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Financial eBooks

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  • Credit Analysis and Lending Management

    Lending is one of the most important functions of any financial institution. If not managed properly, it can lead to credit quality problems, threatening the existence of the financial institution. To manage the lending function properly and mitigate credit quality problems, bank loan officers should be adequately trained in risk assessment techniques. No single textbook has previously covered ... Read more

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  • The Accounting Game

    Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand

    A clear, easy-to-understand explanation of key financial accounting basics.The world of accounting can be intimidating. Whether you're a manager, business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or taking a college course in accounting, you'll find yourself need to know the basics...but baffled by complicated accounting books. What if learning accounting could be as simple and fun as running a child's ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Exposure

    From President to Whistleblower at Olympus

    President, whistleblower, crusader. Exposure is the story of how Michael Woodford exposed the dark heart of Olympus.When Michael Woodford was made President and CEO of Olympus, he became the first Westerner ever to climb the ranks of one of Japan's corporate icons.Then his dream job turned into a nightmare.He learned about a series of bizarre mergers and acquisitions deals totalling $1.7 billion - ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Financial Analysis

    Analyze Financial Ratios For Any Stock

    by Andrew P.C. ...
    To make money as an investor you need to be able to evaluate financial ratios and perform financial statement analysis.Learn 20+ financial ratios the best investors use to pick winning stocks.You will learn financial ratios for a variety of uses including:*****Evaluating profitability*****Determining liquidity*****Assessing leverage*****Calculating returns*****Measuring activity and efficiency**** ... Read more


  • Bean Counters

    The Triumph of the Accountants and How They Broke Capitalism

    'A devastating exposé.' Mail on SundayThey helped cause the 2008 financial crash.They created a global tax avoidance industry.They lurk behind the scenes at every level of government...The world's 'Big Four' accountancy firms - PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and KPMG - have become a gilded elite. Up in the high six figures, an average partner salary rivals that of a Premier Le... ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Financial Statements Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide : A Self-teaching Guide: A Self-teaching Guide

    A Self-teaching Guide

    QUESTIONS about STATEMENTS? Find All the Answers Here!Are you considering buying a small business? Do you want to invest in a Fortune 500 company? Are you trying to sell your own business? Balance sheets and income statements are essential to helping you make informed decisions regarding important business transactions. But unless you're an accountant, these documents can be intimidating ... Read more

    $26.99 AUD

  • I Will Teach You Excel

    by Joel Villar ...
    Ever get passed up for a promotion or pay increase and wonder, “why didn’t I get it”? Ever wonder if your skills are good enough to compete in today’s crowded job market? You work hard, go above and beyond and still can’t seem to get noticed. Many of today’s jobs require that you be familiar with Microsoft Excel. How can you become proficient at Excel when companies aren’t willing to teach you ... Read more


  • How to Understand Business Finance

    Book 55 - Creating Success
    The modern marketplace is increasingly unpredictable and there is an ever-greater need for non-financial managers to understand the financial and management accounting process.How to Understand Business Finance is part of the bestselling Creating Success series published in association with the Sunday Times, which has been translated into 25 languages with over 500, 000 copies sold. This book is ... Read more

    $18.99 AUD

  • Making Money From Stocks and Shares

    A simple guide to increasing your wealth by consistent investment in the stock market

    by Jamie E Smith ...
    Many people are intimidated by the stock market and choose instead to put their money into savings accounts that pay very little. They believe that: - Buying shares is too risky - Buying shares is too complicated - You need a lot of money for it to be worthwhile. But none of these things are true and this book explains why. It provides a simple and accessible introduction to the basic principles ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Waking Up to Wealth

    by Sandeep Ghosh ...
    This book exposes the key trends that lead to personal financial disaster.It explains the habits and information required to attain financial independence.Gives you the power to control your wealth in an ever-changing financial world.Why are over 70% of people in the western world failing in their financial planning? We have demanded control over our own money and now we are getting it, but how ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • Mastering Financial Accounting Essentials

    The Critical Nuts and Bolts

    Book 485 - Wiley Finance
    An indispensable hands-on guide to financial accountingIn light of recent accounting scandals, it is critical that all financial practitioners understand and play by the rules of the accounting field. Starting from the assumption that the reader is not familiar with any accounting jargon, Mastering Financial Accounting Essentials presents material in a way that explains the key features of modern ... Read more

    $79.99 AUD $64.99 AUD

  • How to Read a Balance Sheet: The Bottom Line on What You Need to Know about Cash Flow, Assets, Debt, Equity, Profit...and How It all Comes Together

    by Rick Makoujy ...
    Put the most valuable business tool to work for you!The balance sheet is the key to everything--from efficient business operation to accurate assessment of a company’s worth. It’s a critical business resource--but do you know how to read it? How to Read a Balance Sheet breaks down the subject into easy-to-understand components.If you're a business owner or manager, this book helps you . . .Manage ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • Financial Accounting for Entrepreneurs

    by Sam Ghosh ...
    This book is primarily for entrepreneurs, especially for people who are just starting up or thinking of starting a company. There are various resources available for financial accounting. Unfortunately, most such resources assume that the reader is going to become an investment analyst or an accountant. There is some fundamental difference between how an analyst looks at finances and an ... Read more


