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Finite Mathematics

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  • Schaum's Outline of Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics

    by Edward T. Dowling

    Confused by the math of business and economics? Problem solved.Schaum's Outline of Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics reviews the mathematical tools, topics, and techniques essential for success in business and economics today. The theory and solved problem format of each chapter provides concise explanations illustrated by examples, plus numerous problems with fully worked-out ... Read more

    $32.00 AUD

  • Vector Analysis and Quaternions

    by Alexander Macfarlane

    Vector Analysis and Quaternions by Alexander MacfarlaneBy “Vector Analysis” is meant a space analysis in which the vector is the fundamental idea; by “Quaternions” is meant a space-analysis in which the quaternion is the fundamental idea. They are in truth complementary parts of one whole; and in this chapter they will be treated as such, and developed so as to harmonize with one another and with ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Schaum's Outline of Business Statistics, Fourth Edition

    by Leonard Kazmier

    Confused by business statistics? Problem solved.Schaum's Outline of Business Statistics helps you understand basic concepts and offers extra practice on topics you'll encounter in your introductory- and intermediate-level courses. With this book, you'll understand and master the basic methods of statistical description, statistical inference, decision analysis, and process control. You will also ... Read more

    $30.79 AUD

  • Finding Number of ways using Permutation and Combination2

    by Homework Help Classof1

    "In how many ways can a subcommittee of four be chosen from a Senate committee of four Democrats and six Republicans if (a) All members are eligible? (b) The subcommittee must consist of two Republicans and two Democrats? " ... Read more

    $9.20 AUD

  • The Golden Verses Of Pythagoras

    by Florence M. Firth

    The Golden Verses of Pythagorasby Florence M. FirthPythagoras of Samos (born between 580 and 572 BC, died between 500 and 490 BC) was an Ionian Greek mathematician and founder of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism. He is often revered as a great mathematician, mystic and scientist; however some have questioned the scope of his contributions to mathematics and natural philosophy. He is ... Read more

    $4.59 AUD

  • Contemporary Developments In Finite Fields And Applications

    by Gove Effinger and 4 more

    The volume is a collection of 20 refereed articles written in connection with lectures presented at the 12th International Conference on Finite Fields and Their Applications ('Fq12') at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY in July 2015. Finite fields are central to modern cryptography and secure digital communication, and hence must evolve rapidly to keep pace with new technologies. Topics in ... Read more

    $65.00 AUD

  • Introduction to Recognition and Deciphering of Patterns

    by Michael A. Radin

    Introduction to Recognition and Deciphering of Patterns is meant to acquaint STEM and non-STEM students with different patterns, as well as to where and when specific patterns arise. In addition, the book teaches students how to recognize patterns and distinguish the similarities and differences between them.Patterns, such as weather patterns, traffic patterns, behavioral patterns, geometric ... Read more

    $76.77 AUD

  • A Seminar on Graph Theory

    by Frank Harary

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    Presented in 1962–63 by experts at University College, London, these lectures offer a variety of perspectives on graph theory. Although the opening chapters form a coherent body of graph theoretic concepts, this volume is not a text on the subject but rather an introduction to the extensive literature of graph theory. The seminar's topics are geared toward advanced undergraduate students of ... Read more

    $19.89 AUD

  • Determining Subsets of a Set

    by Homework Help Classof1

    "For the first SLP I want you to put into practice what you have learned about sets and counting.  I want you to create three sets, set A, set B, and set C by going through the items in your wallet or purse.  Set A will be a list of all of these items.  Create Set B, from the items in Set A that you think are essential.  Create Set C, by taking the complement of Set B in Set A, i.e. all of the ... Read more

    $9.20 AUD

  • Quotients of Summations Between Three Consecutive Numbers in Geometric Progression that Tend to the Square of The Geometric Ratio.

    by Pedro Hugo García Peláez

    If we do two consecutive summations using three consecutive numbers in geometric ratio, the ratio between both summations is the square of the geometric ratio. ... Read more


  • Magnétisme et théorie des électrons

    by Paul Langevin

    1. On sait combien, depuis quelques années, s'est déjà montrée féconde la conception qui fait de la matière une agglomération de centres électrisés ou électrons, ceux-ci fournissant le lien nécessaire entre l'éther, siège des champs électriques et magnétiques, et la matière, source et récepteur des perturbations électromagnétiques que l'éther transmet.... ... Read more

    $2.13 AUD

  • New Number Class: Diagonal Numbers

    by Edward E. Rochon

    A preface briefly lays out object of essay. Chapter 1 demonstrates that the last term of root 2 or any root cannot be zeroed out to produce the required integer. [Note: Update (12/7/18), first day after pub. Certain bases will allow zeroing out of root term, providing the proper digit terminates the string. Since Pythagorean Theorem guarantees the integer of 2 for the square root of 2, we can say ... Read more

