular. It may seem we could not be ... Read more

    $11.40 AUD

  • The Hopi Survival Kit

    The Prophecies, Instructions and Warnings Revealed by the Last Elders

    by Thomas E. Mails

    series Compass
    Now made public for the first time—an ancient Hopi spiritual guide that may hold the key to our survival in the next millenniumFor nearly a century the Elders of Hotevilla—a tiny village on a remote Hopi reservation in Arizona—have been guarding the secrets and prophecies of a thousand-year-old covenant that was created to ensure the well-being of the earth and its creatures. But the elders are ... Read more

    $20.12 AUD

  • The Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian

    Commemorative Edition with Letters while Living with Black Elk

    by Joseph Brown

    The writings of Joseph Epes Brown are considered amongst the most important studies on the North American Indian undertaken in the twentieth century. His works have been translated into numerous languages and are helping to re-ignite interest in the American Indian religious tradition. The Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian: Commemorative Edition, not only presents his works on the ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • Britannia: The Failed State

    Tribal Conflicts and the End of Roman Britain

    by Stuart Laycock

    Attempts to understand how Roman Britain ends and Anglo-Saxon England begins have been undermined by the division of studies into pre-Roman, Roman and early medieval periods. This groundbreaking new study traces the history of British tribes and British tribal rivalries from the pre-Roman period, through the Roman period and into the post-Roman period. It shows how tribal conflict was central to ... Read more

    $15.94 AUD

  • Enuma Elish: The Epic Of Creation

    by L.W. King

    Enuma Elish: The Epic Of Creation by L.W. King The Babylonian and Assyrian Legends Concerning the Creation of the World and of Mankind. The Enuma Elish is one of the oldest stories known to mankind. It is a story first written down by the ancient Sumerians thousands of years ago. As a one time assistant in the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum, L.W. King ... Read more

    $1.52 AUD

  • Lords of the Earth

    An Incredible but True Story from the Stone-Age Hell of Papua's Jungle

    by Don Richardson

    Engulfed in the darkness of Irian Jaya's Snow Mountains live the Yali, naked cannibals who call themselves lords of the earth. Yet, in spite of their boldness, they live in terror and bondage to the women-hating, child-despising gods they serve. Missionary Stan Dale dared to enter their domain and be an instrument to change their future. Peace Child author, Don Richardson, tells the story of Dale, ... Read more

    $14.95 AUD

  • Ayahuasca

    Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle. A Comprehensive and Practical Guide

    by Javier Regueiro

    **"**I highly recommended this book for anyone wishing to work with this plant in a safe and professional manner." - Noel Sweeney (5 star review)Ayahuasca is a traditional spiritual medicine used by the indigenous people in South America. While it is largely used during shamanistic or other religious ceremonies as a sacred substance; it can also be used for its medicinal purposes.More and more ... Read more

    $14.77 AUD

  • Path to the Ancestors: Exploring Ancestor Worship within Modern Germanic Heathenry

    by Swain Wodening

    Long has the topic of ancestor worship in modern Germanic Heathenry been largely overlooked. While many within Germanic Heathenry worship their ancestors, other than a few mentions in books, blog posts, web pages and small publications there has not been a work dedicated to the topic. This short book seeks to be a first of its kind and broach the topic. In many ways it is the tale of the path of ... Read more

    $2.76 AUD

  • Black Elk Speaks

    The Complete Edition

    by John G. Neihardt and 2 more

    Black Elk Speaks, the story of the Oglala Lakota visionary and healer Nicholas Black Elk (1863–1950) and his people during momentous twilight years of the nineteenth century, offers readers much more than a precious glimpse of a vanished time. Black Elk’s searing visions of the unity of humanity and Earth, conveyed by John G. Neihardt, have made this book a classic that crosses multiple genres. ... Read more

    $27.05 AUD

  • Shadowplay

    Behind the Lines and Under Fire: The Inside Story of Europe's Last War

    by Tim Marshall

    A gripping eyewitness account of a major 20th-century military conflict by the UK's most popular writer on geopoliticsThe shattering of Yugoslavia in the 1990s showed that, after nearly 50 years of peace, war could return to Europe. It came to its bloody conclusion in Kosovo in 1999.Tim Marshall, then diplomatic editor at Sky News, was on the ground covering the Kosovo War. This is his ... Read more