  • Marketing: The Beginners Guide to Making Money Online with Social Media for Small Businesses

    Social media sites offer a massive range of benefits for small businesses. Not only are they a low-cost way to build brand awareness about your business and your products, but they’re also an excellent way to attract new customers.The key to success with social media marketing is to understand the right ways to leverage each social media platform to your advantage.You can use the social media ... Read more


  • Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Analysis of Companies

    by Cavalcante ...
    series Your eBook in Finance
    Your eBook in Finance collection: the most discussed topics in finance detailed in a didactic manner. - For any professional who needs to learn the essentials about corporate finance. - For the ones who want to improve knowledge in finance. Here you will find the main questions about Financial of Companies that you would ask to an expert with answers in simple language, covering ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Practical Financial Modelling

    A Guide to Current Practice

    by Jonathan Swan ...
    This second edition of Practical Financial Modelling is vital tool for all finance and management professionals whose work involves the production and development of complex spreadsheets and financial models. The author bridges the gap between the Excel manual and financial literature with a wealth of practical advise and useful tips.The book identifies good practice and highlights those areas ... Read more

    $54.99 AUD

  • QuickBooks 2013 QuickSteps

    by Thomas Barich ...
    series QuickSteps
    This full-color, step-by-step guide to QuickBooks 2013 is the fastest, easiest way to master all the important features of the bestselling small business financial software.QuickBooks 2013 QuickSteps is filled with color screenshots and clear instructions make it easy to get started with the latest release of the leading small business financial software. Follow along and learn how to customize ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Accounting & Finance in 4 Weeks

    The Complete Guide to Success: Teach Yourself

    Accounting And Finance In 4 Weeks is a comprehensive guide to understanding finance, giving you everything you need to know in one place. Made up of four bestselling books in one, this book delivers a complete course in the essentials. From balance sheets and profit statements to cashflow, budgets and forecasts you'll discover all the tools, techniques and strategies you need to get up to speed ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Green Line: How to Swing Trade the Bottom of Any Stock Market Correction

    Swing Trading Books

    by Tim Morris ...
    series Swing Trading Books
    ――――――――――――This Is Buy Low, Sell High on Steroids!――――――――――――Learn how to swing trade the bottom of any stock market correction!Tim Morris is back with another one! On average, the stock market experiences one 14% correction each year. What if there was an indicator that showed you where the bottom of this correction was? An indicator you could use to make 10% to 30% in profits</str... ... Read more

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  • Wedding Bells on Madison Avenue

    The perfect feel-good, romantic read for 2022 from bestseller Helen Rolfe

    by Helen Rolfe ...
    Book 3 - New York Ever After
    Perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan, Jessica Redland and Kate Forster.Do only fools rush in?When Myles and Darcy first met there were fireworks and ever since then it’s been a rollercoaster ride, sweeping them both off their feet.Myles is determined to do things differently from his own parents, but he’s hard wired to give his career on Wall Street his all. Is he capable of taking his foot off the ... Read more

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  • 大會計師教你從財報數字看懂產業本質

    by 張明輝 ...
    你是不是有以下痛點……看完很多財報書,卻永遠記不住意義和公式?三大財報太複雜,到底什麼才是關鍵指標?為什麼同樣是高價股,財報指標數字卻差很大?不懂財報,等於不懂投資!不同產業,財報眉角大不同,市場唯一產業別財報書全球四大會計師事務所所長,以審閱無數財報的三十年功力首度親筆破解各行業財報的關鍵數字財報投資書沒讀到這一本,永遠只是半吊子!張明輝繼《大會計師教你從財報數字看懂經營本質》後, 2020親筆力作給菜籃族、投資族、任何對財報有剛性需求者7大產業財報╳ 8大QA透視財報密技從獲利模式看7大焦點產業財報電子組裝業:應收帳款及存貨金額為什麼高到嚇人也OK?IC設計業:產品罩門看什麼指標?獲利變動大很正常?實體通路業:應付款和推銷費用偏高,真... ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Working Capital Management

    by Mayank Arora ...
    The purpose of the report is to get the in depth understanding of the process of working capital management. With the growing Indian economy and the government policies for infrastructure the demand for cement is increasing and seeing this as an opportunity is under taking many new projects for expansion of the production which are under implementation for increasing the capacity of the plants. ... Read more

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  • Oracle® Financials Interview Questions: Unofficial Oracle Financials Certification Review

    by Equity Press ...
    It’s clear that Oracle Financials is the future for ERP in Oracle – but finding goodreference materials can be difficult. Now, for the first time, a world class Oracle consultant shares his knowledge and understanding of this complex topic. Oracle Financials Interview Questions guides you easily through your learning process. From helping you to assess your Oracle Financials skills, to helping ... Read more

    $12.60 AUD

  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation

    Book 6 - Financial Accounting Fundamentals
    Fixed assets - property, plant, and equipment - are an integral part of doing business for many organisations, but they can present problems when preparing financial reports. This essay-length guide looks at the various types of fixed assets and the role they play in financial reporting. Topics covered include depreciation, disposal of assets, and gain/loss on disposal. ... Read more

    $1.34 AUD