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  • Hidden Like Anne Frank: 14 True Stories of Survival

    by Marcel Prins and 2 more

    For readers of The Boy Who Dared and Prisoner B-3087, a collection of unforgettable true stories of children hidden away during World War II. Jaap Sitters was only eight years old when his mother cut the yellow stars off his clothes and sent him, alone, on a fifteen-mile walk to hide with relatives. It was a terrifying night, one he would never forget. Before the end of the war, he would hide in ... Read more

    $16.71 AUD

  • Around The Globe - Must See Places in Europe

    Europe Travel Guide for Kids

    by Baby Professor

    series Children's Explore the World Books
    Visit key places in Europe, and learn about their cultures and traditions too in less then 30 minutes! This book is heavy on knowledge but light on the budget. You can even use this book to teach geography to children too. This is definitely one for your collection. Buy a copy now! ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • A Boy in War

    by Jan de Groot

    The war was changing everything and everyone … When Jan is seven, Nazis attack and take over Holland. At first, not much changes. Soon, though, war starts taking things away: important things like neighbours and friends, trust and respect, even clothing, fuel, and food. Through it all, Jan is still a boy, finding ways to play with friends and paddle his sailing canoe in the canals. But he must ... Read more

    $11.52 AUD

  • Who Was Galileo?

    by Patricia Brennan Demuth and 2 more

    series Who Was?
    Like Michelangelo, Galileo is another Renaissance great known just by his first name--a name that is synonymous with scientific achievement. Born in Pisa, Italy, in the sixteenth century, Galileo contributed to the era's great rebirth of knowledge. He invented a telescope to observe the heavens. From there, not even the sky was the limit! He turned long-held notions about the universe topsy turvy ... Read more

    $8.35 AUD

  • Are We Nearly There Yet? France

    by Hannah McBride and Alex Perkins

    Are we nearly there yet? is here is make your journey to France less boring, whether you're in a car, a ferry, a plane, or a swimming your way across the channel! It's packed full of games, jokes, facts, and stories to keep you entertained on the way! We'll also give you some great ideas of French things to do when you get to your destination! ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Queen Elizabeth II

    Modern Monarch

    by Matt Doeden

    series Gateway Biographies
    Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch. Discover the engaging details of her life and how she brought the royal family into the twenty-first century. ... Read more

    $12.31 AUD

  • Real Madrid

    Soccer Champions

    by Jeff Savage

    series Champion Soccer Clubs
    Fans around the world know Real Madrid of Spain as one of the greatest and most successful soccer teams ever. Learn about Real Madrid's historic early years and the championship moments that made the team famous in this thrilling title! Discover more through photos of the action and engaging storylines with famous and beloved athletes. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • 14 Fun Facts About the Seine River

    by Jeannie Meekins

    series 15-Minute Books
    The Seine River is a slow moving river. It begins 1545 feet (471 metres) above sea level, and runs 482 miles (776 kilometres) in its journey to the English Channel.Once a major trade route, it is navigable by ocean going ships as far as Rouen.The Seine has been subject to monster tides, and great feats of architecture. Its source is a place of worship and its basin was one of the earliest areas ... Read more

    $1.32 AUD

  • Do All Knights Have Gallant Steeds? Learning about Knights and their Horses - Ancient History Books | Children's Ancient History

    by Baby Professor

    In literature, knights always have their gallant steeds to accompany them. But sometimes literature can be wrong or it could have a mix of imagination. In this nonfiction book, we're going to take a peek into the real world of real knights. Be ready for some surprising facts! Open this book today! ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Elizabeth's Midnight

    by Aaron Michael Ritchey

    Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Meyers is an overweight, unhappy teenager enduring a dreary suburban life when her grandmother awakes from a catatonic state and announces that the two of them must go to France and solve four magical puzzles to reach a long-lost prince from another world. Elizabeth doesn't believe this, of course. She has no intention of helping her grandmother escape the nursing home, ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD

  • The Story of Britain

    by Patrick Dillon

    A definitive history of Britain which tells the story of two islands, Britain and Ireland, and all the people, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English, who have lived in them.A comprehensive history of Britain that delves into some edgy and less well-known events as well as shining a light on the more traditional narratives of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English history - William the Conqueror's arrival ... Read more

    $15.94 AUD

  • Out of Darkness

    The Story of Louis Braille

    by Russell Freedman and 1 more

    A biography of the 19th century Frenchman who developed Braille. The book spans Braille's life from childhood through his days at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth and into his final years, when the alphabet he invented was finally gaining acceptance. ... Read more

    $10.11 AUD

  • 14 Fun Facts About Gladiators

    by Cullen Gwin

    series 14 Fun Facts
    Roman gladiators have captured the interest of many modern people. We look at the practice of fighting to the death for a crowd's amusement as horrifying. But who were the actual gladiators and what do we really know about them?Do you know:How did gladiator fights start?Were all gladiators slaves or criminals?Were there women gladiators?What weapons did gladiators use?Did gladiators fight animals ... Read more