    $1.41 AUD

  • The Meaning of the Concept of Probability in Application to Finite Sequences (Routledge Revivals)

    by Hilary Putnam

    series Routledge Revivals
    First published in 1990, this is a reissue of Professor Hilary Putnam’s dissertation thesis, written in 1951, which concerns itself with The Meaning of the Concept of Probability in Application to Finite Sequences and the problems of the deductive justification for induction. Written under the direction of Putnam’s mentor, Hans Reichenbach, the book considers Reichenbach’s idealization of very ... Read more

    $51.80 AUD

  • Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data

    by Robert Elashoff and 2 more

    Longitudinal studies often incur several problems that challenge standard statistical methods for data analysis. These problems include non-ignorable missing data in longitudinal measurements of one or more response variables, informative observation times of longitudinal data, and survival analysis with intermittently measured time-dependent covariates that are subject to measurement error and/or ... Read more

    $80.40 AUD

  • Wondrous One Sheet Origami

    by Meenakshi Mukerji

    Wondrous One Sheet Origami is a how-to book full of beautiful origami designs covering a wide range of folding levels from simple to high intermediate, with more emphasis on the latter. The book is meant for audiences 12 years of age and above, and children folding at higher than age level. Most of the designs are flat and suitable for mounting on cards or framing as gifts.Features• Richly ... Read more

    $41.13 AUD

  • Esercizi di matematica: analisi numerica

    by Simone Malacrida

    In questo libro sono svolti degli esercizi riguardo i seguenti argomenti matematici:calcolo numerico delle radici di un polinomiorisoluzioni numerica di matrici, sistemi lineari e non linearicalcolo numerico dell’integrale e delle derivatemetodo delle differenze finite e risoluzione numerica delle equazioni differenziali ordinariemetodo degli elementi finiti e formulazione debole delle equazioni ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Alarming! the Chasm Separating Education of Applications of Finite Math from It's Necessities

    by Ramune B. Adams and 1 more

    William J. Adams, Professor of Mathematics at Pace University, is a recipient of Paces Outstanding Teacher Award. He was Chairman of the Pace N.Y. Mathematics Department from 1976 through 1991. Professor Adams is author or co-author of over twenty books on mathematics, its applications, and history, including Elements of Linear Programming (1969), Calculus for Business and Social Science (1975), ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD

  • Union of Two Sets

    by Homework Help Classof1

    "1. Set X = {5, 7, 11, 13, 16,19},  Set Y = {1, 2, 5, 13, 19} a. What is the union of Sets X and Y? b. What is the intersection of Sets X and Y c. Create your own set Z that is a subset of Set X. " ... Read more

    $9.20 AUD

  • New Number Class: Diagonal Numbers II

    by Edward E. Rochon

    A preface briefly lays out object of essay, to correct my previous essay of the same name. Chapter 1 takes an abstract from New Number Class: Diagonal Numbers with my correction note. Chapter 2 demonstrates a theorem that only number bases with an integer root can produce perfect roots of numbers such as 2, 3, etc. Perfect Root has the sense that the rightmost digit of the mantissa of the square ... Read more

    $1.41 AUD

  • Markov Models: An Introduction to Markov Models

    by Steven Taylor

    Markov ModelsThis book will offer you an insight into the Hidden Markov Models as well as the Bayesian Networks. Additionally, by reading this book, you will also learn algorithms such as Markov Chain Sampling.Furthermore, this book will also teach you how Markov Models are very relevant when a decision problem is associated with a risk that continues over time, when the timing of occurrenc... ... Read more

    $6.99 AUD

  • Topics on Tournaments in Graph Theory

    by John W. Moon

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    Tournaments, in this context, are directed graphs ― an important and interesting topic in graph theory. This concise volume collects a substantial amount of information on tournaments from throughout the mathematical literature. Suitable for advanced undergraduate students of mathematics, the straightforward treatment requires a basic familiarity with finite mathematics.The fundamental definitions ... Read more

    $22.96 AUD

  • Cracking the Mental Math Code

    by Yash Chandak

    From those who read a poster asking them to join the school’s Number Sense team to the seasoned competitor eyeing State medals, this book serves as a guide and as inspiration, to not only pique interest but to build a foundation on.You’ll find in this book a step-by-step guide on how-to solve Number Sense problems and prepare you for any mental math competitions. There are over 80 mental math ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Extremal Finite Set Theory

    by Daniel Gerbner and 1 more

    series Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
    Extremal Finite Set Theory surveys old and new results in the area of extremal set system theory. It presents an overview of the main techniques and tools (shifting, the cycle method, profile polytopes, incidence matrices, flag algebras, etc.) used in the different subtopics. The book focuses on the cardinality of a family of sets satisfying certain combinatorial properties. It covers recent ... Read more

    $109.00 AUD

  • Convolution and Equidistribution

    Sato-Tate Theorems for Finite-Field Mellin Transforms (AM-180)

    by Nicholas M. Katz

    series Annals of Mathematics Studies #180
    Convolution and Equidistribution explores an important aspect of number theory--the theory of exponential sums over finite fields and their Mellin transforms--from a new, categorical point of view. The book presents fundamentally important results and a plethora of examples, opening up new directions in the subject.The finite-field Mellin transform (of a function on the multiplicative group of a ... Read more

    $113.51 AUD