    $12.09 AUD

  • The House Of The Hidden Places

    by W. Marsham Adams

    The House of the Hidden Placesby W. Marsham AdamsThere were many speculative attempts to explain the internal architecture of the Great Pyramid of Giza in the 19th century. Most of them were composed with an eye to Christian dispensational prophecies. Adams, on the other hand, thought that the blueprint for the Great Pyramid was the recently translated Egyptian Book of the Dead, a journey of the ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Seven African Powers

    African Spirituality Beliefs and Practices, #2

    by Monique Joiner Siedlak

    series African Spirituality Beliefs and Practices #2
    The Seven African Powers. Who Are They?Deep-rooted African Spirits, the Orishas are given respect and service in modern Santeria, Voodoo, as well as other Caribbean traditions.Today, many Yoruban and other West Africans still turn to the Orishas for help and guidance in not only their little problems but also the big ones of life.Inside you will learn that each Orisha has specific actions and ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery

    by Robert Shapiro

    series Shamanic Secrets #1
    "This book explores the heart and soul connection between humans and Mother Earth. Through that intimacy, miracles of healing and expanded awareness can flourish. To heal the planet and be healed as well, we can lovingly extend our energy selves out to the mountains and rivers and intimately bond with the Earth. Gestures and vision can activate our hearts to return us to a healthy, caring ... Read more

    $19.95 AUD

  • A Year in White

    Cultural Newcomers to Lukumi and Santería in the United States

    by C. Lynn Carr

    In the Afro-Cuban Lukumi religious tradition—more commonly known in the United States as Santería—entrants into the priesthood undergo an extraordinary fifty-three-week initiation period. During this time, these novices—called iyawo—endure a host of prohibitions, including most notably wearing exclusively white clothing. In A Year in White, sociologist C. Lynn Carr, who underwent this initiation ... Read more

    $39.26 AUD

  • Gods of the Cataclysm

    A revolutionary investigation of man and his gods before and after the Great Cataclysm

    by Hugh Fox

    Iconic author, poet and anthropologist Hugh Fox was connecting the dots on contacts between the ancient cultures, across the globe, in prehistoric and post-Flood eras long before recent evidence surfaced to support his theories. In GODS OF THE CATACLYSM, Fox weaves a fascinating story, in classic who-done-it style, that takes the reader on a fantastic voyage through the ages and across the ... Read more

    $7.60 AUD

  • The Parisi

    Britains and Romans in Eastern Yorkshire

    by Peter Halkon

    The Parisi were a tribe located somewhere within the present day East Riding of Yorkshire, UK, known from a brief reference by Ptolemy They were originally immigrants from Gaul and share their name with the tribe that occupied modern day France. Fairly obvious from their name, they gave the French capital its name. The investigation of the Parisi began in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, ... Read more

    $20.56 AUD

  • Living Santería

    Rituals and Experiences in an Afro-Cuban Religion

    by Michael Atwood Mason

    In 1992 Smithsonian anthropologist Michael Atwood Mason traveled to Cuba for initiation as a priest into the Santería religion. Since then he has created an active oricha “house” and has initiated five others as priests. He is a rare combination: a scholar-practitioner who is equally fluent in his profession and his religion. Interweaving his roles as researcher and priest, Mason explores Santería ... Read more

    $30.68 AUD

  • The Influence of Animism on Islam (Illustrated)

    by Samuel Zwemer

    Samuel Zwemer (1867-1852) was an American missionary to the Middle East and an avid writer, speaker and teacher. He was known as the “Apostle to Islam” for his untiring efforts to reach them with the Good News of Jesus Christ. THE INFLUENCE OF ANIMISM ON ISLAM looks at the superstitions and folk-beliefs that impact the daily lives of Muslims around the world. Originally penned in 1920, Zwemer ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • The Bushman Way of Tracking God

    The Original Spirituality of the Kalahari People

    by Bradford Keeney

    From “the Indiana Jones of the spiritual world” (Utne Reader)—a groundbreaking look at original spirituality with a unique and all-encompassing approach to life that comes from the world’s most ancient religion.The Kalahari Bushmen are the keepers of the world’s oldest living culture. In spite of colossal challenges and never-ending crises, they have survived for over 60,000 years with joy and ... Read more

    $27.99 AUD