    $1.39 AUD

  • Ancient Greece

    by Nancy Ohlin and 1 more

    series Blast Back!
    Blast back to ancient Greece in this new nonfiction series and discover what it would have been like to live there!When people talk about ancient Greece, things like myths and the Olympics may come to mind. But what was ancient Greece really like? This engaging nonfiction book, complete with black and white interior illustrations, will make readers feel like they've traveled back in time. It ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • Let's Explore Italy (Most Famous Attractions in Italy)

    Italy Travel Guide

    by Baby Professor

    series Children's Explore the World Books
    Italia - the land of pizza and pasta. But do you know that there's more this delightful place than all the delicious food? This picture book features the must-see places in Italy. It defines great activities that you can do and what to expect the moment you arrive. Picture books are essential in encouraging participation, which is the foundation of active and effective learning. Grab a copy today! ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Portugal

    by Golriz Golkar

    series Country Profiles
    The world’s oldest bookstore still in operation opened in 1732. It is found in Portugal! This small country on the Iberian Peninsula has much to offer, from mountains to coastlines to rolling plains. Beyond the landscape, Portugal is a vibrant country with excellent food, fun activities, and exciting traditions. In this title, young readers will see it all! Vibrant photos support leveled text, and ... Read more

    $9.34 AUD

  • Nations Of Europe

    Fun Facts about Europe for Kids

    by Speedy Publishing

    Children enjoy learning about cultures that differ from what they are accustomed to. A Nations of Europe picture book opens the door to new experiences, and introduces children to new ideas and concepts through learning about the differences and commonalities between nations. Exposing children to other customs, languages, types of government, and landscapes broadens their horizons and increases ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • Barcelona: Discover This Children's Barelona Book With Facts

    by Bold Kids

    Barcelona is known for the beaches that only recently popped up, but it’s more than just that. Your child can learn about this beautiful country in this handy little book. Pick up a copy today to teach your child all about this place, and why it matters in terms of learning about. ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • My Survival

    by Joshua M. Greene and 1 more

    Rena Finder was only eleven when the Nazis forced her and her family -- along with all the other Jewish families -- into the ghetto in Krakow, Poland. Rena worked as a slave laborer with scarcely any food and watched as friends and family were sent away.Then Rena and her mother ended up working for Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who employed Jewish prisoners in his factory and kept them fed ... Read more

    $16.71 AUD

  • Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

    Illustrated with 67 Original Images, a Detailed Map of Tour, and a Photo of the Three Men

    by Jerome K. Jerome

    New edition for kindle with 67 illustrations based on original drawings by A. Frederics and the Map of Tour.Download the free sample or "look inside" to give it a try.This ebook is based on the work of Jerome K. Jerome "Three Men in a Boat - (To Say Nothing of the Dog)", a humorous account by English writer Jerome K. Jerome of a boating holiday on the Thames between Kingston and Oxford, originally ... Read more

    $0.91 AUD

  • Meet Christopher Columbus

    by James T. de Kay and 1 more

    series Landmark Books
    Schoolchildren will be fascinated by this clear account of Columbus's voyages and his encounters with storms, Indians, and political intrigue. A map of the world in Columbus's time and a detailed drawing of the Santa Maria add depth to this exciting, real-life adventure tale. ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Norway

    by Deborah Kopka and 1 more

    series Country Explorers
    Audisee® eBooks with Audio combine professional narration and text highlighting for an engaging read aloud experience! Pack your bags! We’re headed to Norway. On this whirl-wind tour, you’ll learn all about the country’s landscape, culture, people, and more. We’ll explore Norway’s beautiful cities, snowy landscapes, thick forests, and fascinating fjords. We’ll also find out what kind of foods ... Read more

    $9.34 AUD

  • Life on Surtsey

    Iceland's Upstart Island

    by Loree Griffin Burns

    series Scientists in the Field Series
    On November 14, 1963, a volcano fifteen miles off the shore of Iceland exploded under the sea, resulting in a brand-new island. Scientists immediately recognized Surtsey for what it was: an opportunity to observe the way life takes hold.Loree Griffin Burns follows entomologist Erling Ólafsson on a five-day trip to Surtsey, where since 1970 he has studied the arrival and survival of insects and ... Read more

    $21.55 AUD

  • The World as We Know It: Modern Europe | Children's European History

    by Baby Professor

    Have you ever been to Europe? If you haven't yet then you're in luck because we can take you there today! Open this magical book to see the sights and hear the sounds of Modern Europe. There’s plenty of facts to learn from the pages of this educational book. Grab a copy today. ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD